To God I give thanks

Thursday, November 26, 2009

For: Jesus, family, friends, freedom, food to eat, a roof over my head, a car to drive, a steady job, a wonderful church...

What are you thankful for? 

♥ Psalm 37:4 "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." ♥

I am also very thankful to be blessed with the Moo Crew: Shadow, Champ, Max, Retta and Cinnamon


That we are further blessed with The Girls: Lady, Rina, Bella, Taya and Sara

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

American Horse Council: Welfare Code of Practice

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Kudos to the American Horse Council and the individuals involved in developing this wonderful code below.

Of course I can't help wondering if anyone will actually follow it...

From the American Horse Council's Website:

WE ARE COMMITTED to the dignity, humane care, health, safety and welfare of horses in all our activities and care. These are our highest priorities. We are the stewards of our horses and must be firm in the standards and practices that guide us. Our first principle is:

The welfare, safety and stewardship of the horse is the guiding principle in the decision-making process for all segments for the horse industry.

WE ARE COMMITTED to promoting responsible breeding practices and to produce better horses, not just more horses.

WE ARE COMMITTED to responsible training techniques. All training should be done with the maturation and ability of the horse considered. Horses should be prepared for competition with proper training and conditioning methods. Excessive disciplining methods, whether in stables, training areas, or during competition, will not be tolerated.

WE ARE COMMITTED to educating owners, trainers, veterinarians, competitors, exhibitors and recreational riders to ensure that they know and respect their horse’s abilities and limits, and their own, so as to not push the horse or themselves beyond their ability level.

WE ARE COMMITTED to making all competitions fair and ensuring all competitors an equal opportunity to succeed. Performance-enhancing drugs, practices or equipment have no place in competitions or exhibitions. Effective drug testing by accredited laboratories is essential to the safety and welfare of our horses and the public support of competitions, with appropriate penalties levied for violations. The welfare of the horse must take precedence over the demands or expectations of owners, breeders, trainers, sellers, buyers, organizers, sponsors, officials, or spectators...

To read the entire Code click here

ABOVE PHOTO: Shadow having a dramatic episode (a people lover and official "Goodwill Ambassador" for the Moo Crew, Shadow is a former "Big Lick" show horse with an abusive past).

- And -

(as long as we are standing up here on the proverbial soapbox :o)

Here are some relevant places to visit:

Beverly Horse 90210

This is one of my lenses on Squidoo (Rated G) about the disturbing changes I noted in the show industry over the past umpteen years.

Photo Left: from the - article on "Tail Blocking Gone Wrong" (Link is posted on the lens)

The two blogs featured below are great, but I'd have to rate them both PG-13 due to language (although I totally understand why - this stuff makes me plenty mad too!)

Shame in the Showring

"This blog is about all the shameful things that happen in the equine show industry. If it's bad to do to a horse we're going to "fuss" about it here."

Written by T Jean Maus, who is very point-blank about the sad reality facing so many show horses. It's got some great posts that are well worth reading.

Fugly Horse of the Day

"Snarky commentary on the breeding of poor quality horses, silly or abusive training techniques, and pretty much anything else that annoys me!"

Another great blog written anonymously (?) I'd bet this person gets more "hate mail" than a politician for nothing less than an unapologetic willingness to tell it like it is.

Okay, now go hug your horse (I always feel an overwhelming need to see ours after reading things like this, so they know how very much they are loved :o)
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