About this page: Aside from the obvious DIY (Do-It-Yourself) theme, this page will chronicle my experiences [an ongoing process] in attempting to replace the regular products I use with healthier homemade products. 

Many of the things I use will feature the use of Essential Oils. This page works largely in conjunction with the Health Yerself! page. Oh, and DIW stands for Did it work? Some of these things I am still in the process of trying. An important note about natural products and essential oils would be that they tend to work much more slowly than synthetic products, so sometimes it takes awhile before you know it's right for you.

I am not a doctor. I am not TELLING you to try any of this. If you are an adult, be sure to ask your doctor; if you are a kid, go ask your Mom. Please do your own research before starting.

How it's organized: I opted to go with the simplest format; a head to toe approach. Before I get to the DIY/DIW, there are a couple of things to note:

DO NOT reinvent the wheel unless there's a reason; or you are inordinately blessed with large quantities of the spare time that eludes the rest of us. Case in point: I've been no poo for a couple of years now, but for some reason I felt morally obligated to make my own shampoo. After wasting considerable time and effort (and who has those to spare?) I realized I didn't like it any better than what I had been using. As long as I can catch what I was using on sale, it doesn't cost any more either (and the DIY can always be your Plan B).

DO think outside the bottle. I found a really nice, not terribly expensive, C Serum to use on my face. Since the rest of my skin is aging right along with my face, I thought it would be great to share the marvelous anti-aging benefits of Vitamin C more um, globally. Although it doesn't take much to cover my face, there was no way I could afford to use it everywhere. What did I do? I've started adding one drop of the C serum per pump [into my hand] when I apply body lotion. Works wonderfully :o)

Note: Essential Oils (EO) are NOT harmless. Please research carefully and look to someone smarter than I before proceeding. Also: Contrary to what seems to have become the newest fad, Essential Oils are not meant to be taken internally. 



Hair Mine is naturally... uncooperative. It is horribly dry, has waves, curls, straight pieces and an annoying tendency to frizz. I was also falling out by the handful (which is pretty scary stuff).


Tea Rinse

Eyelashes Mine were falling out along with my hair (and why does it seem to be some kind of rule that every single one lands in the eye?)



For the Body

This page is still under destruction *cough* er, I mean construction.

Check back soon!

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