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Friday, May 30, 2014

Where in the world has Jen been???
OH you just don't know how much I've missed you guys... I'm so happy to finally blog again! *SQUEEEE* [ahem] Sorry. Okay, so this was actually supposed to be a back to school post last August, but I've obviously had to rethink that now that school is almost over (can you say WOOSH with whiplash?!? *facepalm*). In honor of final exams, I've decided to offer a multiple choice quiz to see if you can guess what caused such a lengthy disappearance. I should tell you that my dear friends Lori and Sandy have both stopped just short (and not by much, either ;o) of reading me the riot act for being gone from the blogosphere for so doggone long. Clancy even sent me a message via Facebook to make sure I was still in one piece. Aren't friendships just the most marvelous blessing?

Speaking of extended absences, I am posting this under the assumption (a dangerous word) that A. There is someone actually here to read it (crickets people, I am pretty sure I hear boatloads of crickets); B. You still remember me (I'm sorry, Jen who??); and C. You can manage to read what I've written through the extensive amount of cobwebs (webs, get it? Har ;o) that have collected on this blog over the past umpteen months. *wince*


Okay, so what on earth have I been DOING all this time anyway?

Well, I was...

A) bidding a sad farewell to our Sarabear, who had to leave us.

B) learning to let go and let God (with a dash of hysteria) when our daughter suddenly "declared" her independence by leaving home unexpectedly.

trying to help my dad with my mom who was diagnosed with Dementia, and spend more time with both of them.

recovering from the shock of learning I was gluten intolerant and attempting to find my way around the massive GF learning curve.

E) getting diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, then Osteopenia.

F) going totally off the dietary deep end: Me go Paleo. UG.

G) completely reconfiguring (then re-reconfiguring) my daily routine in an absolutely unsuccessful attempt to make it all work and still be able to write my posts.

H) learning how to use essential oils and natural ingredients to make my own deodorant, lotion, shampoo, hair color and horse stuff.

I) discovering that dirt was really good for you, so I started eating it.

J) All of the above.

Of course for those of you who know me, this is pretty much a no-brainer. I even gave you a tiny hint via initial (and now that I've said all that, I'm thinking any random stranger stopping by should know what the answer is as well, right? ;o)

I am sorry for being gone for so long without a word; I meant to add a short "I'll be back" post at some point, but I never did get to it. I'm going to try to get back into visiting everyone's blogs and posting here more regularly over the summer, although I may find myself cutting back once school starts in the fall. Pretty sure a huge chunk of this summer will be dedicated to updating a ton of web stuff and finally getting my house in order, which is a total disaster area. Yeesh, WHATTA MESS! Methinks I might just need to redecorate this blog while I'm at it, too. *laugh*

Happy-Happy-Happy hugs!

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