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Sunday, April 25, 2010

After a record-setting winter, springtime has finally arrived - hooray! If you missed the southern snowstorm, check out this post for the full scoop (it was one WILD winter this year :o) So how do we  know spring has really sprung at the farm? Well there are subtle signs that appear, which only a highly trained observer knows how to recognize...
Okay, so maybe they're more like idiot friendly signs; Ya got me *grin*. We did, however, feel morally obligated to give Champ the coveted prize once again this year (he's a four time
winner, and our resident Woolly Mammoth - disguised as a horse, of course). We didn't actually think about taking a picture until the third go 'round with the groomer (so wow, right?) In case you're wondering about the funky looking holes in the hair, it comes from this marvelous little grooming invention called a Unigroom (the link's not exactly what we have, but close to it). All the horses (with the exception of Bella) love it! It not only gives them a terrific massage while helping them to shed out, but it stimulates the skin and makes for a gorgeous summer coat (not to mention the free workout your arms get in the process :o) So how about it? Are your animals shedding yet? Hey, I always wanted to try a poll... 

Tell me, do you help your animals shed out?

Okay, that was just a teensy bit more complicated that I was hoping for (sheesh). Sorry for the big space, but it just won't go away without deleting the poll [insert raspberry here]. Guess we'll find out soon enough if it actually works or not. In other news...
Medical update: We just got back from our third trip to the Mayo Clinic (which is why I did not respond to comments this week). While I was hoping for a third time's the charm, we got the dreaded three strikes instead: no real answers.  I got a suggestion of Autoimmune Disautonomia to add to my medical misadventures collection, but the underlying cause is still unknown. This leaves me pretty much S.O.L. as far as treatments go, although she did suggest trying a low dose steroid [ugh!] to see if it helps. Here's hoping the low dosage won't have quite the kick of the 60mg per day I was on for Dermatomyositis (DH and DD pretty much hid from my Hyde in self preservation, if you know what I mean :o) 
See y'all next week, and thanks for reading! 

What in TARNATION?!?!?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's covert operations! The Girls have some new neighbors. Well, sort of.  It would seem that the big dog (photo left) was getting into trouble with chickens somewhere down the road, so his owner built a pen. In order to keep his dog from getting bored in said pen, he got two pudgy little puppies for company. The pen is large, they have plenty of shade, and he keeps it meticulously clean. BUT - It seems to me that plunking down three dogs [two of which are curious puppies] right next to a yard full of horses may not be the best of plans...  
In case you are a dog person but not a horse person here's how it works: Dogs [in general] seem to consider horses several steps up from cars when looking for ways to liven up a hum drum day. Since dogs are essentially predators with an ingrained chase instinct and horses are prey animals with an ingrained flight instinct, you can see where this can easily be a recipe for disaster.  I dubbed the puppies Thing One and Thing Two and yes they are adorable, (so go ahead and say it: Awwwww), I did. I have, however, been cautious to the point of paranoia not to speak to them at all, or even look at them too much. Why? Because they're lonely in there and I have no desire to give them any incentive to come over for a visit.  Of course since I spend lots of time outside and talk to the horses incessantly, you can guess the inevitable result...

 At the risk of sounding mean, the best case scenario has me strolling outside to find a puppy pancake in my yard (Lady hates dogs). I even warned my neighbor of the danger, and he quickly pointed out that it wouldn't be my fault (um, well
yeah, but do I even want to see a squashed dead dog???). How about trying to explain what happened to his son, who is in kindergarten? You just know that he is not going to understand who is ultimately responsible for the death of his dog. Of course the worst case scenario would be the dogs running the horses through the fence and out into the road; this is the stuff that horse owner nightmares [and lawsuits] are made of. Hopefully, they will grow up to be good little neighbors who learn to stay where they're put ('cause they are awful cute :o) 
In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to state [for the record] that apparently puppies are not the only things sneaking underneath fences these days...

Mad Max's Micromini Movie from Jen on Vimeo.
Can you believe it? There is actually a second fence after that one so he wasn't really out (it's where we keep the hay rolls, which tells you exactly what that little turkey was doing in there :o)
See y'all next time!

A Busy BEE with an E (for exponent)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I can't believe so much time has lapsed between posts (yeesh).  We spent an entire week at the Mayo Clinic; and a spinal tap was the highlight of my spring break, how about you? (I'm still waiting on test results.) We hit the ground running when we got back getting ready for the senior prom. You need to understand that my daughter is a laid back T-shirt and blue jean kind of gal [photo right] and I've never really pushed her to be anything else.
Considering some of the scary *cough* fashion statements I see walking around at school, I'm thinking this was probably a wise decision ;o)  
We can, however, Girl Up pretty darn well when the occasion calls for it. I debated whether or not to post these here, because in spite of the whole public non-profit thing we're kind of shy. But then, she and Blake look so darn cute together I just had to share them with you guys.

For those of you who missed this previous post, they are both deaf and the little round thingamajig (a technical term :o) on the side of his head is part of his cochlear implant. After umpteen stores, Cassandra finally found THE DRESS, and although it was considered "reasonable" at less than $200, for us it was a big extravagance. Not only was the color her all time favorite royal blue, the straps were beaded and the back was nothing short of spectacular. [photo right] Whaddaya think - isn't it fabulous??
Since we splurged sinfully on the dress, we went with homemade/handmade earrings and yours truly as the hairdresser and makeup artist. Since I had to all but tie her to a chair to get this accomplished, (she hates makeup) I'm thinking that was probably for the best *grin*. Blake's mom used to be a floral designer, so she made the boutonniere and a gorgeous corsage using silk flowers so they could keep them. Handy bunch of bananas, aren't we? Ha. Of course you know I've already bought the shadowbox :o)

They had a great time, and since Blake is home schooled it turned out to be quite an adventure for him. Worrywart that I am, I admit to saying an extra prayer that he would be okay plunked down in the middle of a public high school prom. I'm going to chalk that one up to a neurotic "mom thing", as my concerns were [thankfully] for naught.
So what do you think? Aren't they a cute couple? Don't worry, the wedding is still a long way off...honest.
Hope to see you next week!

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