Sick as a dog: Well, make that a frog

Monday, December 19, 2011

Remember my trip to the walk-in clinic for a shot and some antibiotics the weekend before last? Well, my "little" sinus infection just rolled right over that stuff (laughed at it actually). By Monday my voice was down to a croak and my temperature up to a bad joke. I wound up going to my regular doctor for stronger antibiotics and missing two days of work (he ordered me to stay home). Approximately ten days and 2,364 tissues later, I am finally starting to feel better. Yeesh. I suppose the blessing is I only managed to ruin my birthday and not Christmas (wouldn't that have been a bummer? ;o) Please accept my apologies for not responding to comments left on the last post (you all know that is not my standard M.O.). We're now out for the Christmas break (and anyone that thinks teachers and faculty are "lucky" to have such great vacations I can only say it is soooo earned). School dismissed early Friday, and after peeling a bajillion hyperactive elementarians off the ceiling to board the buses [or get in cars], we all went home to stare at the wall; too fried to do anything else. Hopefully, I can play some major catch up this week starting with a tree (and I'd better get a move on, don't you think? *rolls eyes*).
I did get a chance to catch up on some movies I wanted to watch; most of which I'd discovered in sale bins over the past few months. Since I was temporarily relegated to couch detail, it was as good a time as any to play catch up. I made one $15.49 splurge on the movie "Tangled", have you seen it? My interest was [big surprise] in the horse Maximus, who, in my opinion, totally made the movie. I had to turn it off a couple of times because I was laughing so hard it was causing me to cough like crazy. Although we have a Maximus (a.k.a. Mad Max) he was nothing like our boy at all. No, the Maximus in the movie was a dead ringer for none other than our Bella. Mad face and all. DD and I decided that this movie was a total case of art imitating life; and have our suspicions that Bella may have acted as an outside Hollywood consultant regarding Maximus's character.
Allow me to clarify via photographic evidence. First, Exhibit A:
And now, I offer you Exhibit B:
Need I say more?
As always, thanks for reading this far ;o) Have a blessed week everyone, and be sure to remember the real reason for the Christmas season: Jesus.

Unsolved mystery and dredging ancient history

Sunday, December 11, 2011

First things first; my biopsy came back clear which is kind of weird (but in a happy way :o) For those of you wondering why cancer was suspected - aside from my BC history, that is - it was due to an unexpected blast from that five year distant past: Auntie Flo. Author's Note: For those of you who are mystified by the preceding statement, please feel free to skip this paragraph. To the rest of you, I will only say that Auntie Flo boarded the chemotherapy bus five long years ago and left town. I was, however, kept quite busy entertaining her decendants (namely Holly Hotflash and Nelly Nightsweat). Well. Imagine my surprise when Aunt Flo suddenly showed up out of the blue and distinctly UNinvited (talk about three being a crowd - yeesh). All I can say is I sure hope she's not planning to stick around...five years of Holly and Nelly are more than enough for me already.
Although I am thankful to have dodged a bullet with the Big C, I got whacked between the eyes with a different C; namely "The Crud". I have a whopping sinus/chest infection that has turned me into a hacking tissue wadding machine and utter waste of space this weekend. I spent Saturday morning at the walk-in clinic for hypo to the hip (joy) and a trio of medicines. I am sitting here totally bleary eyed trying to focus when my head is giving every indication there may be a large explosion in the very near future. I kind of thought this picture of Taya summed it up pretty well. Believe it or not, this was her response when I told her we were not putting hay out until after supper. Isn't that a hoot? Sometimes it's eerie how animals just seem to do things that appear to be in direct response to you; have you noticed it? Just the other day I asked Max if he was being a good boy and he shook his head vigorously. Coincidence? Possibly. But truer "words"? Probably not. *grin*
I have to tell you about the last little piece of storage space in my office/craft room. My note card stash is rather large (the clearance queen had a hey day - or two - there ;o) and they just didn't seem to fit anywhere all together. I had one little space left next to my desk that was 12" x 24" so I thought I'd see if I could find some kind of little shelf unit or something to stick there that would hopefully hold all my cards. I found an absolutely perfect solution, and you are not going to believe what it was... An old videotape cabinet! Isn't that a riot? DD and I ran up to the mission store last month and I was poking around to see what they had that might work when I stumbled across this cabinet. Would you believe it measured exactly 12" x 24"? What are the odds? Not too bad for 17 bucks, eh? Check out the inside; it's perfect:
That's all for now; my head is just too heavy to hold up anymore (or should I say "eddy bore"?) That's about what I sound like at the moment - ugh. Oh! I do have just one more thing...the tags. Ready? Congratulations to Dreaming! If you'll email me your address (and real name ;o) I'll get these in the mail to you in the next year or so. Sometimes I'm a little slow. Well, okay maybe a lot. *laugh* Have a blessed week everyone, and don't forget the real reason for the season!

Never a dull moment - who has time?

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Well, it's here; December (and eek). Are you ready? Believe it or not, I'm almost there, which is quite bizarre (but in a really good way). *grin* I even got to cross "Endometrial Biopsy" off my bucket list, although I can't say I remember actually putting that one on there ;o) Seems there might be cancer in there somewhere; dunno. The results are due back on the 22nd so we shall see (either way, God is awesome). Although the hospital must have gotten the green memo about paper (it was down to half a tree), they must have missed the part about the plastic as I got one bracelet the day before surgery for my anesthesia appointment and another the day of (couldn't we just use one and save the planet guys?) I have to say, though, that what never fails to make my right eye twitch is the sticker on the antibacterial soap they give you to wash with before surgery (next photo). Does this label scare anyone besides me?
The fact that there's a warning on there means that someone, somewhere along the line, actually drank the soap instead of washing with it (eeeew!) Boggles the mind, doesn't it? Blech.
I think (I think, I think) I may have just discovered the source of Shadow's colic. It seems to be stress-related. He had another, milder case yesterday morning and while we were strolling around the pasture looking for poopin-spiration (post mineral oil dose) I noticed something that definitely didn't belong in one of the sandy patches. While DH is our resident hunter, I was pretty sure I had this particular puzzle solved all by my lonesome (although I did take a picture and show it to him just to verify my suspicions). The hoof print the arrow is pointing to is Max's, which should give you an idea of the size (although Max's feet are on the small side). Can you guess what they are?
Here's a closer look:
There's a copse on the other side of the fence(s) at the top right corner of the pasture, which is where I'd bet the owner of these foot prints originated. I'm guessing those new little sprigs of green stuff you can see popping up in the photo - otherwise known as winter rye grass - provided the motivation behind the invasion. Looks like Champ and Max aren't the only ones capable of midnight raids around here (and over two fences no less - wow). Should make for an interesting winter, eh?
I have a tag fetish. Aside from the whole color-coordinated wrapping paper thing- doesn't everyone? - I love to play with the gift tags every year. Can't seem to help myself (and I don'wanna either, so there ;o) Since I have yet to put my hands on my favorite program - the Creative Lettering SuperCombo - I'm having to wing it this year. I had previously downloaded the font "Angel" from daFont's website (awesome place), but didn't like that particular font for whole words. It did, however, look fabulous used for first initial only tags. Aren't they fun? A heart punch rescued from a clearance pile someplace was the perfect place for the string. Looks pretty cute on scrapbook paper too, doesn't it? It didn't show in the photo, but (in keeping with my obsession) there is a narrow green outline around the letters which matches the green string. Since I only made these for this photo and it doesn't match anyone's initials around here (I was playing; I'm sure that shocks you ;o) how about I give them away? If you'd like the L-O-V-E tags, just leave a comment about this post and I'll choose the winner from the list of commenters. Follow the blog or fan us and comment and I'll toss your name in the random hat twice (just be sure to tell me what else you did please). Yay! From today until Saturday night - fair enough? It's gonna be a beautiful day...
Have a blessed week and a wonderful day everyone!

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