Squishyishy on Sunday

Monday, February 27, 2012

...and mudboggin' on Monday. Wow. It is definitely possibly to have too much of a good thing (except for chocolate cake, that is). Where is the sun? Does it still exist? Is it seriously soggy at your house or dry as dust? Or are you one of the lucky few that is somewhere in between perhaps? I pass a little pond every morning on my way to work that I look to as an unofficial water table. At the beginning of the year, that thing was down to a large puddle (and had been that way long enough there was grass growing where there had been water). I've never seen it get that low in 20+ years. Anyway, not only is it slam full, it's on the verge of brimming over. Not sure how much rain that translates to, but I know we've had umpteen inches in the last month or so. I sure do wish such things didn't always seem to wind up feast or famine. *sigh* Like the photo? Kinda puts you in mind of soaring eagles and majestic hawks, doesn't it? Ha. Apparently even vultures look pretty darn good from a distance. Huh. Sounds like some kind of life lesson to me ;o)
I wanted to apologize to my email subscribers for the previous post. *smacks palm on forehead* I totally forgot that the video clips don't show up in the emails and did not include a hyperlink to it for you (how rude). If you missed last week's clip and want to see it, click here to watch it on our Vimeo channel. I'm sorry, and I'll try really hard not to forget next time (have a hug?).
I have a couple of photos to share with you today. Pamplona may have the running of the bulls, but around here we have the running of the hay. The horses are quite familiar with the sound of the tractor and the moment that engine starts, heads pop up out of the grass all over the pasture. Most of the time, I let the girls into the training area [which is normally closed off] to distract them with forbidden forage so we can run a rope across the area that leads up to the hay without interference. Because we have to bring the rolls in through the Moo Crew's pasture, we block off the bottom of the girl's hill leading to where we set the roll so no one winds up in the wrong field. For some reason, this never fails to create an atmosphere of giddy anticipation among the girls.
While this next photo is hardly brilliant, it cracked me up because it looks like Lady (L) is giving DD the evil eye for closing off the upper pasture before she can sneak up there (which she actually managed to do last time - the heifer):

Now that I have a modicum of understanding with regard to camera settings (aperture, to be more specific) I finally managed to get a couple of halfway decent shots of the girls charging up the hill toward the hay. I think I should have uploaded at a higher resolution, though:

The pasture is, of course, a disgusting muddy mess...
Not so fast Rina... Woo!
Lady and Sarabear bringing up the rear...
Other than the icky mud, I thought this was a nice photo of Sara:
And finally: (though completely irrelevant to the theme I had going) a pretty sunrise over the tree tops on a misty morning just for you (I forgot I was going to post it last month :o)
As always, thanks for reading this far and have a wonderful week everybody!


  1. I hope you have a great week, too, and that you get some sunshine!

  2. Dreaming: Definitely ready for some rays...too bad today's forecast calls for more rain :oP

  3. We're on and off here with snow flurries and rain then sun, so crazy.

    Love the picture of Sarabear, very majestic. They're all beautiful girls. You took great pictures of them running and don't worry about the mud, we've all got some of that.

  4. we run between sunshine, rain, snow, wind, you name it. I'm seriously ready for some summertime weather.

  5. hi from Italy
    really nice blog!
    I love your horses run free
    keep in touch

  6. GreyHorse: Isn't it ridiculous? Thank you for the compliment on the photos; I think the mud keeps catching my focus simply because we've been so doggone dry for so long.

    Ann: Well, maybe a little Spring first, eh?

    Gaia: Hello Italia! ;o) So happy to have you visit us, and thank you for the lovely compliment.

  7. Oh yes ~ where is that sunshine? He has been gone much too long here too. I want him back to melt this snow we got dumped with this weekend. :(

    I love your photos of all the horses ~ lots of action! Love it!

    Wishing you a fantastic week Jen!
    xo Catherine

  8. The weather has been really nice here, we’ve had a bit of rain but it hasn’t got all muddy again, speaking of muddy you think your paddock has mud you should see ours it’s just one big paddock of dirt that turns to mud very easily if it rains.

    Love your photos they’re really nice. I hope you get some better weather very soon.

  9. Edward: We've had several more inches of rain since I posted; hate to complain about it though, after such a terrible drought. The biggest thing is the mosquitoes - they're awful.
    Supposed to finally have some sunshine tomorrow. Here's hoping! :o)

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