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Sunday, May 10, 2015

When I decided to revamp this blog I not only gave consideration to its overall appearance, I also spent considerable time thinking about exactly how I wanted to share various information with you. I love the writing process; it's very cathartic and I totally enjoy pounding out my weekly posts. It occurred to me, however, that I had some other things that I really wanted to share but those things didn't quite mesh with my idea of a weekly blog post. One example would be pictures. I love looking through photographs, and know lots of other folks who do as well. Do you? While I always add pictures to my posts, I have [literally] thousands of them on my computer; photography being a favorite hobby of mine. Some of them are even worth sharing; at least I think they might be (Ha).
I gave some thought to the things that were most important to me to share, and decided to turn them into the tabbed pages you see across the top of the blog. Once upon a time I would have written these things on Squidoo, but sadly they sold out to Hub Pages awhile back. I was terribly disappointed in this, if for no other reason than Epic Farms was a partner charity and it had been a source of regular [albeit small] donations for the farm. *sigh*  I opted to go with the photography page first, as it seemed the easiest (and, well, there may possibly be a little fun for me mixed up in there too ;o) While I have concentrated heavily on the photography page, I am also adding bits and pieces to the other pages as I can. I hope you are enjoying the new responsive layout as much as I am!
Speaking of layouts, my [new] friend Carrie at True You Templates has graciously offered a coupon code for my readers and friends. If you're looking to responsively revamp (this post) your own blog, this will definitely make you smile. Simply visit Carrie's Etsy shop True You Templates, pick your favorite template, and then use the coupon code: JenSentMe for a special discount. Etsy apparently prefers you shout your coupon codes out loud and clear, so it will actually be in holler mode: JENSENTME. I think my favorite template is the Big Blue Daisy (sadly, it didn't quite go with my horsey/countrygal/rustic theme or you'd so be looking at that right now ;o) I will say that for me it was a tough choice between Shabby Chic and Antique Papers. Happy responsive renovating!
Next week, I'll tell you all about a fabulous faceplant in the pasture awhile back (otherwise known as my fall from grace*), some interesting DIY discoveries plus some new and exciting creative endeavors. *Grace being a nickname I have for myself; spoken often and totally dripping with large quantities of sarcasm (see photo and yep, that would be my very own arm *sigh*). For my horsey friends, I'm temporarily sidetracked editing photos like a crazy woman but summer break is almost here; I'll have some more horse happy posts before too long never fear! Ever get hit with that random urge to make things rhyme? Apparently I do ;o)
As always, thank you so much for reading this far and have a blessed week and a marvelous Mother's Day!

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  1. as pretty as your pink cast is I'm guessing it wasn't worth going through whatever you did to get it.

    I've been wanting to add pages to my blog but just haven't been able to sit down long enough to get it done

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