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About this page: Are you a crafter? Artist? I am creatively ADHD and have piled up enough artistic ideas and craft projects to last me well beyond the end of the century. I decided to make this page so I could share my "mad benders" with you. Thanks to my dad's generosity, I have been extremely blessed this year to be able to take a weekly art class with my Mom - insert happy SQUEEE here - and am realizing my dream of learning how to paint.

While I am happy to share my crafty ideas, please do not repost without asking first. My artistic endeavors, however, are copyrighted material and may not be reproduced, photographed, copied, pasted, printed, or anything else I forgot to mention, without my express written permission. Thank you!

Slideshows (Art)

Watercolors, Pencil Sketches, Pen & Inks, Charcoal, and
Diary of a watercolor work in progress

Other Crafts

Card Making

This page is still under destruction *cough* er, I mean construction.

Check back soon!

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  1. I do some creative things too.

    I LOVE horses and always will. Thanks for visiting.

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