About this page: I am by NO means a professional photographer, but I sure do love taking pictures! My favorite thing to photograph is pretty much anything outside. This may sound a bit odd (guilty as charged there ;o) but I usually say a prayer before I start snapping photos. I may be wrong, but I feel that the Lord has blessed me with some wonderful photo opportunities as well as a number of "happy accident" photos. This led me to a desire to share my joy in the wonders of His creation. Please note that this page may be a bit slow to load because of all the photos.
The photo to the left is yours truly. It was taken by my friend Sarah, a phenominal professional photographer, when we went to the Botanical Gardens for a photo bender (it was FUN ;o) If you look carefully, you can see the image I was focused on in my camera screen. Isn't that cool?

   Although I am not a professional, I do offer prints for sale at Epic Farms on Etsy. As these are my own photographs and have taken considerable time and effort, THEY ARE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL (profound apologies for shouting and the obnoxious watermarks, but people seem to have no compunction about stealing photos on the internet). 



My favorite sites for identifying birds are All About Birds and What Bird




Slideshow Subjects (Please note: These are works in progress!)

Feathers (Birds)
Butterflies, Bugs & Beyond
Furry Friends
Sunrise, Sunset
Romantic Roses
Tiny Wonders (Macro)

NOTE: The horses will have their own slide shows located on the Epic Farms page.

This page is still under destruction *cough* er, I mean construction.

Keeping checking back - more soon!


  1. I love your work....Keep posting more....

  2. I love taking photos outside too! Like you, I'm not a professional...but every now and then I'm blessed with one of those "happy accident" photos too! I think it's the Lord's way of encouraging us to keep trying! :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog today...hope you take time to look around at Graphic Fairy. She has some wonderful graphics to share...every one of them free!
    P.S. Get those seeds planted!!

  3. Sarah: Thank you, sistafriend! Can't wait for our next [photo happy] bender ;o)

  4. Marie: You are most welcome, and thank you for the return visit! I'll be sure to look up Graphic Fairy (we love free around here ;o)

Your comments really brighten my day!

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