Well I don't see it splashed on a Hollywood tabby...

Friday, February 26, 2010

...but over all, I don't think it's too shabby
This slide show video clip was done well before the video I posted a few weeks back (here's a link to the post in case you missed it: Cold and Colder). What was supposed to be a simple thing, turned into a ginormous (er, that's a technical term) ordeal to get it from the iMac at work to home, then uploaded to Vimeo. Being human, many repentable words were snarled at the computer by yours truly; but I finally got it - WooHoo!) I worked hard on getting the right photos to match with the words in the song, particularly at "big right foot". So let's see how many of you have eagle eyes and can see why that shot might be pretty darn cool, 'cause it's a tricky one. I can't remember who said it (was it you Ratty?) but the photo was one of those "happy accidents" I discovered after the film was developed. Enjoy!

Horses Are A Gift from Jen on Vimeo.  
Oh, and there's no prize for getting it right, but I promise to give you a nice big round of applause if you spot it!
Now I'm off to sit in class for a couple days to earn some CEUs for interpreting; hence the Friday post. I'm taking hubby's laptop with me, though (pretty sure I'd get the DT's if I had to go cold turkey for two days :o) Thanks for reading! 


  1. WOW!!! I am really, really impressed, but I am somewhat confused about one thing. For according to all of the commercials and testimonials by other owners of Macs that I have seen and heard, they are supposed to be incredibly simple to operate. In fact, they are supposed to do almost everything for you--kinda like the computers on Star Trek, where all you have to do is tell them what you want done and there it is for your approval. So, what's with all of this "stuff" about repentable words being snarled?

  2. That was a super video. Good job. Wish I could do all that. You should be very proud of yourself.

  3. That was amazing. I LOVED IT! Didn't spot anything wrong though. Someone once said I should add up all the money I spend on my horse and I said, "Why would I want to do that?" The joy the give back -- priceless. Thanks for a great video.

  4. FishHawk: I know this is shocking, but this is a great example of; You just can't believe everything you see on TV *gasp*. Isn't that tragic? It is, however, entirely possibly that the Mac (on which I was working) did not speak the English (in which I was typing) OR was just completely deaf. I know the little booger wasn't hard of hearing (as I may possibly have emitted a bellow or two), but I didn't think about signing the directions. Hmmm...
    Marg: Thank you for your lovely comments! I'd never done it before, and thought that I would have an easier time on a Mac because they are supposed to be so idiot friendly. Unfortunately, I bought into the advertising that FishHawk was teasing me about. The Mac was okay, but I sure didn't think it was that friendly :o)
    Jayne: Oh, thank you *blush*. It wasn't a mistake you were looking for, it was a supercool shot of Shadow that happens right at the phrase "my big right foot" in the song (can't tell ya what it is though, in case somebody does want to guess). Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Well I guess I don't get any applause because I failed to spot whatever it was. Maybe I should come back and watch again in the morning after I've had a good nights That was wonderful though, you did a great job on it

  6. Oh Jen that brought tears to my eyes - it was so beautifully done!
    You NEED to put that on your homepage permanently - it shows the horses as characters instead of just static photos, it brings them to life. I'm now sitting here trying to figure out when I can donate again because of that video :)
    Hugs and prayers, have fun at your course,
    Meg and Arwen the Wonder Dog

  7. What a wonderful video! I looked back up at the writing to see what phrase I was listening for just as I heard it so I missed the shot! But I just loved that video and think you did a great job! The horses did a great job too of course!

  8. Ann: It is right after the words "I hope I don't drive you insane" and a picture of Taya aggravating Rina. I'll see if I can't get my hands on the photo for next weeks post and circle what I was talking about since it is pretty tough to catch :o)
    Meghann: Oh my, what a lovely thing to say and thank you so much! It will ultimately wind up on the home page I think; I'm still piddling (that's a southernism, NOT a personal problem :o) with the website, but I will be putting it on there eventually (it's already on our Squidoo lens). You are already a regular donor, silly, so don't worry about that (and helloooo I think you have a wedding to focus on right now missy!)
    Beaded: Thank you for your kind words :o) It was a real *cough* pain in the tail to get it all together, but I was tickled with the way it turned out.

  9. That made me smile real big, it was so happy and cheerful!

  10. What a happy and uplifting video! I loved it and the music was perfect for it. At first I thought the special shot was a quick glance at what I thought looked like an angel just under one of the horses manes. Maybe I'm nuts, ok, I admit I am nuts... But after reading all the comments I know that I'm no where in the right vicinity... big surprise there ha ha..

    thanks to you for joining in my little blog :) I remember seeing you on Fishhawk's site because of the great picture of Mad Max... I love that!!

    I look forward to reading more...

  11. Daisy: Thanks girl! Lovely compliments are always appreciated around here don'tcha know *grin* :o)
    Artsy: Thank you SO much for stopping by. I'll be posting the photo and answer next week (which means I need to get a move on and find it - as the little bugger is currently AWOL). Happy to have you here, and I enjoy your blog!

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  13. It looked like one of the horses was lifting its back leg while the other was nuzzling its face, but I couldn't see very well. Yeah, I think it was me that mentioned happy accidents. I think most of my pictures are happy accidents in some way. But going back and seeing something that was missed before is even happier.

  14. Great video! I really liked this, good job.

  15. Mike: Cool! Now if I can just make it over there to answer all the questions...
    Ratty: WOO! You were mighty close (for a minute I thought you had it :o) Stay tuned tomorrow!
    GreyHorse: Thank you so much for your kind words :o) It will probably find a permanent spot on our home page (I still have the Winter Warmup video there for a bit longer). Glad you came to visit!

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