Where else are we? We're just all over everywhere! Here are some of our other sites, and I'm sure I probably missed 
 a couple (or ten :o)
This is our mane (ha) website, which is still a work in progress (aren't they always?)

Did you know that there are 175 specific references to horses in the bible? Isn't that awesome?

This is [most definitely] my all time favorite subject; and the single most important thing we can learn about horses.


I firmly believe that horses are like icebergs; 90% of them is hidden below the surface. It's amazing what you get when your horses feel comfortable enough to just "be themselves".

Some important things to consider before you buy that first (second? third? lost count?) horse.


Handydandy Horse Hints

This is where I stopped...there are LOTS more links to add (I'm still working on it :o)

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