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Epic Farms is a small, family run non-profit organization with a focus on educational activities. We have had many challenges over the past several years, but are [thankfully] back on track for the summer of 2015. 


Full Name: Nataya (a Shoshoni word that means "she dances the dance")

Nicker names: Tayabug, Doodlebug, Sassy Marie, Sweet Pea...

Taya is probably our friendliest (and happiest) girl on the farm. She has an obsession with all kinds of tools, a fascination for shoelaces, and she simply adores visitors. We were blessed to watch Taya arrive into this world; an amazing sight that I never thought to behold. Unfortunately our happy girl suffers from a condition known as Sweet Itch. It is an allergic reaction to a tiny little bug called a biting midge (sometimes called No-See-Ums). If you are here from our GoFundMe page, please scroll below Taya's slide show for some additional information on her condition.

Although Taya's scratchy/itchy behavior was initially entertaining [me scratching her tummy - photo inset] it stopped being amusing when it progressed beyond simple itching. As Taya got older, she began to scratch harder and harder as the condition worsened. As an adult, Taya now scratches hard enough to do damage to herself; tearing her skin and rubbing parts of her mane and tail off completely (photo below, right).

While we take what preventive measures we can (Sulfur block, fly spray, skin treatments, etc.), it is no longer enough. Taya is utterly miserable from early spring to late fall (which is a long time). After doing considerable research, we learned of a product called a sweet itch blanket.

We are in the process of raising funds to get Taya this blanket which will help to protect her when the midges are active (spring, summer and fall). Boett's seems to be the one with the highest amount of success at preventing bites. They boast a high success rate and the blankets can be comfortably worn in all seasons 24/7 (please see their QA page here). Of course like everything else that is safe, natural and effective, it is also insanely expensive. I had hoped to be able to purchase one this year before the season, but we were unable to pull it off on our own (medical bills from my broken arm - this post and this post - being partly to blame). This is the reason for Taya's GoFundMe page. Her page (and badge in the sidebar) should have been second to a blog post, but I went out of order.

Leave it to me to do the whole thing Bassackwards. Gesundheit ;o)

This page is still under destruction *cough* er, I mean construction.

Check back soon!

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