Out With the Old and In With the New...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

...With one scary purchase, my shopping is through!

For the past several years I have been ogling (and subsequently drooling over) digital cameras, but never could afford anything close to what I wanted. Trying to get a fledgling Non-Profit off the ground means that the bulk of my paycheck gets pretty much re-routed before I get to see it.  This year, however, DH gave me money (and made me promise not to spend it on bills or anyone but myself; horses included) and my parents gave me a big Walmart gift card so I went a little crazy... 
First: A Byte of Background
The digital camera on the right was on perpetual loan from a dear friend; I've been using it to take the listing photos for our Etsy Shop.  Before that I was using my camera phone (sad, but true :o)

Because it didn't belong to me (and I am paranoid) I rarely took it outside. Most of my outdoor shots were taken with my regular camera or my handy-dandy cell phone (well whaddaya want on a no budget budget?)

The Blast from my [not too distant] Past  
I took a picture of our Christmas tree for the scrapbook before we dove into the small pile of presents underneath it on Christmas morning. My dad, who was standing nearby, held out a hand and said, "Let me see". Thinking he meant my camera, I handed it to him. He turned the camera around and in utter shock stated, "This is a FILM camera!" Apparently, he was expecting to see a small digital screen instead of the black plastic view he got :o)

"Thanks for pointing that out, Pop", I returned with a laugh. "There are a few of us that still use them, you know." At least I think there are...are there? Do any of you guys still use 'regular' cameras, or am I the last one left on the planet? Not that it worries me to be bringing up the rear mind you, I'm just curious...

"Welcome to the 21st Century"
Was my father's response to my extravagant Christmas purchase (of course it was 100% sponsored by the presents from DH and my parents; and it was also on sale - WooHoo!!)

There's probably something off about a senior citizen being shocked by his offspring's lack of technology (in fact, I'm sure of it :o) but that doesn't bother me in the slightest. To be honest, I thought it was pretty darn funny myself, because it was just so wrong.

Of course now I have guilt;I should have saved the money, bought feed with it, paid a bill with it, etc.  I seem to have an awful lot of trouble spending "me money", do you?

I've never participated in one of these, but thought I'd throw this in as a tribute to my cell phone camera (another oldie, but goodie :o)

Theme #194 "Lick"

Er, this is Shadow "cleaning" my daughter; he's our resident treat vacuum and people washer... 

She thought it was funny. Me? I was kind of thinking more along the lines of...




  1. It's hard to tell just how old your daughter is from that shot. Anyway, if she isn't there already, when she does reach the age when fine young gentlemen come a-courtin', you can probably get her to do anything and everything you want her to by threatening to show them that picture as proof that even her boogers are sweet!

  2. Congrats on the new camera! You're going to have so much fun with it I'm sure!

  3. I think it's awesome that you got to splurge on a camera for yourself. And we'll get to enjoy your photos, too!

  4. Yeah a new camera. I haven't used a film camera in years but I work with a girl who has one.
    As for the spending money I can so relate. I get a yearly bonus at work that is equal to one weeks pay. Every year I put it in the bank and use it for necessities, bills, etc. This year I went out and spent the whole thing on myself. I also got a new camera. Do you know as I was driving away from the store I actually had a sick feeling in my stomach and thought about turning around and returning

  5. FishHawk: Oh, ick! *laugh* I guess I shouldn't tell you then that she's 19 (and the boyfriend thing is fait accompli :o)
    Buggys: Thank you! I was soooo excited to shoot some video clips this morning, but have no idea how to play them back (I'll get there eventually!)
    Daisy: You clever girl, how did you know that better horse photos were a major factor in this purchase?
    Ann: Now that you've said that, I'll go ahead and tell you the part I didn't post *grin*. It took three attempts and eight minutes to talk myself into actually hitting the "enter" key and completing the transaction. Of course it was then that I seriously contemplated breathing into a paper bag for the next few minutes...

  6. I love the photo!!! That's awesome! Glad you got your camera, I got one too, from my son. I was using my phone camera too! Well it's better than nothing...

  7. Thank you Rebecca! Congratulations on your new camera, and a hearty welcome to the 21st Century to you too! ;o)

  8. Congratulations on the new camera! Your dad's comments were funny! I haven't used a film camera in so long I don't remember how. But my dad has me beat on technology too - he's on Facebook and I'm not!

    Cute photo of your daughter although I agree with the Ewww!

    I don't know why it never donned on me before but I just realized that you are the Epic Farms that Meghann from Little Studio always talks about! I just never put two and two together!

  9. You picked an excellent camera for your purchase. Canon is the brand I always use. I like that last picture, it made me laugh out loud.

  10. I had to go look that up. Alas, I am evidently not as sophisticated as you L.A. people.

  11. BeadedTail: Yep, that's me all right :o) Meghann has been a wonderful "Etsybuddy" and a terrific supporter. Too funny about your dad and Facebook - guess we'd better get a move on so we can catch up!
    Ratty: I fantasized about the Rebel, but it was too far over budget. You are right about the brand - I love the Canons - I have very unsteady hands and their built in stabilizers are awesome!
    FishHawk: *Laugh* If it makes you feel any better, I looked it up myself just to make absolutely/positively sure I had it right (I try to always double check just in case :o)

  12. WOO! New camera! Does it have that new camera smell??? DON'T feel guilty, you deserve it! Plus, you can always justify it by saying that if you didn't get a good camera, you won't be able to continue taking good photos of the items to sell to support your non-profit...see?? I am GOOD at justifying!!
    Enjoy your new camera, I know you'll LOVE it!!

  13. Thank you Meghann! I've been practicing with my new toy on the horses in preparation for next week's post (I might even know what I'm doing by then :o)

  14. That is so great that you got a new camera. It is so much fun to go around taking pictures. You will figure it all out soon. Can't wait to see more pictures of the horses and animals. Good story about your Dad. And a big thanks for your suggestion about Michael's. I sure am going to check that out.

  15. I still take pics with my "film camera". I have only had my digital camera about a year and a half. This is one of the reasons that I have difficulty drawing upon half of a lifetime of photos that are either on negatives or slides. I am going to have to scan some photos to include them on blog posts.
    I feel like a fossel sometimes.
    It has taken me some time to get used to the new way of taking pictures for the computer and the web. I had to read the manual for my camera for the first six months.
    Sometimes I long for the simplicity of a box-camera. But the digital pics are very good and quick to use, which is what I need for my budding online jewellery-business.

    It might have been that could become a photogrpher if Fate had wanted it. But ironically, I am becoming a photographer now, assigned to my own projects.

    Best wishes

  16. I wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog. Am also glad you bought a new camera. I know how you feel about feeling guilty though. I want so bad to get a new phone, but that would mean indulging in the Christmas money I received and hoped to pay bills with. If only.....

  17. Marg: You are welcome, and I'll be curious to see what you end up with. I'm having a ball with my new toy, although I have a feeling I'll be needing a bigger hard drive before too long...
    Anna: Thank you for your comments! I'm not entirely sure I'll give up the old SureShot right away, we'll see. Maybe we could start a support group entitled, "Fossils-R-Us" - I'd join :o)
    Blia: Oh you are most welcome! I actually managed to sneak in a new cell phone too, but it was only because we had gone way past our "two years" to renew and replace (plus I had a big, fat coupon :o)

  18. It is totally worth it. You will get so much immediate enjoyment out of it and you will have the pictures to look back on for years to come.

  19. Got it in one, Lenox! And just how did you figure out my master plan so quickly?? :o)

  20. Howdy Jen
    Oh my you are truly a gal after my own heart :)
    I still do not have a digital camera thus I use online free clip art ,or what ever !
    I am so happy for you .
    Congrats sweetie .
    I am looking forward to all the fun you are going to have and share with your family here in blogland .
    By the by I love the photo it should be a poster or something really cool .
    Blessings of joy to you and yours.
    Big Texas size hugs
    Happy Trails

  21. Terry: I guess that means I'm not the last one on the planet after all, eh? *Laugh* I'm afraid that last photo wouldn't enlarge very well, having been taken with a cell phone. How about we just give it an appropriately artistic title instead? I think we should call it "SLURP". What do you think? ;o)

  22. I am the same exact way, I ALWAYS feel guilty when I spend money on myself! Looks like a great camera -- enjoy it, the guilt will fade away :)

  23. Thank you Nancy! I've had so much fun experimenting with it this week, the guilt is all but gone :o)

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