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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cooool! Well, maybe...
I think I have kind of a love/dread mentality when it comes to blog awards.  On one hand, it's very flattering to be the recipient (provided, of course, that the giver of said award did not just pick the first blogs that came to mind :o) but on the other hand, it's kind of a pain in the tail isn't it? I mean first you have to decide who to pass the award on to, then you have to do a bunch of finagling to make sure you post it all correctly and then check all the hyperlinks to make sure they function properly. Whew! Now that I think about it; I'm pooped, how about you?

First is a heartfelt THANK YOU to Marg  at Marg's Pets for considering us worthy to receive this award (even though I do play it fast and loose with the grammar sometimes ;o) I absolutely appreciate you thinking of me (and I really do, too!)

Next comes all the information on the award and the rules (gotta have 'em):

This award has been going around since 2008. If you wish to read more about this award, please click here

Here are the rules for this award:
1. Each Superior Scribbler (S.S.) must pass the Award onto 5 most deserving blogger friends. Check
2. Each S.S. must link the author and name of the blog from whom he/she received the award. Check
3. Each S.S. must display the award on his/her blog and link to the post which explains the award. Check
4. Each S.S. who wins is asked to visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List Nope; not gonna happen...Arrrgh! :oP This one seems to be a trick, as there is no way to actually add your name to the list, although you can view the 1,362 people that were able to add their names *sigh*
5. Each recipient must post these rules on his/her blog.Check
Finally: My list of recipients.
I have decided to [inflict this award on] er, pass this award along to:

of Snap, Edit & Scrap Who owns the world's cutest canine blogger [otherwise known as Duke] and always has something interesting to say in her posts.

of The Everyday Adventurer for his fabulous photos and virtual adventures through the woods near his home.

of Megs Little Studio for her wonderfully compassionate nature and lovely posts (and let us not forget Arwen the Adorable and all of Meghann's bodacious bling!)

at Wild Facts who finds some truly terrific trivia to share and creates amazing animal posts for us to read daily.
and last [but never least] is...

of Elegant Bloggery for her awesome illustrations, cute kids and ever-so-clever posts.

Now that I have officially won an award and passed it on to the requisite number of blogs, I will say thank you [again] to Marg and admit that one is enough for me.  I do not think I want any more awards (although I will apreciate the thought :o) All the percolating, copying, pasting and cyber finagling makes my head hurt. In the words of the immortal Mary Poppins, "Enough is as good as a feast."
So what do you think about all these blog awards? Have you ever gotten an award? Ignored it? Loved it? Bemoaned it? Cursed it? I have managed to restrain myself from uttering any repentable words throughout this slightly irritating adventure, but it was a mighty close call. Well I suppose it's time to share the frustration *cough* er, make that fun of this award with the chosen five...

Um, speaking of Mindblogging Migraines: Pass me a Tylenol, would you? Yeesh.


  1. Congratulations on your award! I have mixed emotions about awards. They are a pain in the butt to post but it is really nice that someone thought enough to pass them on. And you did deserve an award!

  2. Congrats to you and thanks for thinking of me. I love the way you put this post together. I'm always bad about posting these things so hopefully I won't I do sincerely appreciate it though

  3. The awards are a pain to post about but it is fun to get them. I promise I won't send you any more awards. You need a bag of feed for an award. Bet you would like that and so would I. LOL. But you were a good sport to post it.

  4. Thanks for not passing it to me ... or not! LOL I have mixed feelings about them :D

    Congrats to you!

  5. BeadedTail: I agree with you wholeheartedly that it was a pain in the patootie (um, that's a technical term). It was very kind of you to say that I deserved it *blush*, thank you!
    Ann: You are most welcome (even though I am wondering if you are sticking pins in me in effigy :o) With "Techno Twit" being one of my many alter egos, I'm going to say, "If I can do it, anyone can sistafriend!" Plus I think the links might give us all a bit of a boost on our rankings, or I would say that if I actually understood all that stuff!
    Marg: *Laugh* you are right, a bag of feed would be much handier to receive (but beggers not being choosers and all, we'll take what we can get :o) Thanks again for the award!
    Vickie: Anytime chickie; I had mixed feelings right up until I got one (now I know exactly how I feel about them...and I ain't sayin'! *grin*). Thank you for your comments and congratulations!

  6. Congratulations for your award! And thanks for passing it on to me. I understand how you feel about blog awards, that's why I always cheat, but I really like writing the posts. I'll have my post up as soon as possible. One thing I wanted to let you know though. Ratty is a he, not a her. Don't worry though, a huge amount of people have made that mistake. I actually wrote a humorous post about it awhile back. :)

  7. Ratty: Well color me mortified! I am terribly sorry; do you know that is twice in one week? I think my default mode is set to "chick" when there's no personal photo or gender information in the bio, as most bloggers tend to be women. I have fixed those presumptuous pronouns, and thank you so much for letting me know (and not taking offense - WHEW! ;o)

  8. Congrats to you on the award. So nice to be recognized though a little work is involved. You take the good with the not so...

  9. Got it in one Buggy! You clever thing, you ;o)

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