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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sanity Busters: Technological Tedium and Tenacity
Maybe it's just me, but some days I have exotic fantasies about drop kicking my PC out of a seventh story window, pitching it (without a parachute, of course) out of a plane, or (my personal favorite) letting the horses play with it for a day or two before tossing it in the biggest pile of horse poop I can find.  
Browser Braindrain: I Fired the Fox
Which browser do you use to surf the web? Does it make you mental? Up until recently I've been a diehard Firefox user, but their latest updates have given me nothing but malfunctions and migraines. Our website no longer loads correctly, and my email has ceased to function among other hiccups and aggravations.  Intrigued by a discussion on Google Chrome, I downloaded it for a test drive. Our home page loaded quickly (and correctly - yay!) but although my email was accessible on Chrome, attachments were an annoying  malfunction and did not open properly, and shippings labels refused to print in Paypal *sigh*. Opera was the next trial and error. Attachments were a breeze, but the back button is slower than a one-legged turtle, Google Friend Connect did not function and Paypal wouldn't work right either *snarl*. Would you believe I actually found a post on the Paypal problem from 2006? Apparently, this is not exactly a new issue. Definitely a disappointment, as Opera had been my favorite thus far.  I may just go all the way back to Internet Explorer - I wonder what their issue will be? You just know there's going to be one....
Are you having one of those days? Here's a handy helper to have...  
Corel's Video Studio Pro X3: Adding Insult to Injury
I've been experimenting with photos and video clips recently, using a Mac at work (pop over to this post for my last experiment). Since I obviously can't do everything at work, I decided to look into purchasing some software. In hindsight, attempting both of these thing in the same week was a phenomenally bad idea. After considerable research, Corel's Video Studio Pro X3 appeared to be exactly what I was looking for. They even offered a free 30 day trial which is something I can definitely get behind. Unfortunately, the program crashes incessantly (which is too bad, because the few things I have been able to do were really great and super easy to accomplish). In attempting to find a solution (when a Google search netted nothing helpful), I visited their home page to contact Tech Support to find it is only available after you purchase the software. While I understand this policy to a point, I'm hardly likely to buy it if I can't get it to work properly now am I?? If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them...right now the only thoughts I seem to have are centered around the first paragraph of this post (you know; like turning my fantasy into a reality with those delectably destructive deeds... :o) 
 Okay, Okay: How About the Giveaway??
Well I guess it would be nice to know who won, wouldn't it? Apparently giveaways are not the thing to do these days, unless it's something really big like a new car (which is soooo not gonna happen on our itty bitty budget :o) We only had one person send an email and the winner is: drumroll please.....
HOORAY! *Throwing confetti* While I thought it was pretty darn pitiful that only one person participated, I am tickled pink that she was our winner. Thank you Ann, not only for participating in the giveaway but also for being a wonderfully consistent commenter and all around lovely person. And (because you are all of the aforementioned) I'm going to see if I can't find a little something extra to tuck in there just for you... Congratulations girl! 


  1. I had problems with the latest Firefox update too - went back to v3.0.3 ... I couldn't arrange my blog layout :(

    Congrats Ann! How did I miss that giveaway??! doh

  2. VHF: Reverting to 3.0.3? Hmmm, now that sounds like a plan to me (thanks for that :o)
    I may eventually do another giveaway, but it will very likely be awhile as that was considerable effort and almost no participation... Thanks for the comment!

  3. Congrats to Ann! I missed the giveaway too - dang!

    I use Firefox for my EC drops but IE8 for everything else. Sometimes Firefox is slow in loading but other than that we haven't had any issues.

  4. Congrats to Ann!!! On the other hand, I do have a bone to pick with you, my dear Jen. For you forgot to mention that we should print a copy of that target to bang our heads upon. Hey, if it had not of been for my wife being there at the time, I would have surely smashed the monitor. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you said something about placing the target in front of a brick wall, but our monitor IS IN FRONT OF A BRICK WALL! Just remember who you are dealing with the next time--okay?

  5. Beaded: How on earth did you miss it girl?? It was in monster type all last week (wanna borrow my bifocals? *grin*) I've started using Opera for EC and it is awesome. I don't run it in Turbo mode, though, because it skips too much info.
    FishHawk: *LAUGH* I will be sure to post a disclaimer next time; good thing your wife was there to stop you, eh? Although now that I think about it, since most of my frustration this week has been caused by my computer yours might be a much more expedient option... (two birds, one stone don'tcha know ;o)

  6. I switched to firefox a couple months ago and really liked it, although in the past couple weeks I've been having a lot of crashes and error messages.

    I can't believe I was the only entry, but it sure made winning easy :) Thanks again

  7. For once, I don't seem to be having any trouble. But then I am always having some troubles so maybe I just haven't noticed.
    And congratulations to Ann. Sorry I didn't participate. I must have had my mind on something else.

  8. We were using Firefox 3.5 and had lots of problems, too. We also went back to an earlier version for a while, but now we're using 3.6 (beta) with no problems.

    We recently stopped using Entrecard, but we were using Opera because dropping is super fast!

  9. Congrats to your winner, and I am SO sorry I didn't email...I figured that being Canadian and not owning a Cricut wouldn't help much, plus I was sick :(
    I am also SO sorry you are having such tech. problems, I hope they get better soon!
    Hugs and prayers,

  10. Ann: I had trouble with crashes a couple of updates ago, but they fixed that issue, it was quite awhile before this. The last two updates have really been the pits, so I reluctantly swapped over to another browser. I'll be popping your goodies in the mail this week. Congratulations again girl...Woo! :o)
    Marg: Glad you are not having any technical difficulties with Firefox (most annoying, I can tell you :oP
    Daisy: I'll probably try again after the next Firefox update comes out, we'll see. We'll miss you on Entrecard *sniffle*. Sure hope you'll keep coming to visit!
    Meghann: Oh, I am sorry you're still sick! If and when I do have another giveaway, it will be to anywhere (so you can play too :o)

  11. I completely understand your anger at Firefox. I used to love it, right up until version 3. I have three computers in my house, and version 3 and above is terrible on all of them. I'd switch, but others have their own problems.

  12. Ratty: You are exactly right! Unfortunately my email has completely stopped working in Firefox, so I had to find another browser. Annoyingly enough, I am now bouncing around between 3 different browsers to "get it all done" for that very reason. Hopefully the next update will fix it *sigh*.

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