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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

THIS is a Counting Conundrum
Have any of you noticed frequent fluctuations on your Feedburner chicklet? I've noticed that my number is rarely the same; it pops around in the 50's and 60's and yesterday it bottomed out at 15.   I have a hard time believing that there are folks out there canceling and subscribing to the blog several times per day (Okay, okay: I'm really only asking you to be sure I'm not nuts - these things do bear checking out periodically, you know). It's probably silly of me, but I gotta tell you that the 15 kinda hurt my feelings. Thankfully, we seem to have rebounded 'cause today I have 70 (does this mean I'm popular? Okay maybe not quite, right? :o)
THAT is One Sensational Stamp Company!
If anyone out there is ever in the market for a well made rubber stamp, I am delighted to tell you I found the perfect place! CRACKER BOX RUBBER STAMPS not only has a terrific selection of ready-made stamps, they also make custom rubber stamps without breaking your budget; even with the wood mounting (Waa-Hoo!). 
Because I use archival ink so kids can color the images in any medium (including markers), I prefer the more durable rubber stamps to the clear polymer (which is cheaper, but a lot less hardy and not recommended for use with archival inks).
In short, I am giving the Cracker Box a four horseshoe review for delivering an awesome product (and yep, I'm already working on my next order - BooYeah :o)
THE OTHER day as I was zipping past the sliding glass doors in our Family Room, I heard someone knocking on the outside "tack room" door. Considering it was 5:30 in the morning, I wasn't exactly expecting company. Imagine my surprise when I looked out to see a bird banging away on one of the glass panes (what on earth???) She shot off the minute I stepped out on the patio (although I didn't open the outer door, because duh) and after looking around for a minute, I spotted the reason for her visit sitting high upon the top shelf in an empty supplement bucket. All I can say, is she must have built that nest in a mighty big hurry at feeding time because we are pretty careful to keep that door closed. Maybe it was a bird's eye view of Extreme Home Makeover (hey, who else do we know that can build a house in an hour between commercials?)  Don't worry, I relocated it very carefully to a place just outside the door underneath the eave of the house (and only touched it on the bottom, lest Mom be offended).
Until next week - try not to stay out of trouble ;o)


  1. Feedburner is weird. I have no clue why it does that. At least yours isn't 2, that is what mine says today loL!

  2. OH WAIT! Read this

  3. Yeah, there has been something wrong with the Feedburner subscriber counts. It first happened a couple of weeks ago, then it got fixed, and then it went crazy again. I expect to see the number fluctuate a little from day to day, but not to be reduced by 80% overnight! If you just wait, it usually gets fixed up. There are some threads about it in the support page.

  4. That is weird about the Feedburner count. I didn't know about that. I just go by how many views I get a day.
    That was an interesting place for a bird's nest. You just never know.

  5. I don't know a thing about feedburner. I don't pay any attention to any of that stuff.
    How funny that the bird was knocking at that time of the morning. Obviously a mother's gotta do what a mother's gotta do :)

  6. Sydney: Points for you girl! Some of us aren't smart enough to Google it (we just sit here and eat chocolate to lessen the trauma *grin*). Want me to send you some?
    Daisy: I really didn't pay it any mind until it dropped all the way down to 15 (got my attention then though :o)

  7. Marg: I keep half an eye on the visitor counter too, but I figure Feedburner is more for the "serious" folks (so I was seeing that as a better reflection of numbers).
    Ann: I think I'm going to follow your lead there (and try to ignore Feedburner stats from hereon out). I don't think Mama Bird actually finished the nest - I can't see any eggs in there - but I'm leaving it where it is for now just in case :o)

  8. Well I can't figure out Feedburner at all so I gave up on it.
    As far as that bird pecking on the window, here's a funny story: We moved into a house years ago and every now and then heard the strangest vibrating sound from the top of the house, at the weirdest times. Turns out it was a woodpecker pecking away at the TV antenna!

  9. Rebecca: A TV antenna? Really? That is TOO funny! He sure was one persistent pecker :o) Oh my, did I really just say that??

  10. I don't have Feedburner - I think if I have to learn one more social networking/bloggy thing my head will explode.
    Hope the bird was happy with her new "mobile" home :)

  11. Meghann: I know exactly what you mean about the exploding head - I'm so there :o)

  12. Dear Jen,
    Thank you for visiting my V-post! I am trying to figure out where the misconception that the vikings had horns on their helmet comes from. I'll keep you posted! I will probably write something on my blog when I find a good answer.
    Glad you liked it. Erik will be pleased when I show him the responce he has received for his drawings.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's V-word

  13. Anna: I still say it was Hollywierd that did it (they have their own history of rewrites :o)

  14. I don't have a clue about feedburner stats. I just see the numbers and wonder what they really mean. Guess I'll have to check out that link and see if it'll enlighten me. LOL

    Birds can definitely be persistent about their nests. Wonder if she thought she could peck her way in.

  15. Sydney's link shows pretty much the right answer. Feedburner fluctuates all the time. From what I understand, which is actually quite a bit, the highest number you see on a regular basis is the real number of subscribers you have. Feedburner doesn't count some if they aren't receiving the feed right at the time it checks.

  16. RisingRainbow: *Laugh* You're not kidding...trying to keep up with all this technical stuff makes my head hurt! As to my early morning visitor, I think she was just hoping I'd come out and open the doggone door :o)
    Ratty: I think I saw something too about computers being counted only when they're on; as in your feed count runs lower on the weekends when a lot of folks don't even boot up their PCs. Can you imagine??? *Grin*

  17. lovely blog you have here :) just stumble upon your page! feel free to drop by my site and leave comments! take care & have a great day!! :)

    jen from

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