Ribbets, Reflections and Rainbows

Friday, July 2, 2010

I thought this week's post would be shorter than last weeks, but it may not be (apparently I'm quite the chatterbox these days :o) We've been hard at work on the demonstration area, which is [FINALLY] finished. DH bought some concrete to put in the holes for the posts in the patio/seating area a couple of days ago; now he just needs to find the time to actually pour it. We chatted about this as we wandered over to look at the posts which are directly in front of the demonstration area. I looked down as Rickey gestured towards a post while he was talking about the concrete, and look at who I
spotted down the rabbit hole by the bottom of the post. Hint: It's definitely not Alice.
As you can see by the second photo of DD up to her shoulder, that hole is DEEP. Now I know that those itty bitty green guys can climb most any surface and frogs (toads?) can hop fairly far, but I'm not entirely sure about the climbing skills of these regular ribbeters (anybody know?) We pulled him out just in case, and then...
Seriously? Another one? What is this, some kind of multiple mental moment??  So it was a ribbet rescue rerun (but thankfully Big Bertha over there was the only other one - Sheesh).
Now I don't know about you, but my summer is flying by. I keep fantasizing 

about having 36 hour days, except I'm all but face first at the end of my 17 hour ones. I am pretty much a forward thinking person, I don't spend too much time immersed in what was, but sometimes looking back offers some encouragement when you just don't feel like you're getting anywhere. When I think back to a year or two ago I can be thankful that I am still actually standing at the end of my day (considering that for awhile there I could barely walk and needed two hands to lift a gallon of milk compliments of Dermatomyositis).
That Before photo is what it looked like at the top of the pasture when we bought it; more like a junkyard than anything (wow, right?) Then there were the weeds; like something straight out of a Stephen King novel sans alien life forms. Well, unless you count the girls that is...

The horses could (and did) disappear periodically, the weeds were so high. I took the after shot with my camera phone as Shadow and I ambled up the hill the other day. It's not perfect, but I think you can tell we have made some progress. The white dot you see in the distance between the trees is a barrel (and we put that out there on purpose :o). It's in the same area that all that junk was spread over. Now we just have to fix the grass; the guy that owned the land originally planted centipede grass for his horses; which absolutely boggles the mind (if you're wondering, centipede is a very low-growing yard grass that is definitely not suitable for grazing). Big duh there, right? We're still battling weeds, but at least now we can see where everybody is out there. Of course there's always Mickey Mouse roll call in a pinch - I whistle, they whinny (it works for us ;o)
We've finally started getting some rain again, thankfully. It was getting pretty dry around here. We had some pretty heavy rain on Sunday afternoon, and when the rain stopped there was a beautiful double rainbow in our sky. I thought I'd share it with you here and hopefully brighten up your day a bit...
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  1. Are you trying to test what your husband said about loving you--warts and all?

  2. That is a BIG difference! Hope you are still ok, glad to see you so busy - you sure are making up for lost dermatomyositis time :D
    Hugs and Prayers,

  3. Wow you guys have made a ton of progress. It's looking great. Loving that double rainbow. I totally agree with you on summer flying by. I can't believe it's July already, what the heck's up with that?
    Have a great holiday weekend

  4. You've made a huge difference! It looks way better! The rainbows are pretty too and I sure wish summer would slow down so we can enjoy it longer!

  5. FishHawk: *Laugh* Actually for me, I think it would have to be scars (between the cancer and the muscle disease I'm practically my own quilt ;o)
    Meghann: I'm definitely trying to make up for lost time around here (was unable to do much of anything last summer :oP Kind of nice to be able to be busy, you know?
    Ann: Thank you. I thought about you when I took the rainbow shots - I was playing with the different settings on the camera to see which one worked best. Of course it was the very first setting I had it on (and doesn't that just figure? :o)
    BeadedTail: Thanks so much; it made me feel a little better to look at the photos side by side. This summer feels like someone hit the fast forward button (and I can't find the remote :o)

  6. That looks like the Bufo Marinus toad that was on our patio the other day. Be careful because they are POISON to dogs and cats!

  7. That looks like you really have done a lot of work. Good for you. Well done. The picture of the rainbow is really nice.
    Hope you have a great Fourth of July.

  8. Daisy: You know, I had heard that some were poisonous to dogs and cats (we don't have either of those), but wasn't sure which ones. EEK!
    Marg: Thanks for the kind words about the work (sometimes it feels like we're treading water, you know?)
    A happy Fourth to you, too. I'm afraid I'll be spending half the night in the pasture with our herd; reassuring them that they are not going to die...I'm SO not excited about this holiday :oP

  9. The rainbow is beautiful! Glad you're feeling better, and it does look like a tremendous amount of work that you're all getting done.

  10. Rebecca: Thank you for your kind words; looking at the before and after photos made me feel quite a bit better. Sometimes I think it's just hard to see the forest for the trees, you know? :o)

  11. Great job on the before and after!

    That looks like one big toad......

    We're still waiting for summer to start around here. My veggie plants are no bigger than a month ago!

  12. Carol: Thank you :o) I'm still blinking over June...where did it go?? Less than a month until school starts again - wow!

  13. You've come a long way from where you started. The work never seems to end. But it's all worth it.

    Thanks for the rainbow, it brightened my day.

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  15. GreyHorse: Thank you, and you are SO right! Of course it's a lot harder when you have delusions of grandeur *laugh*. My mom always used to say I had champagne taste on a beer budget; which is only figuratively true since I don't actually drink (HaHa :o) Glad you liked the rainbows!
    Raven: Really? Cool!! Thank you so much. I'm trying really hard to be sorry that you only had one entrant, but....well, I won (so that's probably asking way too much of me as a person *grin* ;o)

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