But Ma, I don't wanna go back to school

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Oh, wait...I'M the Mom (Dang it!  :o)
I can't believe it's time to go back already. Where did the summer GO?? *sniffle* I have to admit, it sure was nice to have lots of time to spend with the horses this year (last year I was battling that idiotic neurological "thing" that pretty much killed off any and all potential summer fun). As a dedicated Fuddyduddy - uh, that's one of them thar' technical terminyms - I am violently opposed to change of any sort. This is one of several reasons why horses and I get along like a house on fire *grin*. 
Since my previous student (a.k.a. DD) has graduated, I am off to interpret for someone new. Not only am I changing schools, but grades (high school to elementary). Nothing like a little culture shock, eh? Thankfully, I love the new school, and the classroom teacher is absolutely fantabulous. Er, another technical term there - sorry. The only fly (flies?) in the ointment is that it is three time farther (further?) than my previous school and I have to be there 10 minutes earlier. Ugh. Another change? DD is starting college this month. eek! She has also just gotten her driver's license. EEK! That's one way to achieve a more intensive prayer life (I'm going to wear out my knees on that one for sure). Oh, and in case you're wondering? I didn't Photoshop the bus in behind Bella; it lives next door, and of course the backpack is hers :o)
After some seriously hot, humid, yet rainless weather, we've finally started getting some rain. Unfortunately, all that icky sticky humidity threw an annoying (and unexpected) curve our way. Although our feed room is "inside" on the patio, it is screened and visqueened, not walled. We store our open feed in large garbage cans, and all bags are stacked against the wall on pallets (to keep them off the floor). Would you believe that one of the feeds was mildewing inside the garbage can? ARRRGH! Oh, and you definitely don't want to see the tack (blech). For now, I am buying feed every couple of days and storing the problem feed in the house. Of course I can't drag all of the feed stuff indoors, so I am now running back and forth like a lunatic. 

Did I mention that I have to leave for work at 6:45 this year? Sheesh. I am woman, hear me whine (Ha). After four years of a leisurely 7:15 departure time, this is pretty challenging because it means I've got to be outside feeding by 5:45. I have to allow enough time to feed everyone and cool off (ever try to stop sweating in a frantic hurry?), I have to have a wardrobe change (learned that one the hard way; horses love you lots more when you're clean) and slap on some makeup so I don't scare anyone. Here's hoping our pending grant comes through; it's got allotted funds for a dehumidifier in it so at least I can stop running in and out of the house. Of course my new schedule also interferes with my blog visits and Entrecard drops - so shall I apologize for my reduced appearance in advance?
Now maybe it's just me, but I found this solicitation for funds kind of tacky. As a survivor, I can state with absolute authority that cancer has absolutely NO appeal whatsoever (and har-de-har-har). Okay I couldn't resist that one, but let me be serious for a minute: While I understand that places like the Mayo Clinic are humongous contributors to research as well as a marvelous medical resource, it just doesn't seem right to ask their patients to donate money (Um, hello? I had enough trouble just paying my medical bills people). I guess if I were a gazillionaire I might be inclined to donate - and you'll pardon me while I laugh hysterically at that one - but I'm not. The other thing? Well, after three separate trips to Mayo - that generated three separate bills - I was left without a diagnosis. So sorry guys, my pennies are going to the ponies at Epic Farms... A much better bang for my buck don'tcha know ;o)
Look who I almost stepped on yesterday. I'll admit I was beginning to get just a teensy bit worried after a week with no bunny sightings (but a new stray cat in the neighborhood). I'm going to say that this is Harvey, as the little guy was initially invisible... 

I didn't see him until I almost stepped on him; he all but exploded off the ground at my feet (and that'll get the old heart rate up, let me tell ya). Here's hoping your week is full of sunshine and sassy smiles ('cause those are the very best kind). Thanks for reading! 


  1. I'm currently retired, but after 30 years in education the fall (well, late summer) brings a new bit of energy my way and a sense of new beginnings. I loved the start of school and I do miss that adrenaline rush.
    Your move to elementary should be fascinating.
    Again, after more than 30 years in coastal SC, I understand the mildew thing. Ugh! I am so glad to have moved to a dry climate!
    Good luck - have a great school year!

  2. Dreaming: Thanks for the comment and well wishes! For some reason this year has just been awful. The temp and humidity on the patio is a good 10 degrees above what it is outside (that's with the ceiling fan on, too!) I hated dragging that dusty bag of feed into the house, but that stuff's just too darn expensive to waste.

  3. Sorry about the mildewing food - that's just awful! And the very early start to your day - yikes! Sounds like the school year will be fun though and hope your DD's is too!

    Glad you didn't step on the bunny!

  4. Wow, I hope you get a dehumidifier soon, that must be so annoying running back and forth.
    God speed with the new school, I'm sure it will be wonderful :)

  5. If it makes you feel any better, I have to leave the house at 4:55 a.m. and I don't get summers off. Of course I don't have to run around and get animals fed before I leave in the morning except for a little bowl of white westie food :)
    Sounds like a real pain with the mildewed feed.

  6. Is it just me, or have schools started starting the school year earlier and earlier while letting out for the summer later and later? For I can remember starting school around Labor Day some years, and my last day of school my senior year of high school was May 5th, with graduation coming on May 10th (I think).

  7. BeadedTail: They make better containers for storage, but they're pretty expensive (the one I like is $300+, and are you kidding me?) I am having a great time in elementary school *grin* and share your hope for DD's year (lotsa changes! :o)
    Meghann: I hope so too; my biggest thing is it's time consuming and awkward... the Probiotics and Raybon (with Molasses in it) goes between the two feeds in each bucket to keep it from sticking when I stack the buckets to take them out to feed (so I can't stack 'em up to take them in the house for the other feed, it has to be one at a time). Grrr, you know? ;o)
    Ann: *Laugh* I knew you left at some obnoxious hour of the morning. Wow! 4:55 is when I'm on the treadmill trying to walk off those stupid steroids. I am a morning person, so that part doesn't bother me much. We don't have lights for the boys, though, so I have to wait until there's enough natural light before I can feed.
    FishHawk: Nope, you got it (we didn't start until after Labor Day when I was growing up). Actually, we used to have "year round" school here, which meant we started in mid-July (then the state decided to make all systems start around the same time at the beginning of August. We are not finished until the end of May/beginning of June. I believe somewhere along the line in the past couple of years they added another five days to the calendar.

  8. Hey!!! I think that bunny's cousin is in my garden nibbling at my tomato plants at the moment!! :)

    xo Catherine

  9. Bella, you got a real pretty backpack. I wish I could go to school.

  10. I have been lucky with my feed here and it hasn't mildewed yet. That is too bad about yours. Also sorry you have to go to work even earlier. That stinks. Oh well, at least you have a job.
    Take care and have a good day.

  11. I still feel the jitters for back to school,this is my 2nd year off.I found mold on spilled cat food today out in the yard.Wondered if you could build a cabinet to hold a good supply and keep a light bulb in it to keep everything dry. That is how they do for welding rods.I built an office area for a stable where they heat and dehumidify to keep it pristine.Love the fish in the tank, I have never heard of that.

  12. Catherine: Hopefully it's not Cousin Bubba (he'll clean you out ;o)
    Daisy: Thank you; she's in the gifted program *grin*.
    Marg: I am very thankful to have a job - I just got spoiled driving a mere 5 miles to work (I'm getting unspoiled in a hurry though ;o)
    OutOnThePrairie: I factored a dehumidifier into the grant we have pending (here's hoping!) The humidity has been stuck close to 100% for extended periods of time over the past couple of weeks; fairly unusual for us. Temps are finally dropping... Having heat indexes of 105-110 was getting to be a bit much :oP

  13. Harvey is adorable, I'm glad you didn't step on him.

    I always like the start of school when I was a kid. New clothes, books, pencils,pens but that wore off by the end of the month. Have fun in your new school. Love the picture of Bella with the backpack, really cute.

  14. oh, school already??? I homeschool so I lose track, but it's still summer isn't it? wow seems awfully early. As far as DD getting the license, well you're right about the increase in prayer time. five down, two to go for daughter got in a terrible accident right after she got her was totaled and looked awful, she had not a scratch on her!! Power of prayer and ANGELS!!

  15. GreyHorseMatters: Yes, it was alarming enough as an "almost". Plus I'm thinking Elwood would have been quite put out with me had I flattened his chum ;o) I used to love the start of school too and I seem to remember the excitement fizzling rather rapidly as well. I just hate I missed the next shot of Bella; she was swinging the pack back and forth playing and then decided to let it fly - went a pretty fair distance too *Laugh*.
    Rebecca: What a blessing that your daughter wasn't hurt! I had a deer jump through my windshield when DD was 18 months old: glass behind her, in front, to the left and right but nothing on her at all. It was a twelve point buck and I have one of his prongs on my bookcase as a reminder. The bodyshop guy found it laying in my front floorboard (God is awesome, isn't He? :o)

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