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Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm too busy bringing up the rear :o)
There is something about the horse's eye that can be almost mystical in its tranquility; don't you think? I took this photo of Rina's eye and added an effect in Print Shop that was (and how's this for irony?) called "Tornado". I thought the end result was kind of neat, so I decided to share it with you. Maybe I'll even turn it into a print and put it in our Etsy shop. Of course the first photo I took, Rina rolled said eye at the camera in a comical "what are you doing question". The result of which appeared anything but serene. She looked like the wild child she once was when she first arrived here, virtually untouched at the age of 3 months. How does that go again? Oh yes, You've come a long way baby :o)

Aside from all of the funding I have *cough* supplied  to the medical community, most of my paycheck gets funneled back into the non-profit. Because of this, it's pretty tough to save up any money at all, so for 2010 I decided to try a year long experiment. Instead of using the change every time I broke a dollar, I took the money and divided it into three separate containers; quarters would go to church, nickels and dimes to the baby bottle campaign (a local mission that counsels and helps pregnant teens); and the pennies, of course, were for the ponies.  I was curious to see how much I could save up over the course of a year, though since I'm not really a cash person I didn't think it would add up to much at all. Want to know how I did? I ended up with $59.00 in quarters, $16.00 in nickels and dimes, and a gazillion pennies (I counted the silver coins by hand but I plan to make a beeline for the bank this week to use their "money machine" to count all those pennies, because are you kidding me??). Not bad at all considering how infrequently I carry cash (I'm more of a checkbook chick). I think I'm going to try it again this year, and this time maybe I'll even harangue my hubby into joining about you?
Equine Epiphanies broke 100 subscriptions over the holidays; hooray! It may not be much compared to some (like Stacey over at Behind the Bit who left the 1,000 mark in the dust awhile back - you go girl!!) but it made us happy. To celebrate, I think we'll have a little giveaway. What do you think? Good idea? Anyone who leaves a comment on this and/or the next post or makes a donation (no matter how small) will be eligible. If you leave a comment AND donate you will be entered twice, and we will do a happy dance in your honor (although you will have to just take my word for it on that one ;o) So what shall we give away? How about a fun eco-friendly grocery tote by Petrageous Designs? Of course I had to make a horse blanket pin keyring to match, lest the horses feel left out...
Just in case anyone is interested in the horse blanket pin key rings, they are available in our Etsy Shop <-- a shameless plug, this I know *grin* but they DO make terrific little gifts for anyone, not just horse lovers :o)
The weather here has gone from frightful to delightful to horribly heinous; I am none too keen to see the sunrise this morning after last night's sleet and rain storm. I think pretty much everything here has been shut down for the day (schools are closed, which means we'll have to have a make up day - blech!). We have had more than our fair share of erosion worries and woes already, so I'm almost afraid to stick my head out the door :oP I hope all of you and your critters are safe and warm this Monday morning! I did manage to capture this gorgeous silhouette on said delightful day. Can you guess what it is? I'll just bet you can. As always, thanks for reading this far and here's wishing you a wonderful week!

 ...And may your new year be more beautiful than the last...


  1. Very cool edit there to start your post with.
    My husband saves all his change and I've tried it but I rarely carry cash so I don't get much. Those pennies sure do add up fast don't they.
    Love that picture at the end. Very nice

  2. Horses' eyes have so much soul don't they? So big and so beautiful.

    Hope your weather gets better soon!
    xo Catherine

  3. Ann: I don't carry cash much either; I use the checkbook all the time. That's one reason I was so surprised I ended up with as much as I did. Thanks for the kudos on the pic, it made my day :o)
    Catherine: That they are; I'm thinking the weather's even chillier at your house though...Brr!

  4. The picture of Rina is beautiful. What a great photo shop edit, love the tornado effect.

    Good luck with your contest. You saved lots of money for your charities with a great idea. I always save my change in different piles. Usually, my granddaughter raids the little piggy banks but I could convince her to give it to charity. It's such a good idea and I hadn't thought of it.

    p.s. in your comment on my post you mentioned you had fibromyalgia and I'd like to recommend something that helped my daughter. She had a very bad case of Lyme's which morphed into fibro and nothing they prescribed helped. She did some research and started taking Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with some honey every day. Guess what - her fibro pain went away in 3 days and it helped a lot of her Lyme symtoms. Thought I'd mention this to you, it can't hurt and it could help so try it if you think it's a good idea or something you'd be interested in.I'm not a doctor and shouldn't probably recommend anything but this did work for her.

  5. I have started doing the same thing with my own pennies. I figure with the amount of them I keep finding everywhere, pretty soon I will have a bale of hay out of them. 'Cept I probably shouldn't pay at the feed store with pennies...might be black listed! :)

  6. GreyHorse: I seem to remember reading something about apple cider vinegar. I drink a monster cup of green tea every morning with honey instead of sugar. Right now I'm trying something a friend of mine is using to alleviate her Fibro. Q10 and D-Ribosome (I am very hopeful this will at least cut out some of the pain and weakness - I'm getting awfully tired of the "suck it up" method of pain management *grin*). Thanks so much for your comment and for the suggestion... I'm holding that one in reserve for sure!
    Rebecca: *Laugh* I had not thought of toting all that change to the feed store; you're probably right though (we'd be blacklisted for sure ;o)

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