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Saturday, July 7, 2012

N e v a h !
I'm a detail person, and most of the time that's a good thing. Sometimes, however, I get too caught up in the little stuff which interferes with me getting to the big stuff. Or, my brain is so wrapped up in piddly details there is no room left for coherent thought. Does that ever happen to you? I missed another post (apologies all around), and did not even have the chance to respond to comments (more apologies all around), which is something I really like to do. The photo, in case you're wondering, is a cute little watering can I found at Ace. Although you can't really see the design, it has leaves in a raised pattern on the sides (this is to be my "case in point" - which I will come back to momentarily).
Both of my parents have celebrated birthdays since my last post. Mom's was first at the end of June, which made her two whole years older than Dad for 5 gleeful days (he really lords it over on her :o) I made her a maple walnut cake - simple AND yummy - and wasted considerable time, and walnuts, trying to scatter them evenly around the top. Aside: Aren't scatter and evenly antonyms of a sort? Why do I do these things? No idea; move over Monk. *rolls eyes and hangs head* Well maybe I'm not quite that bad; he would have been placing them strategically (and individually) with tweezers. Ha. Anyhoo, my parents are pretty hard to buy presents for, as they don't really need anything and can usually afford to get what they want better than I can. I had no clue what to get my Mom until she said she wanted a runner for her dining room table. Of course that was the night before her birthday. Better late than never, eh? I found a pattern on Ravelry and I'm almost finished, so I'll post a picture for you next time. Actually, I'll post several as I have been "documenting" it. It's kind of interesting to watch it progress (makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere ;o)
Speaking of progress, our favorite volunteer (Mr. Ron) was finally able to squeeze a day out of his busy schedule to come back and help us work on the visitor area. He (L) and DH (R) make an excellent team:
They built a door for the "outhouse" (which required considerable thought):
and put a pretty good dent in the feed room too (hooray!):
Did not have enough time to mess with the photos from my visit to Sandy's house, so I'll have to save those for next time. Shall I offer yet another (other) apology? Yeesh :oP  Got tied up *cough* working *cough*cough* on various and sundry important projects like this one:
Looks better though, doesn't it? (Oh, my ;o) Have a blessed week everyone!


  1. Yes, it looks so much better!
    I had to laugh. I'm thinking you (like someone else I know, who may or may not be typing a response to a blog post right now) get distracted by things; on your way to the bedroom to get your shoes you see an empty glass, pick that up and head to the kitchen. But you notice the fluff from the dog's toy, so put the glass down and pick up the fluff and head to the trash, but then you see....
    The cake looks lovely. I can't wait to see the table runner. How nice that you could find something to make that your mom wants.

  2. My mind is always so full of ideas that I never manage to get a quarter of them done.
    That cake sure does look good. Happy belated birthday to your mom and dad

  3. Dreaming: Sistah! Hee. Seems grossly unfair that i am not a size 2, getting all that exercise going back and forth. I have it scripted, actually: You forget what on earth it was you were going to do when you arrive at your "destination" [room], so you return in defeat to your point of origin, whereupon you suddenly remember what it was you forgot so you turn back around and...
    Why do I feel the urge to type "lather, rinse, repeat" here?? ;o)

    Ann: I always refer to myself as creatively ADHD (works for me ;o) The cake was really good, and thank you for the wishes - I'll pass them on. I'm off to bake a Molasses Crumb cake now to take to church (this probably factors in to the reasons I'm not a size 2). Gee, ya think? Ha.

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