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Monday, May 30, 2016

Well there must have been quite a bit of it somewhere out there, because I don't mind telling you this month has FLOWN. How can it be that school is over already? Not that I'm complaining, mind you. Nope, nary a bit. For some reason, though, the end of school seems to have snuck up on us superquick. Can it really be almost June? I'm toiling away in the yard at home (yes, still). I'm trying to hurry and finish everything I want to do before it gets too darn hot to be out there. We've hit 90 for the first time already this year, which is alarmingly quick for this area (hoping it's not an unhappy harbinger :o\ Have to tell you though, that one of the neatest little things I've come across in the garden center this year is succulents. I have had this old blue soup ladle (photo inset) for EVER. As in, I have no idea where (or who) it even came from. Nana, maybe? Not a clue. I'm pretty sure the ladle has been housed in every single drawer in my kitchen over the years in an effort to "get it out of the way". Ridiculous, I know, but I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it because (for some strange reason) I absolutely love it. Do you ever do that? Anyhoo... to make a short story long, I found this itty bitty succulent to put in it (yes, it's real) and hung it on the wall by my kitchen window. He seems to be quite happy there. Since I smile every time I see it, I'm happy too. Guess we have a win-win then, don't we ;o)

I didn't have enough time last week between work and home (where there was more work waiting *laugh*) to finish this post, so I'm going with pictures and a pitiful parody of a poem (three cheers for random alliterations). I've taken a few progress pictures in the garden to share with you this week. Now that school's out, I hope to be able to post a bit more regularly; not to mention catch up on my blog reading. I've really struggled with making it all work (and vis-a-vis my sporadic posting so far, it clearly didn't ;oP
Photo Inset: A closeup of a Coreopsis flower. They're smaller than a quarter, but they are beautiful blooms. Doesn't it look like the colors were airbrushed? Actually since it's God's artistry, I guess they were at that.

I took the pictures below, 
that you might know; 
How does the garden grow?

Merrily, verily, and somewhat contrarily.

It's taking forever,
though the fifth of never,
Could be here before I know.


Whoooo's punchy? (see me sheepishly raising my hand). Um, yeah. *AHEM* Sooo anyway.... Don't quit your day job, Jennifer. Right. Let's just move along to the photos, shall we?

Remember the Alyssum in DH's old lunchbox? It has filled in nicely (though I didn't take this shot at the best time; the blooms are fading). Happily, this plant blooms continuously. It was one of those bargain basement specials. Not bad for a buck, eh?

I did, however, get a decent closeup of the blooms for you before they started to fade:

The Lemon Thyme seems to be quite happy in its new space. I like the shade variance in the leaves, which are incredibly tiny. Smells good too!

I came across this little pretty in a clearance cart for $1; it's perfect for the hanging basket. It's called a Superbell, and this particular variety is "Apricot Punch". I have to say, though, it's a rather slow grower, but I really like the colors over the [recycled] wheelbarrow planter.

For those of you who prefer something a little closer to instant gratification in your garden, the mints grow fairly quickly. They are, however, also quite invasive which is why I put all of the mint I planted in pots. This one is Chocolate Mint, which smells divine. Rub a leaf and think Peppermint Patties and mint chocolate chip ice cream ;o) Yummy. The photo on the left is a better shot of how it really looks (though the leaves are wet). It has rich green leaves and "chocolate" stems.

I think my favorite "quickie" has to the the Sweet Potato Vine. It grows rapidly; as in several inches a day. It's perfect for the spill in a pot (as in: the "fill and spill" rule for planting in pots). There is a bright green variety (like mine) and there is also a burgundy variety which is spectacular. This one was another $1 rescue (pronounced onedollah *laugh*) my favorite kind of plant!

As always, thank you for reading this far! Stay safe, pray for our military past and present and their families, and have a very blessed Memorial Day ;o)


  1. I love figuring out which plants will do best where....and then watching them bloom. or sometimes...they fade. :(

    Your garden looks great!

    1. Lin: Me too - me too! I did do a lot more research this time. I'll admit I wish I could have afforded to do the bigger pots from the nursery though (I'm horribly impatient ;o) but it's been expensive enough with the little ones. Since almost everything is a perennial, I won't have to start over next year (whew!).

      I've had to relocate a few who weren't doing well where I initially put them. I really enjoyed watching a couple of droopy ones perk back up when I found their "happy place". It's also been very rewarding to see my bargain basement specials return to life from the brink ;o)

      Thank you for the lovely comment!

  2. I suck at gardening so I love seeing what other people can do with theirs.

    1. Ann: That's what silk flowers are for! *laugh* Believe it or not, there's a house up the road that has the most spectacular "gardens". It took me any number of passes (and oh, was I green with envy) before I realized all the flowers were actually silk planted in with some background greenery/shrubs. Now that's a low-maintenance garden with instant gratification ;o)

  3. What a great home for your succulent.

    1. Sandra: Thank you, I thought so too! ;o)

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