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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 22nd

My daughter managed to talk a friend into joining us tonight (we decided she must be really bored at her house :o) We were able to easily move the second frame; it sure was a piece of cake to maneuver with four people instead of three!

Then it was back to work with the auger to get the second frame anchored in place. The girls took turns running the auger with Rickey, and for awhile all three of them were running it (if you've ever used a pair of post hole diggers, you can see why the auger can become a bit of a novelty to run). Of course Taya came hot-footing it down the hill the minute she heard Rickey crank up the auger (I'm not quite clear on her obsession with it, but she is definitely fascinated :o)

When it was all anchored, we called the girls back down the hill to let them see exactly what was changed (this is infinitely safer than allowing it to be a surprise in the dark, don'tcha know :o) Lady marched straight down the middle, and parked herself in the first stall (which will be hers).

June 26th

Rickey & I decided to put the new (to us anyway - it was a yard sale find :o) gate in and finish up the watering trough tonight. We took a quick trip to a metal roofing plant that has a salvage yard for roofing materials; it's about an hour away. We spoke to the sales manager who had some discontinued materials, so we are praying he will get back to us with either a materials donation or a super good price. I'm pretty sure everybody is a bit tired of dining "al fresco".

We had such fun putting in the gate (sarcastically speaking, that is :o), we decided to go ahead and put the end on Lady's stall while we still had some daylight left.

Then it was time to call the Girls back down the hill to let them know what was where, so nobody went bump in the night. Bella opted to scope things out from the sidelines but Taya - who wasn't the slightest bit interested in the real reason we called her down the hill - made a beeline for her favorite toy: the auger :o)


  1. Fantastic! It's great to see things coming together - just like those old fashioned barn raisings :)
    I'm very happy for you for your progress,, your doing so much and it shows! Any horse would be happy to live there once it is done I'm sure :D

  2. So wonderful, yay! ;0) I'm so happy EFA and I could help you and the horses ;) Michele

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