Ladies First: We are hard at work building new stalls for The Girls

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 21st

If you didn't get here via our website, allow me to bring you up to speed on our recent challenges (you know, those character building episodes that make you say repentable words? :o) In May of this year, Rina and Taya lost the roof of their temporary quarters in a severe storm. The storms caused major damage throughout the entire state of Alabama.

In June, we had another severe storm (one that came up out of nowhere FAST) accompanied by strong winds. It was during this storm that Bella's roof went POOF (sigh).

Would you believe that somewhere in between these two exciting events the farm truck blew two tires? (just one would have been enough to hurt our feelings :o)

EFA (Etsy for Animals) came to our aid by naming us their Charity of the Month for May; we were generously nominated by Little Studio Jewels (thank you Meghann!) With their kind donations, we were able to go ahead and begin working on new stalls for The Girls. We are, however, recycling as much of the wood from their old ones as possible.

We started work on the stalls today. Thankfully, the frames are still in good shape and we were able to reuse them. We decided to put them in a line instead of the L shape they had been in (a much better arrangement all the way around :o)

Our daughter's favorite piece of equipment was the two man
auger we purchased from a friend last year. Wow, what a lifesaver it is. Sure beats the heck out of those post hole diggers we were using!

We were able to move one of the frames on today and hopefully we'll be able to move the other one tomorrow. We anchored the frames with posts set deep in the ground. Wouldn't you know it? We are experiencing record temperatures here in the south, so we've been working in the evenings after DH gets home from work; it's only in the upper 90's by then (and golly, break out the jackets right??? :o)

Of course The Girls just had to come down the hill to see what on earth we were up to...

They poked around everything; Taya was absolutely fascinated by the auger (every time we turned around she was right there with her little nose checking it out :o) All in all we had a good night's work: One down, one to go!


  1. Fantastic! It is great you are able to build everything so quickly. With the winters we get here, everything has to have such huge slabs and foundations and everything takes FOREVER to get done.
    Good for you for DIY - you rock!

  2. I gave you an award!
    Congratulations :)

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