What in TARNATION?!?!?

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It's covert operations! The Girls have some new neighbors. Well, sort of.  It would seem that the big dog (photo left) was getting into trouble with chickens somewhere down the road, so his owner built a pen. In order to keep his dog from getting bored in said pen, he got two pudgy little puppies for company. The pen is large, they have plenty of shade, and he keeps it meticulously clean. BUT - It seems to me that plunking down three dogs [two of which are curious puppies] right next to a yard full of horses may not be the best of plans...  
In case you are a dog person but not a horse person here's how it works: Dogs [in general] seem to consider horses several steps up from cars when looking for ways to liven up a hum drum day. Since dogs are essentially predators with an ingrained chase instinct and horses are prey animals with an ingrained flight instinct, you can see where this can easily be a recipe for disaster.  I dubbed the puppies Thing One and Thing Two and yes they are adorable, (so go ahead and say it: Awwwww), I did. I have, however, been cautious to the point of paranoia not to speak to them at all, or even look at them too much. Why? Because they're lonely in there and I have no desire to give them any incentive to come over for a visit.  Of course since I spend lots of time outside and talk to the horses incessantly, you can guess the inevitable result...

 At the risk of sounding mean, the best case scenario has me strolling outside to find a puppy pancake in my yard (Lady hates dogs). I even warned my neighbor of the danger, and he quickly pointed out that it wouldn't be my fault (um, well
yeah, but do I even want to see a squashed dead dog???). How about trying to explain what happened to his son, who is in kindergarten? You just know that he is not going to understand who is ultimately responsible for the death of his dog. Of course the worst case scenario would be the dogs running the horses through the fence and out into the road; this is the stuff that horse owner nightmares [and lawsuits] are made of. Hopefully, they will grow up to be good little neighbors who learn to stay where they're put ('cause they are awful cute :o) 
In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to state [for the record] that apparently puppies are not the only things sneaking underneath fences these days...

Mad Max's Micromini Movie from Jen on Vimeo.
Can you believe it? There is actually a second fence after that one so he wasn't really out (it's where we keep the hay rolls, which tells you exactly what that little turkey was doing in there :o)
See y'all next time!


  1. I am a dog person so yes they are cute but even though I don't spend any time around horses I do like them too. Hope the neighbors behave themselves. Loved the video, you didn't make the grounding too harsh did you?

  2. Just be thankful that Max went back in where he got out. For he could have sought to make a new opening, which would have been the case if he was my horse.

    Speaking of great escapes, one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed was watching a full grown Holstein cow (we're talking about well over 600 pounds here) lay on her side next to a barbed-wired fence, and then wiggle under it while remaining on her side. If I had not have seen it myself, I would've never believed it possible.

  3. Your video cracked me up!

    Maybe the constant exposure to the horses will make the dogs well-mannered and respectful around horses. I hope so, anyway!

  4. Well good luck with the dogs. I think if they aren't barking at the horses then probably they won't try to chase them. They will probably become friends since they can talk through the fence. Hope it all works out.

  5. Thank you for visiting and commenting - it's nice to discover you as well!

  6. Glad you explained it cause being a die-hard cat person I don't have a clue when it comes to dogs or horses.
    The movie was cute! Loved the Green Acres soundtrack, gosh I haven't heard that in a zillion years!!

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  8. Oh good grief! I hope the dogs behave themselves, and my jaw DROPPED to the floor to see Max trotting OUTSIDE of his paddock, I just about stopped my heart with that one - and the way he just snuck back under the fence! ooooooh Max! *waggles finger* he looks like he is awfully used to doing that too...have you perhaps been missing any food from your fridge? Maybe he's been sneaking into your house when you are at work to raid the fridge! :)

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