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Sunday, April 25, 2010

After a record-setting winter, springtime has finally arrived - hooray! If you missed the southern snowstorm, check out this post for the full scoop (it was one WILD winter this year :o) So how do we  know spring has really sprung at the farm? Well there are subtle signs that appear, which only a highly trained observer knows how to recognize...
Okay, so maybe they're more like idiot friendly signs; Ya got me *grin*. We did, however, feel morally obligated to give Champ the coveted prize once again this year (he's a four time
winner, and our resident Woolly Mammoth - disguised as a horse, of course). We didn't actually think about taking a picture until the third go 'round with the groomer (so wow, right?) In case you're wondering about the funky looking holes in the hair, it comes from this marvelous little grooming invention called a Unigroom (the link's not exactly what we have, but close to it). All the horses (with the exception of Bella) love it! It not only gives them a terrific massage while helping them to shed out, but it stimulates the skin and makes for a gorgeous summer coat (not to mention the free workout your arms get in the process :o) So how about it? Are your animals shedding yet? Hey, I always wanted to try a poll... 

Tell me, do you help your animals shed out?

Okay, that was just a teensy bit more complicated that I was hoping for (sheesh). Sorry for the big space, but it just won't go away without deleting the poll [insert raspberry here]. Guess we'll find out soon enough if it actually works or not. In other news...
Medical update: We just got back from our third trip to the Mayo Clinic (which is why I did not respond to comments this week). While I was hoping for a third time's the charm, we got the dreaded three strikes instead: no real answers.  I got a suggestion of Autoimmune Disautonomia to add to my medical misadventures collection, but the underlying cause is still unknown. This leaves me pretty much S.O.L. as far as treatments go, although she did suggest trying a low dose steroid [ugh!] to see if it helps. Here's hoping the low dosage won't have quite the kick of the 60mg per day I was on for Dermatomyositis (DH and DD pretty much hid from my Hyde in self preservation, if you know what I mean :o) 
See y'all next week, and thanks for reading! 


  1. Hooray for spring. Duke just got his spring haircut yesterday. I don't have to worry about the shedding too much. Westies are a non shedding bread. That doesn't mean there isn't any but very little.
    Too bad on the results. It hard enough when you aren't feeling up to par but worse when no one can give you any logical explanation. Hope the low dose works for you and keeps the rest of the family safe at the same time :)
    hugs hugs and have a great day

  2. Ann: Way to go Duke! The horses could definitely use a haircut (Shadow has some scary dreadlock thing going on - OY). Thanks for the hug girl; now all I need is some chocolate, and I'm all set! :o)

  3. That is just a shame that they can't figure out what is going on with you.You certainly have tried to find out what is wrong.
    The donkeys here just rub their own hair out, sometimes too much of it. Donkeys take a lot longer to shed. Have a great day.

  4. Marg: Yep, I was pretty bummed (still am, now that I think about it :o) I didn't know that donkeys took a much longer time to shed out - that's interesting. I'd think, though, that there would be enough kitty cat hair at your house to make at least one sofa pillow, right? ;o)

  5. Okay, here's how much I know about horses, I didn't know they shed so much. I need to get out more I guess!

    Sorry there are still now answers on your tests but hopefully something is figured out soon.

  6. It's funny how even amongst the horses here they have all different thicknesses of winter woollies. Bella is the resident hairball for the girls and last to shed out (she ran Champ a pretty close second for the title). Now if I could just remember not to hug them during this time... :o)

  7. As a matter of fact, I WAS wondering what the funky looking holes were all about, so I'm glad you explained that one!

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