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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Here you go, have a peek...

Our tiny tractor turned up its little tires and died (actually, it "slung a rod"). Can't say I know exactly what that means, other than the darn thing doesn't work. Since the four-wheeler [and beware relatives bearing bargains] bit the big one several weeks ago, this put me back to walking around with a cart to tidy up around the pasture (and raspberries to that).
I found this marvelous muck cart  for less than half price in the sale barn at Jeffers and was tickled pink (guess it carried over into the bucket I bought to go with it - ha :o) The only hiccup was a couple of missing parts; and don't you hate that? I have to give a big thumbs up to Miller Manufacturing whose friendly customer service rep apologized profusely and quickly mailed them out. Isn't it wonderful when the phrase "customer service" isn't an oxymoron? The back of the red and white truck in the pasture - it's one of Retta's landmarks - was full of the old netting used on the big round bales of hay. 
It was one of those things on the proverbial list of things to do (empty it) before the horses find them. Too late *sigh*. All I can say is it must have been one heck of a party, because there were hay net blobs everywhere (grr). While I marched around picking those up, DH volunteered to drag the pasture (and thank goodness, as it was getting pretty darn poopy out there!) We may not have much in the way of equipment, but a chain link fence and some old tires do the trick quite nicely.The multiple trips to Mayo have really put a chink in our
changepurse (but thankfully, we're done). Since we are past the halfway point on Epic Farms' Phase II, it's time to shift some of our focus to Phase III. With that in mind, I completed and turned in our application to submit a grant proposal to a foundation (basically, this means I asked them if I could ask them for money *grin*). Here's hoping we will make the cut. In reading through their criteria and zones of interest, we are a perfect match. Feel free to send a prayer or two our way; we sure could use 'em! For more information on our Phases and where we're going with all this stuff, please visit Epic Farms' Accountability lens on Squidoo.
Here is the most important thing I learned this week: It is humanly possible to actually consume skim milk provided it is prepared correctly. (Boo-yeah :o)

Oh! One more thing. An update on puppygate: A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about The Girls' cute new neighbors (if you missed it, you can read about it here). I'm happy to report that they have not breached the yard again. However, methinks we're not quite out of the woods yet....what do you think? Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you have a terrific week!


  1. Darn old lawn tractor eh. I feel fortunate to have a bunch of tractors at my disposal to get the job done. Cause I have done the work by hand, not cool.

  2. The advice about relatives would have been very helpful a couple of years ago when my brother sold my husband a garden tractor. This wasn't even a bargain though, we just plain got ripped off :)
    Got a chuckle over that ad in the paper at the end.

  3. Sorry about your tractor. I am so worried that is going to happen to my lawnmower. That manure bucket looks terrific. You can wheel that one around. Hope things get a little better for you and that the grant works out. I think those are hard to get but I am not sure.

  4. Sydney: Unfortunately, the tractor was our Plan B after the four-wheeler kicked the bucket. What I'm really excited about [NOT] is going around 7 acres with a 2 gallon hand sprayer to keep the weeds from taking over the pasture. You are SO right - not cool :o)
    Ann: I think just about everybody learns that lesson the hard way. I got a giggle over the ad too; I didn't even know they were gone *laugh* it just happened to catch my eye as I was flipping through the paper.
    Marg: Hopefully DH can work more of his magic with the rubber bands and duct tape so we can hobble along until we get some funding. The grants are very hard to get, but I have been working on this for years and it's time to put it all to the acid test (I'm hoping for some bonus points on tenacity between the breast cancer and Dermatomyositis - whaddaya think? ;o)

  5. I hope all goes well for you!

  6. Wow, maybe you should buy a lottery ticket - with things going wrong all at once like that, you are bound to get something good soon...actually, I'll send you an email about that in a bit ;)
    Good luck with the manual labor, ick, I do NOT envy you.

  7. FishHawk: Thanks... I do too!
    Meghann: It's a thought, isn't it? I keep telling myself it's good exercise, but then again I gotta admit scrubbing floors is too (and we all know how much fun that is, right? :o) Thank you for the email - it made our day!

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