And now in honor of Mother's Day

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Here is something that I wish to say...

Dear Mom:

That horse-crazy gene came out of the blue,
I know that it made no sense to you.
You took me for lessons, bought me horse books,
helped me at horseshows; whatever it took.

Though they were never your cup of tea,
you always, always supported me.
The horse who trod carelessly on your big toe,
(bet you'll never forget that show :o)

The Breyers you bought me, and small figurines,
to have a real horse was always my dream.
And now that I am a woman grown,
God has blessed me with ten of my own.

Your horse loving child, now the mom of a teen,
surrounded by horses and on a  new dream.
To share the wonder of horses with many,
as a non profit charity, pinching those pennies.

I know that you are still shaking your head,
wondering how we will keep them all fed.
You don't understand their meaning to me,
yet you still help without needing to see.

Constant support and unwavering love,
these are things my mother's made of.

I love you Mom!

I made my mom a slide show video on DVD using some photos I took a few weeks ago of the flowers from her gardens, which are gorgeous! (the first four photos, however, are from my own much smaller garden). We were so darn happy for spring, it seemed that even the weeds looked pretty. Not only will these virtual posies live longer than the "real" thing (but hey, I suppose we can call them the "reel" thing right? *GROAN* :o) I wanted my mom to be able to take her beautiful gardens with her if and when they ever need to move to a smaller house. Enjoy!

Springtime in the South from Jen on Vimeo.
I'm thinking of doing a post Mother's Day giveaway of this DVD - what do you think? Interested? Have a wonderful and blessed week!


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. Love the video, she must have some green thumb. Happy Mothers day to you, hope it's a good one

  2. Ann: Thank you so much all around! (I am pretty sure that all ten of Mom's digits are green :o) Happy Mother's Day to you too!

  3. What a lovely poem and sentiment. I loved horses all my life, but never got the opportunity to indulge in my passion until I was 38 years old. By then, my mother had been gone for many years.

    My horse gene came from her father, my grandfather, who was a trainer and jockey in the 30's and 4's. I'm told that when I was three he'd take me to the track and put me on the lead ponies, but I have no memory of that or photos.

    Your mom sounds like a lovely lady. Wish her a Happy Mother's Day from me.


  4. Lovely tribute to your Mom and great little video - I azaleas

  5. Surely your mom feels greatly blessed to have been given a daughter like you.

  6. Jayne: It's funny you say that because I was exactly 38 when I finally got a horse of my own. The riding lessons began at age 6 (although the begging started two years prior at age 4 :o)
    I don't know where my horse crazy gene stems from; my family had no involvement in horses at all. Thank you so much for your comments, and a very Happy Mother's Day to you too!
    Grace: Thank you for your kind words; her gardens were truly spectacular this year (Mom said it was because we had an exceptionally cold winter). I was just happy for such a great idiot-friendly photo opportunity (HaHa).
    FishHawk: Oh my, I don't know that I would go that far *grin*. I know I'm responsible for a pretty fair portion of the gray hairs on her head, but it is awfully nice of you to say that :o)

  7. That was a lovely post about your Mom. The video is terrific, The azaleas look great and the roses too. I have tons of roses in my yard and they all blooming this year which I am sure is due to all the rain this past winter. Happy Mother's day to you too.

  8. Great slide show, I'm sure your mom loved it.

    I think your poem to your mom was beautiful. Great pictures too. Happy Mother's Day.

  9. Marg: Thank you; I had stunning roses in a great big beautiful circular garden once upon a time. Then DH decided to take down that part of the fence (he got tired of weed eating). Did you know that horses love to eat roses? DH didn't believe me when I told him that (but he does now - it was pretty much a posy porkfest *sigh* alllll gone :o)
    GreyHorse: Thank you so very much for your kind words; I hope you enjoyed your day!

  10. This is such a beautiful poem. I hope you had a happy Mother's Day.

  11. That wad really beautiful! Nice job on the video, I've never heard that song it was really nice

  12. Ratty: Thank you, I had a lovely Mother's Day :o)
    Rebecca: Believe it or not, it's from the "O' Brother Where Art Thou?" Move soundtrack *grin* I really loved that song (and the movie too! :o)

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