Forget the dogs: The Horse Days of Summer

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You can tell that it's almost over; the days are flying by so fast I can't get a ride in edgewise around here. I did finally make it back to my friend Sandy's house (this post and this post) for the long-awaited trail ride. She had babies everywhere, including this handsome [and unexpected] little fella. Seems the people she bought his mom from sold her because she was not fulfilling her duties as a broodmare. After a few months, Sandy contacted them and asked if they were sure she was not bred because she appeared pregnant; they were absolutely positive. No way. Imagine Sandy's surprise when she walked outside one fine day to find this little guy had arrived during the night (not to mention the previous owners, who were most unhappy with the news they missed a baby - oops *laugh*).
Since his daddy is a Tennessee Walker and his mom an Appaloosa, that makes Nicodemus here a Walkaloosa (and no, I did not make that up). There is even a registry for that particular cross (here). Too bad he didn't get any markings from mom though; you can just spot (haha) her pretty polka-dotted derriere behind baby. DD coaxed him near enough for a scratch or two:
I took lots of pictures to share with you; Isabella and Jackie Chan's baby is due this October and I want to go back for another visit. I've never seen a baby donkey before. I'm trying to talk DH into going with me this time (then I can stay lots later and it won't matter if I zonk out on the way home *grin*). This is Jackie in the photo on the right - isn't he cute? I just love that little face :o)

Below is a photo of Jackie and Isabella:

Seems like everywhere I looked there were little ones running around. Shrek and Fiona had two little bitty pea hens (peacock babies), which I don't think I've ever seen before, have you?:
You know after looking at the one on the right (in mid march) a couple of times, I must say I suddenly felt considerably better about the big honking U-boats attached to my ankles (little booger has got some feet - *giggle*).

I heard rumors of a foal snatching epidemic in the pasture; seems Nico's mom was not the only one who wanted him. Sandy said he didn't appear overly concerned about who mom was exactly until it was time for lunch (then he got rather picky ;o) Looks like the pasture wasn't the only place experiencing parental pilferage. Does this look right to you? Besides the blur, I mean:
I don't know if Sandy loves to read as much as I do or not, but I did notice she kept this beautiful pair of bookends in her backyard (I dubbed them Frick and Frack ;o):
I took a little video and some stills and slapped it all together below in case any of you wanted to go with us on the trail. Have to say I love that little white spot on Dotty's ear. She is blind in her right eye, which is why she turns her whole head to the right to look around periodically. And yes I cleaned my lens when I got home - had no idea how dirty it was until I hit that little patch of sunlight (yikes! :o)
Happy Trails from Jen on Vimeo.
The best surprise of all? Wait until you see what Sandy has hanging around her backyard. She said there are about eight of them living in that tree - Awesome!
Hummingbirds have to be the hardest thing I've ever tried to photograph. Those little knockers are QUICK!
Well that's all for this week. I hope you enjoyed your visit as much as I did. I think we were all pretty tuckered out by the end of the day...
Have a blessed week everyone! Be sure to smile at somebody somewhere (just because you can ;o)


  1. They certainly have some interestingly colored animals on that farm. Thanks for sharing all the photos. The pea chicks are adorable and kudos on the hummingbird pictures. I also liked Dotty's white ear spot. ;)

  2. So many sweet critters here today Jen~ and the video is fun too!

    Wishing you a very happy August and that you have perfectly lovely weather ~ and that it goes slow! :)

    xo Catherine

  3. Val: They do indeed. I've decided I am definitely easily entertained. Between the barnyard babies, trail ride/pine cone kicking/ "follow the flicking ear dot" walk through the woods via video, I had a most awesometastic day ;o)

    Catherine: Glad you enjoyed it all, and a happy August to you too! I'm still looking for that slo-mo button (just haven't found it yet *laugh*).

  4. Oh that little guy is so adorable. And what a surprise he must have been.

    All the animals are really cute. Lots of babies. I've never seen a peacock baby before either. Great pictures of a fun day.

  5. Aw, just look at all the youngens. They're so cute.
    Enjoyed going along on the trail ride with you. Glad you cleaned that lens :)

  6. GreyHorse: He's at that shedding stage, so I'm sure he'll get lots cuter when he's past it ;o) Glad you enjoyed all the babies - I did too.
    Ann: You know, for some reason it was YOU that popped into my head when I saw all those dirt dots in the video. I figured you'd be properly appalled at the state of my lens. *laugh*

  7. What cute babies! You brightened my day with those pictures...raining here.

    Wonder if the foal is going to be gaited?

  8. Jean: Glad you liked them. You know, I wondered the same thing myself. I don't how that works exactly when one parent is gaited and the other not; I'll try to look it up at some point and I'll let you know (I'm curious too :o)

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