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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Random Thoughts and Photos

Well, I survived the first full week of school. I'm pretty sure there should be some sort of fanfare, but I'm just too pooped to whoop *laugh*. Sixth grade is exhausting: it's nothing but Go-Go-Go all day long over an eyeball crossing amount of stuff (gotta find that groove in the new schedule ;o) The weather here has gone back up into triple digits - we're hoping it's the last gasp of summer or something, because ick. Praying for all those in the path of the storm, including some of our family (an uncle and cousins). Mighty scary stuff. Hope all of you are in a safe place. I thought you'd get a kick out of the hay sculpture; apparently we have some creative geniuses bopping around out there in the pasture (it's the Moo Crew's hay roll). They've either got Halloween on the brain or [more likely] our resident hoovenile delinquent and escape artist Mad Max is staging a non-verbal protest over being under so much increased supervision. Big brother is watching you...Ha.
This next photo is for Grace, who asked about Sara's ability to see through the fly mask (this post). I was kind of curious how things looked through there myself, so I took two shots of Taya (sneaking grass in the visitor walkway). It was a little awkward trying to hold the mask properly and take a picture of Taya at the same time, but I think you get the idea. It's clearer than I thought it would be, to be honest (kudos to Farnam and the SuperMask II):

I did a double take when I saw Cinnamon in the pasture sporting a rather unusual passenger awhile back. I can't believe I had enough time to make a mad dash for the camera, but I did ;o) He flew off before I could get any closer though. Rats. I've seen them parked on cows periodically, but never on a horse. I wonder if he's playing connect the dots...
I found this cool little bird's nest that was actually lined with hair from someone's tail; looks like it's from Rina or Sarbear (red and black). Isn't that wild? Ha. Well yeah silly, it literally is isn't it? ;o)

I have to tell you a funny; because it's just too good to keep to myself ;o) The planets must have lined up, and congress been in complete accord because DH finally had a day to do some more work on the "outhouse". Our favorite volunteer [Mr. Ron] was here to help and they had pulled off all the siding and were framing up the walls. DH asked Ron to check the dimensions of the patio door (our current tack/feed room) because it was wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair, but he couldn't remember if it was supposed to be 34" or 36" wide. DH held the 2x4s in place while Ron looked around for a tape measure (the doorway was only a few feet away from where they were working). Spotting a tape laying just inside the door by the feed buckets, Ron grabbed it and quickly pulled it across the opening. 
He stood there, looking down at the tape for a long minute without saying a word. Now most of you know that measuring the width of a door is not exactly rocket science, but after waiting what seemed to be far too much time for so simple a task DH finally said, "Well?? What is it?" Ron tilted his head, squinted slightly at the reading and said, "I'm not sure exactly what this means, but according to the tape this doorway is nine hands wide." *giggle* Poor Ron; he'd picked up my horse tape (1 hand = 4 inches). Good thing the man has a great sense of humor because it cracked us all up. You gotta admit they do look exactly the same until you actually pull the tape out, that is....Here's a progress picture for you. You can see the *ahem* doorway on the left-hand side of the photo:
Random Drawing
We ended up with only three entries, which should probably hurt my feelings; it makes for awesome odds though. *laugh* I suppose I'll just have to try again next week with something that interests you more (so be ready :o)  I'm not making them too hard, am I?
Congratulations to Susan! I'm hoping you're here reading this, but I'll send you an email just in case you're not.

Still trying to coordinate schedules with DD and the weather (too hot!)  to get some video clips and pictures of Max. With the insanity of a new school year, I haven't worked with him at all over the last two weeks (Ack!) Hopefully he hasn't forgotten what we've done so never know.
Rina and I were delighted to learn that the phrase "fist bump" has been added to the dictionary and is now official. Somehow, we have gotten into the habit of doing this each morning and afternoon at feeding time as I walk past her stall. The first time was an accident (I was closing her door and we "bumped"). I laughed and said, "fist bump!" Since the horses understand the power of positive laughter (because sometimes it means, do it again and you might get a treat ;o) she did indeed do it again. It wasn't long before I was walking by and Rina was popping her nose out for a fist bump on a regular basis. Sometimes you just take your entertainment wherever you find it *grin*. Have a blessed week everyone!


  1. That hay stack would give me the creeps! It is fascinating, though.

  2. Fisher: Isn't that weird? Horses often take the Oreo approach to consuming a hay roll (they eat the middles first ;o)

  3. I can't believe you're back in school already. Where the heck did the summer go? Love the story about the tape measure. that's funny.
    Congrats to Susan too.

  4. Ann: I know, the summer went by SO fast (and I was having fun this year, too *sniffle*). That tape measure tale was the best laugh I've had in a while - poor Ron ;o)

  5. So I'm figuring that the part directly over the eyes is a fine mesh-like fabric. I always wondered how much a hand equaled and never bothered to look it up...

  6. Great pictures of everything. Love the hay stack but it is a little creepy.

  7. Grace: Right. It's a fine canvas mesh (flexible, yet sturdy).
    Way back when (before measuring sticks and tapes) men would place their hands sideways one over the other to "measure" a horse from the ground to the withers (at the bottom of the mane). Four inches was the average width of a man's hand so that became the unit of measure for a horse. Although the method has changed slightly with the addition of tapes, the numbers stayed the same. There's a decimal point for measurements that fall in between (1-3"). Shadow is 15.3 which is 3" over 15 hands (15 x 4" + 3" or 63"). But that's probably way more than you wanted to know about that ;o) *laugh*

    Grey Horse: Isn't that wild? The girls had one once that looked like "scream", but I didn't get a picture of it :o)

  8. I got a kick reading through some of your posts and looking through your pictures :) I see you are a follower of my blog... be sure you enter my August drawing... (hate to be a stickler about rules but you have to post a comment on this post to be entered... don't want to make anyone mad :), I am giving away 3 stamps and because you purchased a stamp this month you get your name in twice :)I am so glad you are happy with your stamp!

  9. Congrats on surviving that first week with 6th graders. That first week is utterly exhausting - I know - I did it for many years! 6th graders are so much fun - those hormones twist them every which way!

    Love the hay bale and I'll have to teach my guys to fist bump!

  10. GettingHooked: So glad you enjoyed the posts you read; thank you so much for saying so! I did see the giveaway (honed right in on it, actually *laugh*). The reason I didn't enter was because I don't think I'd use seashell stamps much - if at all - so it didn't seem fair to enter. Does that make sense?

    Dreaming: No joke; TONS of drama in the sixth grade (even worse than Shadow some days, and that's saying something! *grin*).
    Rina is the only one I fist bump with; I try to keep a little something special for each horse that is all for their very own. Bella does kisses, Taya closes all the stall doors after meals, etc. I guess it sounds kind of silly, but it works for us ;o)

  11. So funny! The hay sculpture is fab, the story of the measuring tape made me giggle out loud.
    Glad school is doing ok, hope it cools off a bit there, it sure is cooling off here!
    Hugs and prayers,

  12. We just saw some horses today with that fly thing on their faces and I wondered how well they could see and now I know! I giggled at the 9 hands! :)

  13. Meghann: Glad they gave you a smile. I'd wondered how cold it was getting in your neck of the woods - all five of the classroom teachers this year looooove their air conditioning. It may still be 99 and 100 outside, but inside it feels like subzero temps! ;o)

    Beaded: Isn't it funny how that works sometimes? I experienced the same thing the other day when something came up that I had just read about on another blog (and if I hadn't, I would have been clueless for sure ;o)

  14. I never knew they made a measuring tape special for measuring horses. That's funny! I'm sorry I missed your give-a-way! I always seem to be behind on my blog reading ~ but I have 2 weeks holidays coming up in 2 more days ~ so I will be able to catch up on all my reading! Congratulations to Susan for winning!

    Happy Week Jen!
    xo Catherine

  15. Catherine: Isn't that neat? I stumbled across it at Jeffers, and thought it would be fun to have when I speak to groups. Great way to get kids to practice multiplication without even realizing it's math *grin* ;o)

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