Ludicrous Laws and the Walking Wounded

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

MY APOLOGIES for the tardiness of this post. I ran smack into the brick wall of my own limitations this week and am still reeling from the impact *laugh*
Did you know (some random levity here) that in Wilbur, Washington it is against the law for a person to ride down the street on an ugly horse?  For those of you who are saying ooo-kaaaay and now looking sideways at the screen, I'll go one better: 
In Marshalltown, Iowa it is illegal for horses to eat fire hydrants. I'm sure that fire hydrants everywhere will rest easily now that they are no longer in danger of being consumed by equines. Wow. Of course Champ did eat that stray golf ball that one time (thankfully, he spit it back out). Hmmmm. Well. I ordered a Scholastic Book entitled, "World's Dumbest Laws" and have to agree they are pretty much right up there with the Darwin Awards.  
For you dog lovers: You can not take a French poodle to an opera house in Chicago (no culture for you, Fifi).  
Oh, and let's not forget the cats: In International Falls, Minnesota, it is illegal for a cat to chase a dog up a telephone pole. I am sure that these laws came with some kind of convoluted rationale, but I for one do NOT wish to know the specifics (because it really scares me).
Champ hurt his leg this week; he seems to have pulled or strained one of the ligaments in his [lower] right fore. Since he was fine the night before and hobbled his way down for breakfast, I'm not clear on exactly what he did. Too much frolic in the field perhaps? Dunno. We bought a ColdFlex wrap from Jeffers, which looked like a pretty cool (ha) thing at first. Sadly, it did NOT hold up worth a flip, so we ended up going back for a "real" ice wrap (pic further down). As you can see, he didn't seem to have any trouble downing his medicine (a mild analgesic) either. I'm betting it was the watermelon that came with it *laugh*. Thankfully, he has put himself on stall rest for the most part. I thought about locking him in, but when you take a horse that was on 24 hour turn out (and used to being able to come and go as he pleases) and stick him in a stall for an extended period of time, that can get kind of dicey.
We did some hosing [of the leg] too, and discovered that the spray nozzle can double as a ginormous waterpik. Seems our boy thought he needed a good flossing:
We got some more wraps and Absorbine gel - the wraps help the liniment to penetrate more deeply. The bottle of liniment we had on hand was so doggone old it had pretty much lost its zing. I think the last time we needed any liniment was around 2006; we're mostly dents and dings around here (no strains). Anybody besides me think that stuff smells exactly like "Freshen Up" gum? - I kept taking little side trips down memory lane to my Sunday school class [waaay back] when a friend gave me a piece of that stuff for the first time ;o) Funny. In case you didn't know, our sense of smell is the strongest sense we possess in triggering memories (a random edumacational fact for ya there ;o)
Champ has discovered room service, which he thinks is pretty great. Shadow kept him company, and helped him eat his hay (for some reason this made me think of visiting a family member in the hospital and sampling the Jell-O, etc. on their supper tray *laugh*).
After three days of alternately icing and applying liniment like a crazy person, Champ's leg seems to be much improved (thank goodness, as I'm worn out!) We're still keeping a very close eye on him and applying the liniment regularly, but hopefully it's a sign he's well on the mend. I definitely like the EZ ice leg wrap a WHOLE lot better than the less expensive Coldflex (waste of money there). Shadow has turned out to be a decent babysitter, and keeps pretty good tabs on Champ. DD was out of town all weekend (Baptist Conference for the Deaf in Florida), so it was a good thing I had Shadow to help me by watching me run in and out and up and down with ice, liniment and bandages, water and hay (he supervised in DD's absence and said all my running around wore him out).
I came within a hair of canceling with Champ hurt and DD gone, but with the liability insurance looming large I went ahead and set up a table at the Twilight Pageant last Saturday (they raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) hoping to sell a few things. I'm thinking the amount of work involved to get everything together, manning the table all day, plus the loading and unloading of all the things I took to sell (including tables and chairs) was definitely not worth the $25 we made. Oh well; it was a thought, right? ;o)
I think that's probably enough of me for now (I need a nap) *laugh*. I do have two more photos to share though. There was an Elwood sighting this morning:
And a really unusual looking sunrise with lots of haze (this is straight out of the camera, too). My apologies for the security light that's marring the shot; I couldn't get him to move *grin*.
 Have a blessed week everyone! What's left of it anyway;o)



  1. some of those old laws that are on the books are really off the wall. Makes you wonder why they felt the need to make those things a law, (or not)
    Poor champ, but sounds like he's being a real champ about his recuperation

  2. Hooray for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society! (My son trained to do a fund raising marathon with them).

    I hate to think of the work to prepare for the sale... and get home again... and the disappointment of selling so little. Sad face!

  3. It would be nice if you could get some room service for awhile. Happy to hear Champ is on the mend, though!

  4. Ann: I can kind of see where the poodle/opera thing could have happened, but the telephone pole? Not a clue.
    Leg injuries are scary (particularly on the front end where a horse carries 60% of his body weight). Gotta agree with you; the big lug is definitely living up to his name ;o)

    Dreaming: Those things are always a big gamble; you just never know until after whether it's going to be worth it. I am (unfortunately) often stupidly optimistic *grin*.

    Fisher: No kidding *laugh*. I could definitely get behind a couple of breakfasts in bed!

  5. Wonder what ever happened to cause some of those weird old laws to hit the books. It's good that horses won't be eating any fire hydrants though! Phew!

    Glad Champ is on the mend! The big waterpik made me chuckle!

  6. BeadedTail Boggles the mind, doesn't it? *laugh*
    Champ adores the water hose; loves to drink it straight from the nozzle and it never fails to give me the giggles (thanks to my handy dandy camera phone I got to share it this time ;o)

  7. I'm wondering what laws people will be laughing at 100 years from now. It's amazing what some of those old laws stated. Aren't humans funny? :)

    Happy Weekend to you Jen!
    xo Catherine

  8. I've seen some of those laws and they are pretty funny. There was one that had something to do with horses having the right of way of automobiles. Seems you had to dismantle your automobile at the corner or something to let the horses pass so the auto wouldn't spook them. I probably have this wrong but it's the gist of it.

    Hope your guy is feeling better soon. It's a lot of work doing the treatments, but they appreciate it.

  9. Catherine: I'm sure you're right; I'd bet there are plenty of newer laws that are every bit as stupid. *laugh*

    GreyHorse: There was one from Minnesota that said if a car spooks a horse, the owner of the car is responsible for any damage the horse does.
    It is indeed a lot of work, but our big lug is well worth it ;o)

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