A Week at Warp Speed

Monday, July 18, 2011

I can't believe Monday's here...I didn't make my Saturday/Sunday deadline either *sigh*. It has been quite the busy week this week, and happily I have spent almost all of it outside. I did manage to finish our little Epic Farms sign and snap a picture of it for you. It's parked on top of some ADA specs. Although we are not a public facility, we wanted to make sure that we could get our restroom and sink measurements as close as we could to allow wheelchair access. I have a friend at church that does this for a living, and she came out last week to look over the almost restroom and gave us a thumbs up - yay!. Who knows? As medically-challenged as I am sometimes it might ultimately be me who needs the access (although I sure hope not!)
This might sound strange, but I found the neatest little trick the other day. Growing up in the North, my mom always saved the bread bags for us to put on over our socks and jeans before we put our boots on or went ice skating (keeps those tootsies nice and dry :o) We were blessed (thank you Lord!!) with some fabulous rain last week (the non-destructive kind for the first time in a looonnong time). All that wet and mud is great except when it comes to the feet. My muckity-mucks bit the dust awhile back (new pair is "on the list"), so I've been wearing my Earth Boots instead. I really hate soggy socks though, even when it's not cold outside. The bread bag was definitely too much, but you know what? I discovered that sticking my foot in a folding sandwich bag before putting my boots on works like a charm. Isn't that funny? 
After years of missed opportunities, I have FINALLY gotten some decent shots of Shadow's little rolling routine. He will not (for reasons only he knows) roll all the way over like everyone else does. Maybe next time I'll be smart enough to turn on the video so you can see it live and in person (well, in equine anyway ;o), it never fails to make me laugh.
First, we lay down and prepare to do Side A:
I missed the shot of the actual roll on this side as Champ, who I'd just dismounted, decided to poke me with his very big nose). 
Next, we sit up and prepare for rotation:
Front feet marching, rear end wiggling, we scooch and squirm and maneuver ourselves around to roll on Side B:
Side B; ready?
Commence rolling:
And then we shake it allllll off; whatever "it" might be (in this case bits of grass :o)
"And that's how I roll", says Shadow ;o)  Have a blessed week everyone!


  1. Great work on the sign and the photos!

  2. love your sign and your 'pony' is adorable. come by and get a laugh at blue when you have time! ;)

  3. Great photos and yes, I'd like to see that on video!

  4. Love the rolling shots. That would make a great video.
    Believe it or not I wore bread bags in my boots when I was a kid. Hadn't thought of that in years. I remember how much easier it always was to get the boots on with the bags :)

  5. Fisher: Why thank you :o)
    KritterKeeper: Welcome to the blog (always happy to see a new face - especially a horsey one ;o) Give me a minute to answer the others and I'm on my way!
    Grace: I can't believe how long it's taken me just to get those few photos. He does it all the time, but we just can't seem to get it together *laugh*.
    Ann: Thanks. Funny the stuff that sticks with you, isn't it? And you're absolutely right, my feet just slid right on in :o)

  6. LOL! What a funny little character Shadow is, I love his little (or, well, BIG) quirks, it is so neat to see how unique each horse is :)

  7. Meghann: It's that third photo that absolutely slays me. He looks SO fat; like a ginormous weeble *laugh*. He sure is entertaining, anyway ;o)

  8. I am laughing so hard at how Shadow rolls - he looks so darn funny! But... he is saving energy - my guys stand all the way back up, and then decide to go back for the other side - only sometimes they seem to forget which side they've 'done'

  9. I have never seen a horse switch sides by rolling on his behind! He is so precious.

  10. Dreaming: Isn't it a hoot? He literally rotates on the top of his tail; never fails to crack me up :o)
    Val: Somehow we seem to be a haven for eccentric behavior around here. It's probably me (I'm a self- confessed flake don'tcha know *laugh*).

  11. Oh my gosh, he's a RIOT!!! This is priceless. Makes me want to go out and roll on the front lawn. ;) Can't wait for when you do get video. BTW, guessing he'd be embarrassed if he knew you were sharing - maybe he'd think some of them are not as flattering as he would like them to be! :)

  12. :) Love the plastic bag trick, you are a woman after my own heart. Haven't worn them on my feet, but have worn a big garbage bag with head hole cut out & a plastic shopping bag on my head to school one day when my raincoat didn't fit any more. My sister walked about 50 yards behind complaining she wouldn't be seen dead with me. Years later used the same trick to keep dry while on a field trip when it rained all week (very unexpected in our dry climate) - everyone was in fits of laughter, but I was with the one with all my data collected at the end of the week.

    Never seen anyone scootch around on their behind like Shadow.

  13. MeAndMyBigGirl: As studly as Shadow thinks he is (in spite of a totally sissyfied whinny ;o) he would probably be very put out with me to know I posted *ahem* those photos.
    Considering the fact that it took me several years to catch him on film (him rolling/me no camera or me camera/him no rolling) you may have to wait for a while *laugh*.
    P.S. I enjoy your blog ;o)

    Clancy: THERE you are (I was getting worried about you ;o) Laughed like a loon when I read your comment, and yep that absolutely sounds like something I would do (hee).
    I have to admit, we have a whole lotta somethin's I've never seen before either going on around here *grin*.

  14. Nice work on the sign it looks great.

    We have a horse,Nate, who rolls the same way. He has some hind end problems and has trouble getting down, so once he's down he does the scooch around and sits up like a dog to change sides.


  15. GreyHorse: As far as I know, he doesn't have any trouble with his hind limbs at all. Sometimes he'll just sit up and hang out for awhile looking around and thinking deep thoughts *laugh*. He actually looks quite comfy sitting there ;o)

  16. Gosh ~ now I'm dizzy with all that rolling around!! ;)

    Hope you are having a happy weekend Jen!
    xo Catherine

  17. Catherine: Thanks, you too! ;o)

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