Diplomas, Diseases and Deals Oh MY!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

There's nothing quite like your senior year in high school - I have lots of fond memories of mine. I'll admit, however, it's not quite as much fun from the Mom standpoint (pandemonium rules, not to mention the pain it causes your pocketbook - wOW!) It is hard to believe my daughter will be graduating from high school next Friday (eek!) It has been quite a journey for both of us. If you would like to read more about our mother/daughter adventures, just visit my lens Momography: Parenting A Deaf Child.
Number One Son graduated from college *gulp* last week - his degree took slightly longer than anticipated because he was deployed with the Guard somewhere in the middle of it, but that just means we get to be proud of him in two directions at the same time (Boo-yeah! :o)
Since we're having some folks over after graduation (not to mention the spring cleaning factor) I thought I should probably try to find the flowers in the front garden. You know, the ones that are rapidly disappearing in a sea of weeds? I guess it's a good thing I did, as two of my favorite flora required immediate medical attention. My Carpet Roses and Pink Lady Hawthorne are looking a bit the worse for wear due to:
They are both on heavy medication, and a full recovery is expected (whew! :o)  
Our school's FFA - Future Farmers of America - group boasts the largest student-run greenhouse in the Southeast (isn't that awesome?) so I bought some flowers from them to fill in the empty areas out front.  
Guess who I found when I was watering those plant purchases yesterday? None other than one of our favorite little frequent fly-ers (woo, that was a really bad pun *grin*) peeking at me through the Portulaca. Of course I watered him right along with the flowers, but he didn't seem to mind. Let me go ahead and remind you that I am prone to random acts of silliness (there is an official disclaimer in a previous post somewhere around here). We have lots of frogs living in and around the flowerbeds, so I decided to give them all names: Ced, Ed, Fred, Jed, Ned, Ted and Zed (yeah well, I had a theme going and it was free entertainment, okay? We don't have cable, don'tcha know :o)
...and Deals
I've opted to be a cliche and save the best for last. With any business comes paperwork (and if that business is a kid focused non-profit, you can just go ahead and slap an exponent on said paperwork) and supplies. Aside from the usual correspondence, forms, general information, grant information, etc. we have stickers, postcards, and bookmarks, plus handouts, puzzle sheets, and color sheets, that are tailored to each horse. Then there are the Fan Club packs (a work in progress) containing items donated by various horse related organizations in a number of other boxes - can you say papers, papers, everywhere? The scary part is that this isn't even all of it. Yeesh. Anyway, I was number crunching (and cringing) earlier this week over the price of filing cabinets; and as they say in the South, "They sure are proud of those things." A four drawer lateral file (without a lock), runs $160 - OUCH! Seriously? Methinks (well, methought anyway) I might be stuck with gazillions of boxes all over the house indefinitely, but then we stopped by the Rescue Mission and...HOT DIGGITY DOG!!!
Isn't God great? After running in circles for months chasing paperwork from box to box all over the house, we can finally put it all in the same place - not to mention actually eat at our dining room table - Hooray! Of course now I just have to figure out where on earth to keep a filing cabinet until the office is finished. I think maybe we'll just worry about that later though, don't you? Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Graduation brings back some fun memories. Of course I'm referring to mine not my Wow two of them in one year huh? Must be hectic.
    Now let me get this straight, I actually may have flowers growing under all those weeds in my garden? Amazing! Maybe if it stops raining I'll go out and see if I can find any.
    Nice score on the filing cabinet. Those suckers are expensive.

  2. Ann: *LAUGH* It's nice to know I'm not the only one who can't see the flowers for the weeds (Ha). Now if only I could get just the pretty weeds to grow in the flowerbed, I'd be home free right? (it'll probably never happen, though... :o)

  3. Graduation is always fun for the kids. That is one of their most important days. Glad you found a filing cabinet. I have papers spread all over the place too.
    There are some weeds that are pretty.
    Hope you have a great week edn.

  4. Marg: She has totally enjoyed her senior year, although we both agree that it has blown by superfast. We just put the file cabinet in its temporary spot this afternoon - now all I need is the shovel to go clean off my dining room table...

  5. Congratulations to the proud parent's of the accomplished young people...

  6. Graduation was always a hectic time around here too. Glad it's over with.

    I'm sure the flowers will make a full recovery and be beautiful.

    You found some great deals. Like the file cabinet.

  7. GreyHorse: This week is the Pandemonium Zone at our house (although I feel like I've already been flattened by that particular [school] bus this month *grin* :o) Thanks for the comment!

  8. Congratulations to the graduates! Hope you have nice weather for Friday. Oh, check for a freecycle group near you, people give away all kinds of neat stuff, maybe you could get something you need, and get rid of stuff you don't need anymore

  9. Rebecca: Thank you (DD is pretty much bouncing off the walls this week :o) I am SO glad you told me about the freecycle group - I'd never even heard of it. I found a local group through Yahoo (Hooray!) and I can't wait to see if they have anything we can use.

  10. It seems as if frogs like to live under flowers. I think a frog is a treat to find.

  11. Ratty: Frogs are definitely a treat to find around our house - they eat lots of flies (so we are totally happy to have them :o)

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