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Sunday, September 5, 2010

In case you missed my blurb on Laura, it's here. I made a very small donation a week or two ago, and received a lovely handwritten thank you note from her yesterday. Although my muscle disease is (thankfully) in remission, the memory of it looms large when I see Laura. I understand all to well how much of a challenge this is for her, and it is my fondest hope that she will be able to compete in the games; she only has a few more weeks to come up with the funds (this is the Olympics of the horse world for those unfamiliar with it).

Here's the link to help: If you'd like to see Laura live and in person, here's her interview with Sheri Israel:

Feel free to help spread the word by creating your own post about this terrific lady (we'll take all the help we can get, but please let's make it happen :o) 
Thank you!
And kudos to Hope Hand, President of the USPEA for responding (in less than 60 seconds) to my email that their site was down; and she's already fixed it. Talk about being on top of things....WOW (Thanks Hope! :o)


  1. I would love to help, I don't have a paypal account though. Best wishes to Laura

  2. Ann: I don't think you need a PayPal account; I believe you can just use your regular debit or credit card through the donation link. Otherwise, they'd miss out on an awful lot of donations :o)

  3. You are doing a really good thing here.

  4. FishHawk: Only if it generates any donations *grin*. It's times like this when I really hate being broke; I could only manage a small donation (if I could afford it - I'd write her a big, fat check ;o)
    Actually, now that I think about it, I hate being broke pretty much all the time (ha).

  5. Sure hope she gets her money. What a wonderful thing for you to do to try and get her some help. Have a marvelous Monday.

  6. Marg: Thanks; me too! She's the oldest competitor on the team, and I really admire her pluck :o)

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