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Friday, September 17, 2010

Because Insult + Injury = Me (you see?)

I am (at long last) finally getting over some stupid sinus "thing". Now on the one hand, it's kind of nice to know that Ester C with Immune Support actually works (I know this, because I got sick approximately one week after I ran out - Grr). On the other hand, I feel like I have spent the last two weeks trying to corner the Kleenex market; or perhaps I should say "Codder duh Kleedex barkit". Ugh. At least my head is down to [almost] a normal weight; for awhile there it seemed to be weighing in at somewhere around 200lbs and was so full it was making my teeth hurt (weird, but true :oP 
Semantics, otherwise known as "Phraseology" can sometimes be pretty doggone important. Finding funds as a non-profit is a never ending labor of love (??? well, sort of). Large private donors are almost impossible to find, individual smaller donations are dwindling at an alarming rate, and the competition for grant money is fierce. Of course micro-mini charities like us have a much harder time finding funding than the big dogs; I mean, it's not like we have a real grant writer on staff, it's just me. That's why I was elated to find an email in my inbox from a foundation we applied to over the summer entitled, "2010 Grant Award Notification".  HOT DOG, all that hard work - plus those eight bars of chocolate and twelve bottles of Tylenol - has paid off! Yipee!!!
Heart pounding, I said a prayer of thanksgiving and opened the email to find, "We are sorry to inform you..." Glad I was still dragging that stupid box of tissues around with me; talk about a nasty surprise and a crushing disappointment! Afterward, I have to admit I got kind of irritated over the whole thing. Now maybe it's just me, but how would you have interpreted that email title? I don't know if they are mean-spirited or oblivious (hopefully oblivious) but it would have been nicer to word it a bit differently. You know, somewhere along the line of "Your 2010 Grant Request" or something like that. Bet I'm not the only who went from elated to devastated in 60 seconds or less either. Buncha meanies *sigh*. Guess that means I'd better get busy on the next one three proposals...Raspberries!
DD is off and running at college, and I must say that shopping for school supplies this year was far less mundane than it has been in years past. She is studying woodworking and cabinet making, so instead of a plain old ruler we needed cooler things like a tape measure and folding rule. I can tell you it sure felt strange to be doing our back to school shopping at Harbor Freight, Lowes and Home Depot (not to mention the checkout being considerably more traumatic for Mom - man this stuff is expensive!) Thus far, she's in heaven finding herself in a huge shop loaded with just about every power tool known to man (well, woman :o) The only hiccup so far has been her Interpreter who is leaving for another job (one with health insurance; and I can't blame her). Thankfully, she's helping with the mad scramble for a replacement. I'm not sure about other areas of the country, but around here Interpreters are in very short supply. 
I love daylight savings time; to a point. I think, though, that I will be very happy for the time change this fall. I'm also ready for some cooler temperatures and a reduction in the humidity (can't do the makeup before feeding, as I'll just sweat it off *sigh*). It's getting lighter later, and I still have to get everyone fed before I can get ready for work. Did I mention that we do not have lights for the Moo Crew? Talk about "being in the dark". Sheesh. I've never had to leave as early as I do this year, and I'm having a teensy bit of trouble seeing my way through the morning feed. Of course I can't wait until it's daylight anymore because then I'll be late for work. Let the stress begin, right? Although it would be much easier to get ready for work before feeding, it is a proven scientific fact that horses love you much more when you are clean (and yes I have tested this theory; the results were a nice big muddy nose print to the chest - dead center, of course, where else?) :oP 
In case you're are thinking I'm a half empty kind of gal, I am happy to share one of the positive aspects of my new schedule with you. Hope this will brighten your day a bit...God sure paints some pretty ones sometimes, doesn't He? 
To those of you who donated to help Laura G., thank you SO much for your kindness. There are only a couple of days left before the drawing; we'll let you know what happens - hopefully, she can GO! :o)


  1. Since I usually go through a roll of paper towels every month (even while tearing off "used" pieces from each section so that I can use them several times), I offered to start spitting my mucus on the carpet in order to help save us some money. I figured that this wouldn't make anymore of mess than all our house varmints already do, but my wife told me, "DON"T YOU DARE!" Hey, at least she could have been nice about it--seeing that I was only trying to help.

  2. eeeck the dreaded summer/back to school cold. Eww. I would trade you 2 weeks of hell for a summer of allergies though. Ever since I brokd my sniffer last spring my allergies have been on overdrive and all the doctors tell me is "we can make you an appt with a specialist" UGH!

  3. So glad you are feeling better and so sorry about the rejection notice. Not fun!

    Saskatchewan (where I live) doesn't participate in Day Light Savings ~ our time stays the same. No mixing up of sleeping time for us! :)

    Hope you have a terrific weekend!
    xo Catherine

  4. What a lousy way to send a rejection notice. Sorry you didn't get it.
    I always hate it when my whole face hurts and I can't decide if it's a sinus problem or a toothache. It really sucks when you go to the dentist, let him drill a few holes only to find out it was a sinus problem after all :)
    Pretty sunset. At least you get a treat in the morning

  5. Sorry you have been sick. I did some studying and research about those grants and decided that small little me would get no where. It costs money to do that too. It does take a lot to write those grants. You should be very pleased that you are even trying.They are hard to find. Have a great week end.

  6. Fishhawk: Um, eeew.
    Sydney: I'm sorry to say I have allergies also (never had 'em until I moved here). Awful, aren't they?
    Catherine: Thank you for your kind words :o) I have a love/hate relationship with the whole daylight savings time deal. Seems Uncle (as in Sam) has opted to move the change date further out too; I have no idea why.
    Ann: Thanks. I know what you mean about the dentist and the confusion; pretty tough to tell sometimes, isn't it? As to the sunrise, I am supposed to be finished by then. I was running behind that day, but took the two extra minutes to run and grab the camera (couldn't pass up the photo op don'tcha know ;o)
    Marg: Thank you. My biggest frustration about that particular grant was having to pay a vet to come out and perform a facilities inspection (I mean let's be serious; the only thing we're "rolling in" around here is Poop *grin*.

  7. I'm sorry you've had a summer cold.. those suck! And that fund finding is worse the pirate treasure hunts...

    But in all things there is a purpose (or so I'm told)... hang tough it has to get better.. right?

  8. Jeni: I absolutely agree; and while I know that God's timing is perfect, I'll go ahead and confess to being terribly impatient (I'm working on that though *grin*). Thank you so much for visiting, happy to see you here :o)

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