Friday, October 8, 2010

Would you look who I found frolicking in the poop? I know, I know, profound apologies for the yuck factor and all but I was so excited to catch Harvey and Elwood both in the same place for a picture I didn't stop to consider that they were playing in "The [poop] Zone". Guess that should explain why the grass is such a deep and brilliant shade of green though, eh? *grin*. They sure are adorable, in spite of the backdrop.
How do you all do with your weekly plans? Do yours work? Mine always seem to tank. Somehow, it is Thursday already (and where exactly did Monday through Wednesday go anyway??) Once again, my brilliant plan to work on my weekly post a little each day has been largely ignored - how do I let this happen? I am amazed at the people who are able to pull off a post every single day when I have so much trouble pulling off a weekly one; how DO you do it?  It doesn't seem to matter how hard I hop to it (ha), my hare-brained (ha,ha) plans to piecemeal my posts never quite seem to work out. Speaking of hopping to it, look at my happy accident photo of Elwood on the move... Someone should do something about all those weeds though - they really do look awful ;o)

I have a very exciting update for you on Laura G.She placed third in her class, which made her the highest scoring rider on the U.S. team. Isn't that just fantastic? I am so (so-so-so-SO :o) happy for her; and thankful that she was able to go and compete. There is a story about the para equestrians and a brief interview posted here. Boo-Yeah. Photo courtesy of: Lauren R. Giannini
DD is having her wisdom teeth taken out today; I wonder if she'll lose any IQ points over it (anyone besides me wonder why they call them "wisdom" teeth?) I thought I'd find out, just in case I'm not the only curious mind out there. According to Wise Geek, the third molar teeth are referred to as wisdom teeth because they come at a time in your life when you have [or are supposed to have] attained some wisdom. Hmmm...jury's still out on that one, although I think we're not nearly as vacuous as we were earlier in our teenage years *grin*.
DH has finally tossed in the towel on the patio project and admitted we're going to have to have some help to get it done. Remember the construction zone? Everything is still there; stalled out in exactly the same place it was when I blogged about it in August. *sigh* Being a man and all (no offense Jerry :o) it has taken him approximately one year and three months to come to the [seriously belated] conclusion that 70 hour work weeks are not conducive to DIY building projects. In all honesty though, the financial factor played a big part in the delay; we are not exactly rolling in it (understatement of the century there) and with DD in college and me funneling most of my paycheck back into the non-profit we were trying really hard to avoid the expense. 
I have to say though that even with those idiotic posts peeking into the frame from the left, it's still gonna be a beautiful day...don't you think?
Hope you all enjoy yours as well! As always, thanks for reading this far!


  1. Ya know, had you not mentioned what "zone" the ever so cute and cuddly rabbits were in, I wouldn't have noticed. I would have just thought they were dead leaves or something. Yes, I can be that unobservant..:)
    Hooray for Laura G. She must have been thrilled.

  2. Haha ~ I agree with Ann above ~ we would have never noticed what those adorable rabbits were frolicking in. But gosh they are cute aren't they?

    Hope you have a terrific weekend Jen!
    xo Catherine

  3. Ann: I was going for "full disclosure" *grin*. I'm sure Laura was beyond thrilled - I know I was for her!
    Catherine: Definitely. That's the first time I've been able to get them both in the same frame. I've seen them together, but always too apart for photographic evidence (it's silly, but I was very excited to get a picture :o)
    NOTE to both: As long as we're all discussing obliviousness, perhaps I should point out the fact that Annie Airhead here didn't even notice her post was missing a title when she published it. Duhhhhhhh...

  4. I will see if I can find a book for DH that has changed my life in ways that I cannot even start to count. For the central theme was that if you plan to accomplish nothing of any significance, you will rarely fail to meet your goal. Hey, maybe it would do your self-esteem some good, too?

  5. P.S.: I am thrilled to see that Laura G. got to compete, and that she did so well.

  6. The buns are adorable even surrounded by poop!

    Guess what? My mom person & I have created a new blog at

    We'd love it if you would come over and check it out & become a member. It's a great new place for pet bloggers to find each other, and get an opportunity to be a featured blog!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  7. FishHawk: Ummmm...thank you??
    Oskar: Thank you for visiting; we're always happy to see a new face! :o)

  8. Very cute bunny pics. It's amazing you were able to capture them on camera.

    As for blogging everyday, I don't know how everybody does it either. I don't have the time or the brain to come up with something interesting everyday. Probably because I lead an ordinary boring life.

    I'm happy for Laura G. what a great accomplishment.

  9. GreyHorse: Thanks; I really thought they'd take off, but I pretended not to see them and worked my way as close as I dared. I don't have any problem coming up with something to say (got pots and lots of topic *grin*), but figuring out when I can sit down and actually write the post? Another matter entirely :o)
    I was too... Go Laura, Woo!

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