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Saturday, October 23, 2010

(even when you don't know what you're doing :o)
We're not going to talk about exactly how much time I've spent playing around with my digital dream. The reason for this lies somewhere between I don't want to say and I don't want to know *grin*. In case you're new or just missed it, here are the links for my digital drama: Part One and Part Two.    I did finally go back and read some information about how to get better action shots. Although I still don't really get it, I do know that the higher the aperture and shutter speeds the better it will freeze the action. The sports setting basically eliminates the picture preview. This enables you to take a series of action photos more quickly. I made some adjustments to the settings and spent some time practicing by shooting swishing tails. Then I got this still of Bella as she shook her head and swished her tail (she was multitasking).
I cropped it to see whether or not I had a decent shot, and had the overwhelming urge to edit it just a teensy little bit. I lost some resolution in the cropping process, but I think it'll work...don't you?
There is a scenes setting on the dial that offers a plethora of supercool enhancements. I think the one called "Fish Eye" has to be the most fun. I knew exactly who I was going to test drive it on, too. Taya enjoys sticking her nose out and making faces at me (she did it once and made me laugh, so of course now she does it all the time; such a silly girl). I think I'll entitle this one, Sally Schnozola (and move over Jimmy Durante - because WOW :o)
Of course fish eye segued straight into shooting the fish; I wondered if I would get better pictures now (I have a really tough time photographing those little boogers). This is another area I hoped the higher speed would help - they zip around so darn fast in there, most of the time all I can get is a frame full of little orange and white blurs. Sometimes I miss them entirely; they're just too quick for me. Here is a shot of  Faith and Charity...(tubby, aren't they? :o)
Oh, and I did finally get an equine action shot of Rina cantering up the hill. Hey look, it worked - boo-yeah! Looks kind of strange with only one foot on the ground, but her legs aren't blurry at all. Woo! With cooler temps, the horses will be feeling friskier so maybe I can get some really great shots to share. Here's hoping!
There sure are an awful lot of features on this camera. It has a foliage setting? Hm. I wonder what that one does. Boy, that really punches up the color doesn't it? Cooool.

Then there is the sepia setting that I thought was pretty neat too. I took a picture of Champ napping on the job.  He started dozing off while I was busy snapping photos - can't say I blame him, (I was taking forever ;o)
There is an amazing wooden carving outside our local library (it's huge) that I'm going to try to take a picture of to post; it just screams sepia if you ask me.

The poster setting adds some shimmer and shine to your subject. I found this little guy hiding out in the sink in our guest bedroom. Note to self: post a clear-cut definition of the term "guest" somewhere on the premises. I have absolutely no idea how he got in there; no outside door anyplace near that bathroom, and I do NOT want to think about him coming up through the drain - Ugh. He is cute, though (I'll give him that).
I have to say, I think it's going to be another spectacular (on the vivid setting) sunrise this morning. Just in case it's cloudy at your house though, I'll share mine:
Have a great day (the bad ones are just way too much trouble :o)


  1. Wow, super job with the new camera!

    (word versification: ponedom!)

  2. Oh yeah, you've been bit bad by the shutter bug :) The main symptom does seem to be loss of time. The shots look great though and I can soooooo relate to the fun of playing whether I know what I'm doing or not. Lucky for me it's possible to get good pictures even if I don't fully understand the camera

  3. oops, forgot to mention that the one of bella getting her hair done darn near made me fall off my chair laughing

  4. Duude! Those shots are so great! I am so glad you are having fun with your new mean piece of business equipment...yes, very serious business equipment ;-P
    Great shots, and that reminds me...I need to donate to my favorite horse charity...I think I am overdue...

  5. Grace: Thank you (I'm having LOTS of fun :o)
    Ann: I thought about you when I got the camera; I remember the posts about yours. DD came in while I was *cough* editing Bella's picture and did literally fall down on the floor and laugh herself silly over it. Then I got the giggles, and the two of us sat in here laughing like lunatics (apparently it doesn't take much to amuse us either - Ha ;o)
    Meghann: Thanks for the compliment! AND thank you for your generous donation (although you probably shouldn't have, you know it is very much appreciated! :o)

  6. Your pictures are looking great! We usually do some editing in Photoshop Elements to our photos like cropping, adjusting the exposure, etc. My Mommeh has to take about 50 pictures to get one good one! Hahaha!

  7. You are doing a wonderful job of it. That's what doing what you love is all about!

  8. Daisy: Thank you SO much. I'm afraid I don't have anything as sophisticated as Photoshop (actually, that program kind of scares me :o) You know, that's probably the biggest issue with digital; it's way too easy to take 900 million pictures - gonna need a bigger hard drive (yeesh) :oP
    Fisher: Thanks :o) Haaay, I think you must have gotten lots more 'portant since the last time I saw have staff? Awesome! I think we should maybe ask for your autograph (we're still peons around here, don'tcha know *grin*).

  9. I think those pictures are great. I am trying to learn myself, how to get better pictures. But I think you are doing great.Love the last one especially. Have a fun week.

  10. Marg: Thank you. It's been quite the learning curve, and let us not forget Jen's alter-ego: "Techno-Twit" (who has been interfering quite a bit with the speed of any progress :o) Really, all you need is some practice. If you are shooting digital, so much the better ('cause then you can peek and see if it's a keeper; ha.)

  11. Look at you having fun with that new camera ~ good for you! And some terrific shots you are indeed getting. Keep up the good work!

    xo Catherine

  12. Catherine: Why thank you ma'am. You always have such pretty shots on your blog - you and Ann up there are my photography heroes *grin*.

  13. Looks like you're having a lot of fun with your new camera and all the setting. Cool pictures. I'm not very good at reading directions either, just ask my kids, I made up rules as I went along with all the board games when they were small. Can't get away with it now though.

  14. GreyHorse: How does that go again? Oh yeah; When all else fails, read the instructions. *Laugh* I think there are more than a few of us that follow that dictate :o)

  15. You are ahead of me with reading directions. I got a new one 10-5 and am about page 12. I still am shooting a lot with it, but there is so much to learn.I had a 5 year older model that I never did read about and wish I did some.LOL I have taken over 15,000 shots with it and faired well.

  16. Prairie: Fifteen thousand??? EEK. And here I thought I was out of control with the 115 I shot in one afternoon while I was practicing. I bow to your numbers, and fervently hope never to emulate them (my hard drive would never survive it ;o)

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