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Monday, February 7, 2011

- Because sometimes ya just gotta wonder -
Have you ever had one of those days? How about one of those weeks? Years? Heck, I could even take a page out of Eeyore's book and say Decade. I mean, if I factor in that I started my 40's with a breast cancer diagnosis - first mammogram, no less - and five years later I am still going around in circles on that same doggone medical merry-go-round (although I have changed horses a time or two - ha, ha) I could actually say that. But do I want to? Nah; too annoying. So fear not, this is not going to be dark and dramatic personal rant - I'm too stupidly optimistic for that *grin*. Maybe it's just that I feel like I have run headlong into Murphy the Linebacker's Laws one too many times this week (and me without my crash helmet :oP ) We've definitely taken the "When it rains, it pours" adage and slapped an exponent on it. You know what I mean?
Maybe it is all this icky rain and dark perpetually cloudy skies that's got me in such an uncharacteristically grumpy mood. I dunno. We haven't had any sun at all for an entire week - which is quite unusual and making me nuts. I now know [like it was ever a question] that I could not handle living someplace like Astoria, Oregon, which holds the dubious honor of being the cloudiest city on earth. Even the horses are soggy, short tempered and cranky. To those of you buried under 2 million pounds of snow? I concede: You win! This has just been one of those weeks where I really need to back up and count my blessings. You know those weeks where you have to say to yourself: Um, self? Cheer could ALWAYS be worse! *grin* DH's truck tore up (big time), which was almost $2k; BUT it was fixable. I need another filling; BUT I don't have to get a crown or a root canal. We got turned down for another [other] grant (um, I'll let you know the bright side of that one if and when I figure it out ;o) All this cold and rain has been absolutely miserable; BUT it's doing wonders for the Winter Rye Grass DD put out a few weeks ago. 
Of course I still have that sinus junk and couldn't even make it to church last Sunday; BUT even that turned out to be a blessing, as I was home to get DD's text message that she had been in an accident (she had gone to a different church with friends). Her truck, as you can see, appears to be a total loss; but other than being a bit bruised she was not hurt. I'm giving God full credit for that one, as she sits fully forward and both airbags deployed. Hopefully, the man at fault has insurance (he was whisked away to the hospital so we do not know how this will turn until we can get a copy of the police report when it becomes available). They said it would be about 7 days. *sigh* DD was coming around a curve on the main road, and a man in a white pick up truck ran the stop sign and pulled out directly in front of her. She did not have enough time to do anything. There was another car (the red one) waiting to turn, and they ended up in a muddle. The red car is, of course, another blessing as it gave us a built-in witness (even though DD obviously had the right of way). Here are a couple pictures:
What a mess, right? Poor DD; she's only had that truck since August and she is crushed that it will probably be totaled. If you don't have rental reimbursement on your auto policy; I highly recommend adding it. We don't have it on our policy, so DD is stuck asking for rides from friends until we find out whether or not the other guy had any insurance. Grr. You know, I've had this chicken poop lip balm picture in my phone for awhile now; seems to be the perfect sentiment for this past week *giggle*. Even though there isn't really any chicken poop in it, would you put it on your lips? I just don't think I could get past the marketing concept...eeeeeeeeeew :oD
It may have taken me the entire week, but I did finally find a bit of a bright spot in the sky...Holy cow, could that possibly be the sun coming up over the horizon and trying to peek through all those clouds??? Hooray!!
So tell me, how was your week? ;o)


  1. I'm not going to complain now ... I'm sooo glad your DD is ok after that crash!

    Here's to a better week! *lifts coffee mug cheers*

  2. Oh you poor girl ~ you did have quite the week! But thankfully everyone was OK.

    I send best wishes for an extra wonderful week this week to make up for it!!!!

    xo Catherine

  3. You are I read your post I kept hearing Monty Python..."Always look at the bright side of life...."
    Also, I remember a poster that used to hang in the office; "If life gives you lemons, make lemonade."
    It sure sounds like you are doing a great job of that and must have an abundance of lemonade!
    I hope this week is sunny and bright and everything is rosy for you!

  4. Here's sending some sunshine your way! :)

  5. Well I was thinking that my week hadn't gone all that great, but I've changed my mind now.
    Thank God for airbags. Too bad about her truck but vehicles can be replaced.
    I say you come on over to my place and we'll make snow angels

  6. Well, we have the snow, but you sure are having the alternate bad luck.

    Wishing you some sunshine. It will make a huge difference in your mood.

  7. Jeni: *Laugh* I am too; she was stiff and sore for a few days but she's much better now (thanks for the salute - it's definitely been a king-sized candy bar kind of week ;o)
    Catherine: Thank you; yes I am very relieved that DD is fine. I really appreciate your kind words and wishes!
    Dreaming: I love Monty Python! Now that I think about it, I could probably use a DVD or two to go with that kind-sized candy bar *giggle*. So tell me, would you like a glass of lemonade?? ;o)
    Rebecca: Thank you - I'll take it!
    Ann: *Laugh* Glad I could make your week look better. Oh that I lived closer! Nothing like a romp in the snow (hold the yellow stuff ;o) and some snow angels to make the world a happy place again!
    Jean: Yeah, this has kind of been one of those weeks *grin*. I will certainly be glad to get some more sunshine! Thanks for the lovely wishes :o)

  8. Glad to hear everyone is alright.

    Cute blog though, you're welcome to share your horse stories on our Tuesday Horse Blog Linky.

  9. You win. We may have snow and ice but not feeling well and having DD totaling her truck is much worse. I'm glad she wasn't hurt badly and it's only a truck that can be replaced.

    Here's to a better week ahead, you could use it.

  10. its a conspuracy lul

    come help support a dream

    The Dream Journal

  11. DutchHollow: Personal safety is most definitely paramount. Thanks for the compliment and the invite!
    GreyHorse: You are absolutely right; and I am most thankful she was not seriously injured. I sure hope things start looking up soon; personally, I'm a little afraid to look up right now (I might get beaned right between the eyes *grin*).
    ChrisChaos: Some days I wonder about that ;o) Thanks for commenting!

  12. Oooh, that accident looks skerry. I am so glad that DD is okay.

    I would use that lip balm; it does say "100% pure"!

  13. Diasy: Thank you; me too. As far as that lip balm goes girl, you are far braver than I - blech! *laugh*.

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