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Monday, February 21, 2011

with my morning coffee...Huh??
Some of you may remember that about a year ago I got pretty torqued and fired the Fox (this post). Of course it didn't last very long; I love Firefox's browser. Happily, it was only a month or so before another couple of tweaks and updates solved the major issue I was having. One of my personal favorites is a handy little add-on program called "Morning Coffee" (found here). You can add sites that you regularly visit to pop up collectively on whatever days you choose. I have frequent posters like Snap-Edit-Scrap, Corner of a Cat's Mind and Mikael's Mania (among numerous others) set up to open every day, while folks (like me) who post less often can be set to open less often (once or twice a week, for example). It's not just for blogs, either. I've got the local weather, my email log-in page and the BC click site which helps fund mammos on there as well. I just click on the little coffee cup icon and the sites I have set for each day pop up all in a row across the top of my browser window. While they're busy loading, I'm off to the kitchen to fix my morning tea (Lipton's Raspberry with a big blop of that local honey - remember that post? mmmmm :o) For those of you who are like me [um, that would be spastically busy] it is an unbelievably handydandy little time saver/corner cutter.
You will never guess what I came home to the other day...patio progress! WaHoo!! DH found a little bit of extra time to work on it. Can you believe it? I even did a little happy dance in the backyard. Being periodically oblivious and all, it didn't occur to me until after said boogity bop to glance around and make sure I was by myself (and big duh for me). Thankfully I was; that would have been most embarrassing. Other than the horses, that is, who were all looking at me like I was completely whacked (which, of course, I am :o) In case you're wondering, this project has been dragging on for over a year and a half. Since it is attached to the house, we are not using non-profit funds but paying for it out of pocket. Because said pockets contain mostly cobwebs and lint, we can't just hire someone else to speed things up (we're the cheapest labor we could find and the only ones we could afford to hire *grin*)
With DH working 69 hours and 45 minutes (he maxes out at 70 hours/week) and tons of rainy and/or freezing cold weather, it has turned what should have been a fairly easy project into a ridiculous challenge. My dad came over last Saturday to help DH after work (DH's work, not dad) so maybe we will actually finish this [many unprintable adjectives go here] project soon. As soon as the power tools started, Taya materialized in Lady's stall (closest to the action). I am sure that it was simply a bizarre coincidence that she happened to stick her tongue out at me the moment I told her she could NOT have the drill that was laying just out of her reach (you can see it on the very bottom left in the photo). DD thought it was pretty amusing anyway. In case you are new to this, Taya has a major obsession with power tools (especially the auger) and shoelaces *laugh*. I have no idea why this is so, but it sure is funny sometimes.
You know, ever since I got that new camera I've been obsessed with photographing the sky...I wonder why that is? We're talking morning...
and Night. Well, okay at least the early evening sunsets - y'all know I'm a terrible night owl (nodding off on the sofa like grandma at 8p.m. and how pitiful is that?? ;o)
Actually, I am still awake at moonrise - see? Oooooh it's so purrrrty!


  1. Our Dawn is obsessed with tools and farm equipment - I think she secretly wants to drive the tractor and repair fences.

  2. I do love your blog, it cheers me up no end.

  3. Beautiful skies in your pictures.

    We have one horse Nate who is definitely our snoopervisor when it comes to anyone working with tools. The guy we had fixing the waterers last year couldn't believe this horse was actually hanging over his shoulder while he worked watching the whole thing. If Nate had fingers and thumbs he'd really be dangerous.

    Glad some progress is being made on the deck. Should be good to go soon. Fingers crossed here.

  4. well it's a pleasure to be a drop in your morning coffee :) and thanks for the link.
    Beautiful sky pictures. man I wish I could see that in the sky instead of rooftops and power lines.

  5. Kate: Isn't that funny how certain horses seem to have that Tim Allen/Tool Time gene? *Laugh*
    Clancy: Thank you SO very much; I loved your comment (and yay for us, right? ;o)
    GreyHorse: Hahahahaha; I think you're absolutely right. We had a half-sister to Taya for a while (she went back to her previous owner) who had the same obsession. Katie, however, actually swiped the drill DH was using and walked off with it - oh, to have had a video camera! Must be a family trait or something *grin*.
    Ann: You are most welcome; that's one of the handiest little widgets I've come across. Hadn't thought about the city dwellers liking the photos (I was worried everyone would be getting sick of them by now :o)

  6. Well aren't you sweet to have my blog pop up every day! That 'morning coffee' sounds like a neat application. I wonder if they have it for smart phones? I will have to check!

    Home renovations ~ always a slow moving project when one uses their own labour! :)

    Looks like you are having a lot of fun with your new camera and getting some terrific photos of the sky. Good for you!

    Have a super week Jen!
    xo Catherine

  7. Catherine: As many times as I've heard, "There's an app for that", I'm just sure there's gotta be one *grin*.
    Cheapest labor in town, what are you gonna do?
    I am definitely enjoying the camera. I'm hopeful that one day I'll even have a good enough grasp of the features to get better shots (I'm practicing every chance I get ;o)

  8. The photos of your skies are beautiful. I am obsessed with the sky too, my family has a dairy farm and we are on top of a hill. We get some incredible sunrises and sunsets. I never think to take a camera with me though, might have to do that!

    I also have a horse that sticks out her tongue. Since I stick out my tongue a lot, we get along well!

  9. Stacey: Thanks so much for the comment complete with compliment, it made my day! On a hill you say? Mine covers the treetop view *grin*. I'll bet you do see some doozies - you'll have to share them with the rest of us :o)
    It only took me about 50 shots to catch Taya's tongue sticking out (I'm just sure she was doing it on purpose - the hussy - *laugh*).

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