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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm free, I'm free, I'm freeeeeeeeee!
Thirty days may not seem like a long time [if you say it fast], but when you are stuck with something seriously annoying it can feel like FOREVER. I said goodbye (and good riddance) to my little sidekick this week, and have developed a deep appreciation in my new found ease of just changing clothes (among other things ;o) Thankfully, nothing major showed up so that - I hope - will be the end of that.
Look who was hanging out by the back door at feeding time yesterday? I wonder if I need to start leaving a bowl of bunny chow out there for him (and Harvey too) *laugh*. Elwood was nice enough to pause and sit up by the lumber so I could get a good photo; actually, I managed to shoot more than one but I liked the little patch of clover he was sitting in. Hopefully, it will not be there long, as we are almost ready for concrete at long last - WOO!!
My rosebush in the front has gone bloomingly ballistic - I wish I had thought to snap a picture for you the other day (at the height of it). It still looks pretty though, even if some of the blooms are seriously wilted. I'll post another closer shot at the bottom to share with you and for Brenda's Photo Challenge (which I almost never think to do ;o)
I am SO happy to report that the roof is now UP.  I've dubbed it "the almost patio" *grin*. Hopefully, roughing in the plumbing will be on the agenda next weekend, so we can call in someone to do the concrete before too much longer. I have a friend that foolishly graciously volunteered to help me acid wash it so we can give it a nice rustic finish (and after all this time, I can hardly wait to get it done!!! *bounce*bounce*bounce*:o)
Here are some photos of our progress...
We ran out of daylight again, but he did make it to the end of the roof - the last piece is up... hooray! I must say I was pretty impressed that DH was still able to cut out a square in the dark so it would fit over the end post (wow).
While we're on the subject of you remember how very small Faith and Hope were in comparison to Charity when we got them? They were about 1/4 her size (that post is here) Well I think it's safe to say they have grown a bit. Here's an updated photo, what do you think? It's a little grainy due to the water, but check out Faith's tubby little tummy *laugh*. I'm thinking she needs to cut back on munches and start doing some crunches). Charity looks like she's going to go KABOOM at any moment, but Hope just looks longer (must be that black stripe; stripes are supposed to be slimming, right? *giggle*).
I think that's probably enough of me for now. I've been outside spraying weeds in the pasture for half the day, so I'm pretty much ready for a nap (not that I'm actually going to get one, mind you). Have a fabulous week everyone, and here is that pretty spring bloom I photographed just for you...Enjoy!
Oh, and I am still working on that little video clip (it requires sitting still for large quantities of time and saying many repentable words. I'm a turtle of an editor, and the learning curve is more of a hairpin turn so you see where the holdup is, right? ;o)


  1. Three cheers for wireless, especially when it comes with an a ok rating :)
    Love the rosebush. reminds me of one I have in my front yard. Mine are pretty for a while but it gets way out of control and the flowers have a horrid scent

  2. Ann: Yep, the OK definitely worked for me ;o) Would you believe that is supposed to be a carpet rosebush? Ha, goes way beyond "deep pile" if you ask me. I've whacked away at it every year and it comes back bigger and better.
    The blooms smell wonderful, but the scent does not carry at all. I really need to relocate it someplace it can safely go crazy (I just haven't figured out the where part yet ;o)

  3. Love the photos and the stories. Hope the horrendous storms I keep hearing about in the US aren't anywhere near you.

  4. Clancy: Oh, thank you! As to the storms, I'm saying that's due to the power of prayer (and God's merciful awesomeness).
    That whole mess was headed right for us too - I was trying not to spaz and between DD and I, many prayers were said. The storm front shifted just enough that it missed us completely (with the exception of some light rain, which we needed :o)

  5. Glad to hear there was nothing exciting to read about once you got your gadget off. That's such great news.

    The patio should be done soon, yay! It's looking good. Your roses are amazing, we have nothing blooming here yet except daffodils and forsythias. What I wouldn't give for a little more color.

    Those little fishy's do look a bit pudgy but who wants a skinny fish anyway. Very cute. Have a great weekend.

  6. You always make me laugh Jen!

    Hope you had a terrific week and are enjoying a lovely Easter Weekend!
    xo Catherine

  7. "Equine Epiphanies" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.

  8. GreyHorse: You are so good at commenting on everything without rambling or going on and on (like I would *grin*). Thanks so much, and I sure hope the patio is finished soon - the delays are making me dotty!
    Catherine: Glad to hear it; a joyful weekend to you too!
    FishHawk: Thank you Jerry! I do love your Sunday Drive posts (and I'm honored to be in one too ;o)

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