Tilly Comes Home and Jen Gets Wired

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hooray for hubby...
and the planets, which must have mysteriously gone into alignment (it only took four little ol' months to make it happen too... isn't that amazing? *rolls eyes*). We FINALLY got DH's work schedule, the neighbors schedule, and the weather to all match up so we could go get Tilly [the tractor]. Because it was right around the corner from us, and we don't have a trailer, DH was going to just drive it down the street, around the corner and down the road to the house (and that sounded SO simple when we said it, too ;o) This is the main reason it took so long; their house is situated on a curve in the road and when you are putt-putting along at 2mph it's always a good idea to have clear weather (you know, so you don't get squashed flat by a ginormous SUV careening around the curve at 40mph).
The girls were more interested in the implements that came with it (and you just know that little Miss Taya made a beeline for the front yard when she heard that tractor motor sputtering up the driveway *laugh*).
DH got some work done on the patio too, and the first piece of metal is up - yipee!! He had to cut a small section out to go around the post on the end; it was getting dark outside so he only did one, but I'll bet you can guess exactly what I did when those sparks started flying...dove for the [Canon] camera, of course! What else? Woo! :o) Is that wild or what?

Like my new sidekick? I don't. It's driving me absolutely dotty (can't wait to mail it back in another week). This is an event monitor and I've been sentenced Er, instructed to wear it for 30 days. It monitors your heart rhythm and records any irregularities. Do not be fooled by the picture that shows only two small wires to be attached (photos can be tricky). There are at least 59 separate wires growing out of that evil little box, and every last one of them has attempted to strangle me at least once (and we're not going to talk about the ones that have been zipped and buttoned into my clothes, either). It's been a royal pain staying wired up 24/7, and I only thought dropping the cell phone in the *ahem* pot-tay was a worry (can you imagine dropping some little $30,000 piece of medial equipment in there? eek!) Hopefully it will explain what's up with the heartbeat hiccups, gallops, thumps and thuds going on in there. We'll see. It is definitely a nifty little piece of technology though. When the alarm goes off, I just call the (800) number on the front, give them my ID number, hold it up to the phone and press "send event". Goes right through the phone lines and pops up on the other end. Then they send it to the doctor's office. Pretty cool, eh?
A baby shower for a friend from church and 5th grade's turn to bring food x2 pretty much annihilated my [post bills] checking account for the month. Sometimes it's awfully handy to be able to make your own gifts; had I not been able to, she might have ended up with a small bag of M&M's (but hey, chocolate, right? Ha). Anyway, I made her a mommy's memory box with a poem I composed last year on the top. There was a cute little coordinated strip wrapped around the divider cards that came in the box and I used it to make a matching tag to put on the bag. I don't think I'll type the whole poem on here, 'cause you just know some rude person is going to steal it and I haven't yet decided whether I'm going to put them in my Etsy shop (I'll share the box with you though ;o)
I'm pretty sure she liked it (hope so, anyway!) Guess that's enough for now. I'm trying to put together a short video clip of what Bella and I did this week (we've been playing *cough* working really hard...honest! ;o) Here's a hint for you...
Just so you don't hurt yourself squinting, the jar says "horse treats" on it. As for the square thing behind it? Well. If you're not sure, I suppose you will just have to wait and see, 'cause we're not talkin' ;o) Have a great week everyone!



  1. Welcome to your new home, Tilly!

  2. hooray, tilly's home :)
    I had to wear a monitor for 24 hours once and that drove me nuts, I can't imagine wearing one for a whole month.
    That's a pretty nice gift you made there, I'm sure she loved it

  3. Daisy: Thank you very much ;o) We're certainly happy to have her here, and we definitely have lots for her to do!
    Ann: My sentiments exactly *grin*. Many bad words have been said over this nasty little box I'm stuck with (grr). Oh my! Since I know you make your own gifts too (and they are lovely) I'll take that as a total compliment :o)

  4. Goodness ~ I hope they find out what is making your 'ticker' go bonkers. I had to wear a monitor for 48 hours once and can't imagine wearing it for a whole month!!! But how cool that the information just goes over the phone line. Technology is a wonderful thing.

    Good luck with it!
    xo Catherine

  5. Tilly is great I wish you lots of luck with her. Love the name too.

    The heart monitor is a marvel isn't technology grand. Hope nothing serious turns up for you.

    Wonderful gift you made I'm sure she loved it.

    We've been working hard (playing) with some of the horses too. Lots of treats going through the barn here.

  6. Catherine: I hope so too, this has been a colossal pain. Although I have pretty much stopped holding my breath for such things - answers, that is. That just had me turning blue and all for no apparent reason. Where is House and his many minions when you need him? ;o)
    GreyHorse: Thank you so much. Tilly was a terrible pun (and therefore irresistible *grin*). I am a firm believer in lavish praise and yummy treats, with manners of course, keeps everybody quite happily motivated dontcha think?

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