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Monday, September 12, 2011

Including the kitchen sink. ARRGH!
Ever have one of those days? How about weeks? You know the kind I mean: The ones where just about everything you pick up flies out of your hands like it's a slimy bar of soap (and if it's heavy enough to qualify, the rule states it's gotta land on the toes... Yeesh :o\ Well I'm just so there. Even the garbage can has had it in for me this week. Everything I've tried to put in the trash has been thrown away twice; it's like there's a force field over it or something. Stick to the hand and/or pop off to the left; fake right; whatever it takes to land on the floor. I've had enough birthdays - I call 'em the annual moving of the ground, since it seems to get farther (further?) away every year - that it's gotten a lot trickier to bend over and pick all that darn stuff up. Looong way down there. Umpf. Last Saturday, while I was at the grocery store, DD burned a pot of Ramen Noodles (thank you FaceBook) and decided to dump them down the drain; never do this. The garbage disposal does not cut them up, as they simply bend around the blades and remain whole. If you're lucky, they'll go straight out through the pipes. If, however, you are us, they will fuse to the pipe en mass and become a big sticky blob just past where the water exits the house; thus backing up your sink quite thoroughly on both sides. Lovely. The plunger and Liquid Plumber had no effect (and we have to be careful there, as we have a septic tank). DH eventually got it unclogged; it took him 3 days amid his overcrowded work schedule to find the problem and fix it (it had to be done by running something down somewhere from the roof). 
While working to resolve the clog, we discovered that the mixer on my lovely waterfall faucet (the 3 pipe thingamajig in the photo which gives water to the spigot) had a small hole in the hot water side and was leaking behind the sink. No way to patch it either. Joy. Whatever it started out as (probably a pinhole) was not noticeable when the faucet was installed, but obviously grew larger over time. No idea. Because we use mostly cold water, there wasn't enough of a leak to be noticeable. DH went all over town trying to find a replacement part, and I looked online, but no dice; it was discontinued.  The good news? Delta faucets come with a lifetime warranty (they'll replace the faucet for free). All you need to do is send them a copy of the owner's manual and a photo of the faucet in your sink. The bad news? The filing part of my office/ craft room was (is) still a total disaster area and the owner's manual was buried in one of about 500 different file piles somewhere in this house; not kidding. *head thuds on desk* That tri-folded piece of paper was suddenly worth about $250 (the cost of a new faucet). Let the hunt begin. Oy.
I found it I found it I found it!! And it only took me 3 days. *rolls eyes* Whew! I am eternally grateful to our plumber pal, who talked us into coughing up what we considered a small fortune to put in Delta faucets way back when. The customer service guy I talked to was super nice and told me to email a copy of the manual's front page along with a photo of the sink. Hopefully, we'll have a new faucet within a few days - I sure do miss my kitchen sink! It's already been a week, and unbelievably annoying to be without. Ask me how many pointless trips I've made to the kitchen sink to wash my hands only to snarl at the spigot, turn around, and stomp off to the bathroom. (I'm a creature of habit :o)  So, now that I've said all that, hopefully you will understand why this is all I have for a post this week. I have done nothing but go to work, feed the horses, and stand by to help DH under the sink. Then it was off on a 3 day "treasure" hunt to try to find that stupid piece of paper leaving me no time to do my planned post or figure out the giveaway doggone it. *sigh* Would you believe it turned out to be in a dining room pile underneath a large stack of prescription receipts? Yep, medical stuff. Definitely the first place I shoulda looked for a faucet manual *rolls eyes*.
I did take a picture of this um, "horse ad" for you. It was on the board at the Farm Center and Jeffers - highlighted no less (wow). I'm thinking it really stresses the need to study your spelling words in elementary school, although I will say that it definitely captured my attention. What do you think?
Oh my. Have a blessed week everyone!


  1. LOL ~ oh that sign is funny! And highlighted ~ even better! Ha!

    Isn't it amazing how everything seems to go wrong at once. Wishing you luck on your plumbing problems.

    Happy Monday Jen!
    xo Catherine

  2. I shouldn't have laughed - but I did.

    "Some authorities (like the Associated Press) insist on “farther” to refer to physical distance and on “further” to refer to an extent of time or degree, but others treat the two words as interchangeable except for insisting on “further” for “in addition,” and “moreover.”

  3. Catherine: Tell you something else that's funny about that; it's one of the rare times that spell check actually would have come in handy! ;o)
    "Everything" is right: and ain't that the truth?!?
    Thanks girl!

    Grace: Well I certainly laughed (several times, actually). *grin* Nice to know I'm not the only one that ponders verbiage; thanks for the handy info. and I would likely side with the AP on that one (was just too tired to think it through the rest of the way when I typed it, you know?)

  4. Hmmmm....don't need another horse nor do I need not one of those "other" things! LOL

  5. Let me just say I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you. You are laughing right? :) You have the same filing system I do which makes me feel much better about it

  6. Carol: You're not kiddin' *laugh* (sure scared me ;o)

    Ann: Okay, I'm laughing but only because the new faucet is supposed to be here today. Interestingly enough, I have a file full of manuals which that particular one spent years in up until sometime last year. I took it out to order a special allen wrench they have and tossed it in a pile to put it back later. Of course I couldn't remember which pile or room I stuck it in. *sigh*

  7. Ok, you totally just convinced me to get a Delta for the next kitchen faucet. Our current one leaks a little bit up top (not to make damage, it is just annoying to see up top), and I've been debating between Moen and Delta, so Delta it is!
    I will pray that your kitchen is back to normal soon too, such a pain in the butt when part of your house isn't functioning properly.
    As for the add, um, I don't think I'll go for it. I'm not really interested in uh, *that*. not my thing. LOL!
    Hope things are well, think of you constantly!
    Hugs and prayers,

  8. Well hopefully the faucet will be in by now and you'll be able to use the kitchen sink. I hate this kind of stuff it's so annoying but has to be dealt with.

    Amazing how many people can't spell and don't know it. I guess 'good enough' is okay for some.

  9. Hi - great blog and also very interested in your post on sarcoids. I had great success last year using homeopathic treatment on my gelding who was covered in them.... Contact me through my new Equine Blogging Network on which would be great if you want to come and have a look! You can post your blog on there for other Equine Bloggers to follow. Thanks Sam

  10. Love it! Too funny Jen...thanks for sharing it and yes, I have had those kinds of days (weeks) LOL! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


  11. Meghann: Delta was awesome; just emailed the info they requested (scan of the manual and a photo of the faucet) and they sent a brand new one FedEx. Gotta love those lifetime warranties! A big fat hug right back at ya (and you know those prayers are reciprocated too ;o)

    Grey Horse: They are indeed. I guess you're right, but to me there are typos and then there are T-Y-P-O-S. That one kinda scared me. *grin*

    Sam: Hi! Thanks for the info offer, and I'll pop over there for the dirty details as soon as I get a chance. Happy to have you here!

    Colleen: Glad it gave you a giggle; sometimes it's just laugh or cry, isn't it? ;o)

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