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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Read carefully ('cause you will never see this again)
I got to wash dishes yesterday!! I'm soooo excited!  Woo-Hoo! We have a sink We have a sink We have a sink. An amazing one with a handle, and running water and everything. What joy! Happy-happy-happy :o) Sorry, couldn't help myself...YAY! Okay, I'm done. *laugh* Have you ever noticed how often we take things for granted? If you haven't, it's probably because you have been unusually blessed with all things functional. I mean, I never really considered how handy legs were for taking you where you wanted to go until mine didn't work anymore (and talk about your attitude adjustments, right? ;o) Same thing with the kitchen sink; just one of those things that you don't really pay attention to until it's out of order. Then it'll make you crazy. A week and a half doesn't sound like a long time, but it sure did feel like forever to me. As much as I absolutely detest washing dishes, I could not wait to scrub something... and how wrong is that??. Pretty darn wrong if you ask me.
I don't know about the weather where you live, but here it's still dry as a bone. Looked like Texas was finally getting rain; at least in some places. Could you please send it our way when you've finished with it? This has been a super strange year for weather, don't you think? I mean chunks of the country are all but under water, with massive droughts burning up other parts (literally). Outside of a winter frost, I'm mostly sure that grass is not supposed to have a crunch factor. Sounds like potato chips in our pasture. Taya came down to supper the other day with what looked like a tumbleweed wannabe stuck to the end of her tail. Geez. Looks like it's time to bang [trim] her tail anyway; it's dragging the ground and collecting stuff. Meh.
We signed up for GoodSearch, and were approved the week before last. That was supposed to be my grand plan for the giveaway  - to ask you to help us by using it as your default search - but I just didn't have time to get there and figure it all out. Rats. *sigh* So we're going with Plan B (which I came up with about 37 seconds ago - Ha). Visit just one - or more than one to be entered more than once - of my lenses on Squidoo and leave a comment there, like it, blog it, tweet it, tell a friend, call your mom, or post a link to your Facebook page and then come back and tell me which one you visited, what you liked, and where you shared it. Participants will be pulled from the blog comments here, so if you visit multiple lenses don't forget to list them all! This is not nearly as complicated as I just made it sound. *scratching head* Huh. I don't know why that sounds like a lot, 'cause it isn't. Okay, well, hmm. Anyway, there should be something to interest everyone here (I hope :o)  
Since I'm kind of into everything, my topics are pretty much all over the place. Life is short, what can I say? *grin* Ready? Okey-doke, here goes...
1.Horsey folks might be interested in Equine Body Language (here);
2.Hookers (bwah-ha-ha-ha) might like the lens on crochet (here);
3.Scrapbookers might like to try heritage scrapbooking (here); OR if you are just starting to scrapbook or like handy tips (4.go here);
5.Cooks can get some unique ideas for fall treats (here);
6.Readers might like our kid-friendly summer reading list lens (here);
7.Dry humor lovers might get a giggle out of my ConnieCrankpot lens (here);
8.Family historians may like my genealogy lens (here);
9.Parents with nosey kids (like mine) can get some sneaky and fun gift-giving ideas (here);
10.Curious about parenting a deaf child? Visit my Momography lens (here);
Hopefully, you found at least one lens up there that interested you enough to visit...That's 10 different lenses to choose from. If you didn't or would like to see a complete list of all my Squidoo lenses and what each one is about, you can go here. So what are the giveaway goodies, you ask? I went for some smaller items this time, because I almost had apoplexy when I paid the postage from the last giveaway (heavy stuff at just under $9-yikes!). *laugh* Sooo, how about a cute little canine zipper pull, a fun pair of felines for your footies (knee-hi's), a pretty pair of sparkly handmade dangles just in time for fall, and (because I always get carried away) a $10 gift card for PetSmart. Here's a look-see:
Don't forget to come back and leave a comment. Just tell me which lens(es) you visited and where you shared it!
Drawing will be on Friday, September 30th so you have almost two weeks to do this; until 8p.m. CST Friday (unless I doze off like grandma on the sofa again, in which case you'll have until about 3a.m. CST the next morning). The winner will be announced in that weekend's post (on whichever day I get it done ;o) Good luck!
In the meantime, guess what DD and I have finally gotten around to working on again...(pray for us, will you? ;o) I've manage to unearth (okay, shovel out) the last corner in my office/craft room to do the rest of flooring - remember the banquet table that was buried under a ton of craft supplies (right behind the paper avalanche - here). I have just a few more vinyl tiles left to do and then we can finish up the work on my craft table. A helpful hint for anyone that plans to lay vinyl tile: spray adhesive. It will keep the tiles from sliding or shifting while they set. Sure wish I had known about that when I did the kitchen floor way back when. There are a couple of small gaps between some of the tiles near the stove where DH walked across the floor too soon. The tiles shifted and then stuck fast. The gaps constantly trap dirt and drive me nutso. Hopefully I'll have finished photos of this project by the next post, because that will mean we got it DONE! Here's a shot of the plans (the salvaged and pretty countertop from the Habitat store is visible underneath)...I know it looks like the whole room on the graph paper, but that's actually just my monster craft table. Trust me, I can complicate anything. *grin*
Since I like to start the day with a smile (I try anyway), I thought I'd share this one from yesterday:
I've got to say Bella makes the BEST yawning faces. Megaweird, at the very least. Wouldn't you agree? Here's hoping it gave you a smile, and maybe a giggle as well. Have a blessed week every one!


  1. Hi Jen! Fun giveaway! I posted a link to your contest at my site. I'm doing a giveaway also! If you're interested in a copy of "The All-Around Horse and Rider" by Donna Snyder-Smith, be sure to visit ~ bethkay

  2. I hope I never have to be that happy about doing dishes :)
    Trying to catch up right now with everyone so I'll come back later to check out the stuff for your giveaway.

  3. Bethkay: Oooooh, I'm a fiend for books! Thanks so much for the link and I'll be right over to check out your giveaway - Woo! ;o)

    Ann: Don't blame you one bit (I'd sure pass on a rerun!) You go right ahead with your catching up; we promise be here when you get back ;o)

  4. Ann: We promise TO be here too. Geez Jen, way to typo. *laugh*

  5. I tweeted about your cooking lens. I always wondered how you make those leaf decorations!

  6. TheFrogBag: Thanks for the tweet! I love those leaves; it's idiot friendly (my kinda cookin') yet they look all fancy schmancy. Yep, that works for me ;o)

  7. Hey Jen! Love Love Love Bella's yawn face! She's a peach!

  8. Me & My Big Girl: She's something all right. *laugh* Not only does she give "great face", I'm mostly sure she's smarter than me ;o)

  9. Hooray for finally getting your new sink! And such lovely taps! I'm thinking the giddiness of being able to do dishes will wear off soon. ;)

    xo Catherine

  10. Catherine: I was totally over it by Tuesday ;o)

  11. Thanks, I love a good horse smile any time of the day. She's really cute.

    You have so many things going on by the time I get to the end of the post I forget some of what I wanted to comment on. Old age is tough.

    Glad you got your sink and had fun washing dishes just this one time anyway. Good that your craft/office room is almost done. Hope you get some rain, we've had it on and off for the last week everyday. Well that's all I can remember. Have fun with your giveaway.

  12. GreyHorse: Anytime, toots ;o) I know, I talk too much. If it's any consolation, I often have to scroll down several times to respond to comments because I can't remember one of the two sentences I just read. *rolls eyes* We did [finally] get some rain.

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