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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Anybody besides me feel like they have entered a time warp? Geez - where in the heck did October go? Wait I went *POOF!* Sometimes I am quite alarmed by the speed of the days going by; I can't help but wonder how much faster they can go since time passes more quickly as you age. Scary stuff indeed; so we're just not even gonna go there (how's that for a coping strategy? Ha.) Hopefully, the rest of you are not as freaked out about the fact that Thanksgiving is hurtling towards us at the speed of light with Christmas right behind (and eek ;o) I love this autumn photo. It was actually taken last year, but I never did get around to posting it. Remember the tragic accident that befell my old camera? This was right after I got the new one; I was experimenting very early in the morning (hence the mist) with some of the fancy-schmancy photo settings on my new toy (if you weren't here then or want a refresher, you can read all about that particular tale of woe and its happy ending here and here). They are - if it matters - two of my favorite posts (is it tacky to say that? Oh well, I can be tacky ;o)
Since we're there (at tacky) we'll just throw in some shameless self-promotion too and offer up a link to one of my Squidoo lenses. I did one for a non-profit challenge awhile back, and although we lost, it has some of my favorite ideas and recipes. I am always looking for new Fall/Thanksgiving recipes so I thought maybe some of you might be interested in them too (including the silly little turkey in the photo). The lens has a little of everything, so don't worry if you're not a genius in the kitchen (me either ;o) There are "real" recipes as well for those of you who like confectionery challenges; like a scrumptious white chocolate cake complete with cooked frosting. It's called Treats for the Tall and the Small if you'd like to pop on over and visit me in the kitchen - but don't forget to come back!
Look at this photo I took of Shadow the other night; isn't it wild? Sometimes I just can't take in all of God's handiwork; nor can I quite seem to capture its magnificence through the lens of the camera (not for lack of trying though, is it? ;o) We've had some unbelievable skies over the past week or so; I've probably taken a hundred pictures or more. Last Sunday evening was phenomenal. I made the mad dash back indoors to grab the camera, and when I came panting back up the hill I let out a "Holy cow!" (a favorite phrase *laugh*) at the spectacular range of colors splashed across the sky. I guess it was a little louder than I'd intended, as Shadow made a beeline across the pasture to see what all the fuss was about and this is what I got. Would you like to see a few more? Maybe we should have another giveaway (an itty bitty one this time). And DAISY? If you and your mom are reading this, I'm still waiting for your address from the last giveaway (unless you don't want it). 
Rules? Simply leave me a comment telling me which one of the following sky shots is your favorite and I'll pick the name from my commenters next weekend (I'll shoot for Friday night) and announce the winner Saturday or Sunday.  If you like my Autumn tree (the first pic), you are welcome to choose that one instead. The winner will receive a 3x5 or 4x6 print (your call) of the photo you liked best. I'll take the date stamp off first though; these came pretty much straight out of the camera. Sound good? Well allrighty then, here we go...
I named this one "Daydreams", because it was reminiscent of my childhood and those long afternoons spent laying in the grass gazing at the clouds in a brilliant blue summer sky;
Wasn't sure what to call this one; "Misty's Twilight" was all I could think of (and meh). If you have any suggestions, I'd be happy to have them.
This one is "Twilight's Dawning". Doesn't it look more like a sunrise than sunset? If you look carefully at the colors, you can tell it is actually the setting sun;
Here is "Heaven's Purl" (did you know that purl is also a synonym for swirl, in addition to a knitting stitch? I didn't; I just learned that - yay ;o)
One more and I think we're good...Um, let's see. How about this one? It's one of my favorites. I added a piece of scripture to it from Isaiah 60:1 because it seemed to fit perfectly:
Holy cow! I can't believe I actually finished my post on time (and I'm not even late for anything *grin*). Have a blessed week everyone!


  1. Those are some seriously gorgeous photos. I like the turkey treat, as well. Chocolate covered marshmallow or donut hole?

  2. Val: Thank you so much for the lovely compliment (God painted 'em, I just photographed 'em ;o)
    It's actually a cookie with marshmallow in it; I'm pretty sure they are called "Pinwheels".

  3. yep, I'm stuck in that same time warp as you are. It's crazy how fast time is flying by.
    I love the little turkeys and I went and checked that link and the idea for the leaves is awesome.
    Gorgeous shots too, I couldn't possibly decide which was my favorite.

  4. :) Beautiful photos, hard to choose but I think 'Misty Twilight' is my favourite.

    Thirty years ago a lovely old man in his 70's volunteered in the lab where I was a student - he made fibreglass replicas of fossil skeletons. One day when I was running around frantically and bemoaning not having enough time and looking for a bright side I said "But I guess it's OK when you get to your age hey Ed? Things slow down a bit and you have enough time?"

    He gave me the biggest smile and said 'You just keep on believing that dear, if it makes you feel better."

    "Aarrrgh! Wrong answer!" So far it's looking as if he was right...

  5. Ann: Glad you liked the lens; those leaves are one of my favorite tricks - they taste delicious too! :o)

    Clancy: At the rate we're going, you may win by default (no one else has actually named a photo ;o). I got a kick out of your anecdote - Ed sounds like a real "wise guy" either way you look at it. *giggle*

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