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Saturday, January 21, 2012

I'm cranky. Maybe I should say I'm CRANKY. So much so, that I've given DH a pretty good run for his money the past two weeks. For those of you who don't know, I often refer to him as "Tall, Dark and Grumpy" (and yes, to his face too; he knows he's a grouch and sometimes will even admit it *laugh*). I've been in a snit since shortly after my last post. No idea why, really, other than I am just sick and tired of being sick and tired (and had no desire to inflict my crabby, whiny, annoying self on the rest of you *grin*). Aren't you grateful? A frantic schedule and some wild weather patterns have been wreaking havoc on the Fibromyalgia (and boy does everything hurt x10 + Ugh). My latest and greatest autoimmune accomplishment has been to suddenly develop all of the symptoms of Sjogrens Syndrome but without having the actual disease. Aren't I just gifted? Too bad, that, as I am fairly certain had I scored one more disease I would be eligible for a free set of steak knives (please pardon the sarcasm - I seem to have it in abundance this week ;o) 
Sjogrens is what sidelined what's-her-name (tennis chick) at the height of her career. It causes your immune system to attack the moisture-producing glands in your body and dries up everything. And I mean everything. Remember my spotting scare not long ago? Apparently that's what caused that little issue. Just to add to the adventure (oops, more sarcasm), it also causes extreme dry mouth, dry eyes and dry skin. I've never had dry mouth before this - not to this degree anyway. Actually, I've had more trouble with drooling in my sleep than anything (and don'tcha just hate waking up to a puddle on your pillow?) Blech. How about waking up in the middle of the night with your tongue hurting like crazy because it's stuck fast to your teeth (had to literally pull it off and it left a blister - eeeew). Welcome to the superweird world of autoimmune. Did I mention my mouth was closed? Sheesh. So now we're taking a new drug to generate saliva (whoopie) and using Biotene's gel stuff before bed which has helped somewhat. And of course the eyes are all nice and gritty too, so we've added two different kinds of eye drops umtpeen times a day. Well. The blessing in that one is that I don't need a new pair of glasses. I was having trouble seeing, and assumed (ha-ha-ha she never learns) that it was because my vision had changed. I was really worried I'd have to buy a new pair of glasses (and with bifocals, that tends to be a real pain in the checkbook). So that's good news anyway.
You know what? I think I am in desperate need of some serious horse therapy. Maybe I'll borrow a phrase from "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" and phone a friend. I could use a lifeline right about now (okay, probably more like a good swift kick in the pants but that's just a matter of semantics. Ha. ;o) I think I'm just going to drag you all (er, y'all) into horse therapy with me by virtue of a couple of my favorite photos from posts gone by that always make me smile. Ready? Here goes...
First up is Champ making good use of a homemade water pik:
 Shadow giving DD a bath after their nap (maternally speaking, this horse is a hen):
I don't know what Rina said, but Bella definitely looks appalled:

And let's not forget the great snoozefest of 2011 which always makes me smile:
Shadow's hilarious "rump rotation routine" (precedes rolling on his other side). He looks like an equine eggplant here, but don't tell him I said so ;o)

Okay, I feel ever so much better now. Do you? I'll be back again next week - like I'm supposed to do - in a much better frame of mind. 'Kay? Have a big horsey hug and a wonderful week!


  1. Sometimes we just need to vent to our friends and that makes us feel a little better! I'm so sorry you are experiencing so many health issues ~ not fun! Hopefully your medication, gels and drops help.

    I love the water pik photo ~ too funny!

    Wishing you a wonderful ~moisture filled ~ Saturday Jen! ;o)

    xo Catherine

  2. Loved all the pictures. Horses do make everything better don't they?

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Fibro is no picnic, my daughter developed it from her Lyme's. I don't know if you would want to try it but the only thing that helped her is Bragg's apple cider vinegar. She puts it in warm water with honey and drinks it everyday. Think it's like a tablespoon, check the label if you decide to try it. Within a week her pain went away. I always figure if it can't hurt it's worth a try. Hope you're feeling up to your old uncranky self soon.

  3. I so sorry that you are not feeling well. Horses are a great remedy, though. I love the eggplant horse pic. That one makes me laugh every time!

  4. Ugh! How terrible for you! It sounds like you have everything going wrong AND the winter blahs probably aren't helping. I love your sarcasm. That can be oh, so me! Funny, but a friend just sent me a link to:
    Maybe that tiny bit of humor will help!

  5. You know sistafriend, you can grump all you want and I'll still keep coming around. Sorry you haven't been feeling well hope things start looking up soo

  6. Catherine: Thank you. Methinks, however, that you are a dangerous woman and need to be a teensy bit more specific when making your wishes: We got over three inches of rain yesterday. *giggle*

    Grey Horse: They do indeed (and friends do too :o) I've heard other people talk about apple cider vinegar before; I think I definitely need to get my hands on some of that stuff.

    Val: I'll be fine; I'm just annoyed with myself for being annoyed (if that makes any sense at all). I like that picture too, although being our resident egomaniac (in addition to drama mama) I believe Shadow would be quite horrified to know that I posted it. Hee.

    Dreaming: Sarcasm is the one thing that usually never fails me. *grin* I loved the T-shirt! Too funny.

    Ann: Thank you girl! I just get on my own nerves when I get this way, and have to take some time to give myself an attitude adjustment (usually by kicking my own keester ;o)

  7. Yes well, everyone's entititled to a grump now and then. :) I think you are very inspiring...

    Could part of your mood be due to hormone problems? Through my forties I had vile mood swings from my usual self to depressed or a barely controlled homicidal maniac or a really interesting combination of both. Eventually figured out it was PMT & found St John's Wort tea the most magic restorer - one or two cups and I was human again.

    It would take the edge off anger/depression caused by other reasons (life!) but not fix it, but cured the PMT induced chaos.

    Love the photos

  8. Clancy: Oh my, what a lovely thing to say. Thank you. *blush* My alter ego, Polly Pincushion, handles all testing (and we have been tested to the eyeteeth ;o)

    According to the doctors at Mayo, there seems to be some other autoimmune issue gathering on the horizon; we just don't know what yet (and it's making me mental - Ha). Unfortunately, these things are a bear to diagnose and can take a very long time to figure out (e.g. up to 10 years for Lupus). I am sure that all of this is the Lord's way of teaching me to trust in Him, which I am obviously having a hard time with (I'm terribly impatient ;o)

  9. Oh Jen, I'm so sorry to hear that Fibro crap is giving you a run for your money. I've been there, and I am sending you big squashy (but VERY gentle!) hugs. The horses are hilarious. Have you tried a homeopath yet? See if you can find a well recommended one (I can give you the info for mine, maybe she can recommend one in your neck of the woods) and see if they can help you. My homeopath has done SO much for me, I can't describe.
    I do hope you feel better, and I'm going to up my prayers for you.
    God bless,

  10. Those are some fun pictures!! I needed a laugh - thanks ;0)

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