Tally Ho! We're off to the Expo...

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Alabama Horse Council's Equine Expo that is. I met my friend Sandy there. Do you remember her? (She's here and here). Told you I was going to phone a friend. *grin* Can't get much better than horse AND friend therapy combined, right? The only thing missing was the spending money (it's a 7 week stretch between paydays this time - and youch!) Didn't know we were going until the last minute either, otherwise I would have saved some of my Christmas money (well, maybe ;o) I had a ball hanging out with Sandy - always do - and thoroughly enjoyed wandering around looking at all the vendors (DH and his wallet stayed to watch the clinic - the coward). A couple of the clinicians looked interesting but the sound system was terrible and they were very hard to understand. Too bad it wasn't closed captioned. HaHa.
Want to see? I should warn you that it was dark and yellowy (is that even a word?) in there, so the photos are not so hot. Anyhoo, here are a few of the wonderful things I saw and [mentally] salivated over. I immediately thought of Catherine when I saw all the gorgeous tooled purses. The booth owner, Ms. Clydette, gave me her email address in case I rob a bank find some extra money, or if any of you want to ask her about them. Just shoot me an email and I'll be glad to share it with you (unfortunately, she doesn't have a website but she said to just email her ;o)
I don't normally care about such things, but ooooh I wanted one of these purses! Love the burgundy one in the middle below. *sigh* Oh well, maybe next year...
Took the picture below for my friend Lori who [wisely] does the socks only in the house thing:
Then there was the metalworks lady who had this really cool - really big - welded peacock in front of her booth; isn't that neat?
She does have a website (her name is Sonya, and her site is here). I liked this trio of running horses too; it would look so cool on our patio! Rats ;o)
There was quite a bit of overpriced tack, along with a selection of faux hides (a giraffe? seriously?) You know now that I think about it, our living room sofa could use some new upholstery... Not.
But my favorite booth had to be....the jewelry by Engrave This. They don't have a website, but they are on Facebook (here). Everything was sooooo pretty! And look! She even has Arabians! Oh-Oh-Oh, be still my heart! I could have cried. I stood there ogling; bemoaning my December birthday and wondering if 12 months in advance was a bit too much for an early present. *laugh* I spent the next hour mentally working out an emergency script designed to cajole DH in to springing for an Arabian horse charm. For those of you new to this blog, I can only tell you that DH is so tight he squeaks ('nuff said ;o)
I must have looked more pitiful than I thought, as Sandy vanished mysteriously from the ladies room when we ducked in there that afternoon. Sure scared me; those automatic flushers always struck me as being a tad on the dangerous side with their violent vortexes. She'd gone back to the booth for the round charm at the top of the picture above (the sneaky little heifer).  I wasn't expecting that (I was still busy fine tuning my script for DH ;o) Wasn't that a lovely thing to do? Now to figure out what I want to do with it; a pendant necklace I think. Here's what I ended up with - I threaded it through some sheer satin ribbon and wore it long - what do you think?
And look! It's a perfect match for my fabulous copper swirls from Meghann at Little Studio Jewels. She has a beautiful silver pair listed in her shop now (right here). I had a little trouble photographing them though; they swing ;o)
I think I'll wait and tell you about the clinicians next week - I'm out of time (can you imagine? *grin*). Have a big hug and a blessed week everyone!


  1. Looks like you had a really good time and got to see a lot of fun stuff Jen! That was very sweet of your friend to buy you that charm.

    Wishing you a wonderful week!
    xo Catherine

  2. Yippee for you! It looks like a wonderful time.

  3. What a wonderful friend! Will she come to our horse expo with me?!
    I cracked up about your violent vortices!
    I have our Horse Expo on the calendar. I even have an email about 'Riding with the Experts' saved...$200 for three sessions AND the stall... oh, it is tempting - but it is sooo much! Maybe next time!

  4. I want the blueish colored purse next to the one you want :)
    How sweet of your friend to get you the charm.

  5. Catherine: We really did; and it was extra special since we so rarely have the opportunity to do things like that :o)

    Fisher: Yep and yep. *grin*

    Dreaming: That she is. Do you know, I had to Google to make sure I spelled the plural form correctly? *laugh* Weird word (I do love my alliterations ;o) as you can pluralize it either -ices or -exes. We haven't been to the Expo since 2007. The only reason I remember the year is because I was still in chemo and sporting an "Uncle Fester". *giggle*
    For me, $20 is a lot of money right now (which is pretty pitiful). I'll be looking forward to hearing all about your expo adventures!

    Ann: I liked that one too; I was kind of along the lines of, "One of each please, Ma'am". *laugh*
    It was very nice of her; and completely unexpected (which is even better ;o)

  6. I did not know you are from my area! I, too, was at the horse fair.. as a volunteer. :) I was one of the ones working the admissions gate. This has been my 5th year volunteering doing it. Thank you SO much for coming out and supporting the horse fair and the AHC! :)

  7. Sylvia: Oh how funny; small world indeed. Hopefully we'll be able to go again next year (maybe I'll even see you there ;o)

  8. Oh you naughty girl, thank you for promo-ing my earrings! That pendant is GORGEOUS! I wish I could make things like that, they are so pretty. I'm so glad you had such a great time at the expo, can't wait to see your next post on the clinics :)

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun! Too bad the speakers weren't working great. Love the necklace with the ribbon. That was a nice thing for her to do and it looks great. Have a great week.

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