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Saturday, February 11, 2012

I don't know about you, but I have a tempestuous (such a cool word ;o) love/hate relationship with the internet and all things technological. As the parent of a deaf child, I TOTALLY appreciate  the marvelous blessing that texting has been. I do not miss the days of running halfway across the pasture to catch DD for one thing or another (can't just bellow at a deaf kid, don'tcha know), but as a regular form of communication I find it seriously annoying. Just call me for crying out loud. I can't wait until iPhones are more affordable (Facetalk means signing not texting - Woo!) Facebook is okay I guess, fun sometimes for sharing photos or catching/keeping up with old friends and family but definitely prone to TMI Overload (too much information).
Sometimes I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW - in explicit detail - "What's on your mind" (because ick). I'm not sure I like all the ease of access stuff either; especially when I can't really tell where my personal information is going. Leeeetle too scary for me - sorry. And don't get me started on Google's new [over the top] tracking stalking strategy. *shudders* The photo, in case you are wondering, is one of the cabinet doors in the workroom at school (I was making copies and pondering this week's post). It's kind of funny to me that with all this amazing technology around, the bulletin board decorations haven't really changed all that much since I was in school. We are NOT talking about how long ago that was though. Getting back to my original thought here...
Twitter I use for promotional purposes and periodic one-liners just to break up the monotony. Example: What do you get when you toss a grenade into a kitchen in France? Linoleum Blownapart. *snort* But honestly? I just don't get the twits, er, twitterers sometimes. Do I care that you just finished flossing your teeth? Um, no (although I'm sure your dentist must be very proud). How about it? Are you addicted to any of the social media sites? You can tell me (I promise not to tweet it ;o) This photo is Bella performing one of her spectacular yawns. *laugh* I was kind of proud this one was actually in focus (she didn't do the head flip/hair tossing thing with it - she really gets into her yawns).
This has been a bit of a painful week. At the beginning of it, Taya came hobbling down the hill with a stick protruding from her front foot right above her hoof. At first I thought it was just caught in the hair, but I couldn't get it out - it was through the skin and stuck fast. Ugh, a puncture (eew). It obviously pained her, as she snatched her foot away every time she thought I might touch it again. Poor girl. Got a gel ice pack and laid carefully over the area hoping to numb it a little. She stood still on her own for me (the girls are SO good about this :o) as we waited for a few minutes. Said a prayer, put some pressure on the ice pack and slid the offending splinter out. Whew! A squirt of peroxide to be safe, and she happily trotted off munching her good patient treat. Some kind of sticker bush I guess, but just look at this evil thing - Yeow! It was stuck in there all the way to that second knot. She must have lay down to roll and knelt on it or something. Geez.
Before I forget, I have to give a warm fuzzy (furry?) Thank You Thank you Thank you! to Beth over at Seriously Horsing Around. She finds some great horsey stuff any and everywhere, and actually managed to find a way to get a free one year subscription to Horse Illustrated (post is here). The magazine was one of the first things to get whacked a few years ago at the beginning of my [personal] budget cutting craze. I've missed it, but now in 6 to 24 weeks I'll be perusing its pages once more. And for free too: Yay!
We ended the week with a Mad Max mental moment (and why are you not surprised, right? *sigh*) I had a couple of pretty good shots of him aggravating Cinnamon, but cannot seem to find them anywhere (don'tcha just hate that?). The two of them are fine until mealtime, then it's Nyah-Nyah games. We'll make due with this picture of our resident problem child taken near the end of last fall. I used the poster setting on the camera, which gave it an unusual look. I kind of like it though, and although I wish his ears were up, I have to admit it's much more Maximus the way they are :o)
One of the things on my ToDo list is to build Mr. Miscreant up there a climbing wall. He seems to have a genetic predisposition for it, and has discovered that the round pen panels make a pretty decent ladder. Grrr. I have the plans (and a pretty good idea of who I can coerce to handle the carpentry part) but I was hoping to put it off until we finished the patio/visitor area and started working on the boy's new stalls. I am now rethinking that strategy.
Below is a photo of what was - in its former life - a round pen panel. More specifically, the panel between Max and Cinnamon's stall. It has - as evidenced by its current state - been pretty well annihilated. Must you add Max the mountain climber to your personal cast of characters? Really man? How about we add Joe Destruco instead? *sigh*
Guess that's enough for now; I'd better get busy around here (so much to do and so little time ;o) Gotta go work on our taxes (talk about painful - Blech). Thanks for reading this far, and have a blessed week everyone! Oh, and don't forget to look for Epic Farms on Goodsearch please; we'll take all the help we can get. And Clancy, I hope you're okay down there girl (prayed for you when I saw all that water on the news). Okay, now I'm really done. Hugs,


  1. Oh, no... not the panel! Ouch... that had to have hurt... and talk about the noise of it all!
    I am blocking your site from view. I don't want my guys to see that! We have panels separating their run in area... they are one side, hay on another. I certainly don't want them to figure out they could simply 'climb' the ladder and destroy it to reach the hay!

  2. The offending stick looks pretty nasty. Good thinking with the ice pack. At least you were able to remove it in one piece.

    No tweeting or facebook for me. Just blogger.

  3. oh big OUCH that's one heck of a splinter

  4. Spent the day fixing things in the barn that the horses have broken...glad to see it's not just my horses that are destructive! Misery loves company ;-)

  5. Dreaming: I imagine your boys would probably sink the panel halfway into the ground first. Hee. Max is ADHD and apparently has enough energy to literally climb the walls. *rolls eyes*

    Val: Even without any blood that was icky. If we didn't have the non-profit, I probably would even bother with the other stuff (but it's part and parcel in today's world - meh ;o)

    Ann: Yep; sure hurt my feelings.

    Theresa: We've had bad weather every single time I would have been able to work with him for the past month and a half - that's part of it (the other part is he's just a toot). Good thing our guys can't compare notes, eh? :-D

  6. :) All good here, just busy. The floods are a long way from where I am (live in a town called Broken Hill, 12000 km west of Sydney, about 60 km from closest permanent water).

    Is Goodsearchs still working? everytime I search on it I get this message: Invalid Domain
    This domain is either invalid or has been disabled. Please check out the Yahoo! Search BOSS support page for more info.
    Yahoo! Search BOSS

    Max sounds like a little poodle I adopted last year after his person died - can't believe how much trouble one little dog can cause...

  7. They really did a number on those round pen panels. Cute pictures of everyone.Nasty looking stick, glad she's okay.

    I hate the media stuff and don't use Facebook to have who knows who tracking my every move. And as for Twitter who cares. My thoughts are if I want to talk to anybody or vice versa, I have a phone. People tell me that maybe someone from high school would be able to find me or some other nonsense. Hey, if I wanted to be in contact with anyone I'd figure out how to get in touch with them. Sort of sounds anti-social (although I'm really not) but I do like my privacy.

  8. Clancy: Boy am I glad to hear that! I couldn't remember where it was, just that a chunk of Australia was under water (eek). Goodsearch is working fine; at least for us. Did you download the toolbar or are you searching from it as a homepage? Might try reinstalling the toolbar and see if that does anything.
    I've decided that Max is behaviorally challenged. *snicker*

    GreyHorse: Yes they most definitely did (the little cretins).
    Thank you! Thank you!! Sometimes I think I'm the only one that gets creeped out over all the digital drama and tracking going on. As much as I absolutely adore socializing in person, the constant barrage of Facebook fraternizing just gives me a headache ;o)

  9. You are so right on the information over load! Crazy! I can imagine how wonderful it is to be able to text to your child who can not hear. Sometimes technology can be a wonderful thing can't it?

    Wishing for you a week filled with love Jen!
    xo Catherine

  10. Haha! Yea, I'm known in my small circles to be machinery and gadget savvy...but, my tweets get sent to me alone ( just a riding mileage log) don't really know how to do that.
    "Maregirlkacy" is my Twitter name.

    So no facebook for me, thanks! I blog, and at the moment, from inside my sisters P.T. sessions wait I'm not even good at that!

    You could have used " Ledum" for that really nasty puncture. Poor thing! The "RESCUE REMEDY "I got at Fred Meyers- the animal version without alcohol, I get from my local GREEN GROCER. It is more expensive, but better for them.

    Loved your photos!

    That panel was maybe an.expected hazard laying there...ouch and so much for that section!
    Hey, is it the new Blogger interface that allows you to " reply" to comments?'re way more savvy than me! ;-)

  11. Catherine: Crazy indeed ;o) It is unreal how much easier some things are with texting. I can't just holler for DD (even in another room), which means every single time I need to tell her something or need her to come help I have to physically track her down to get her attention. Being able to send a text and ask her to come help is super awesome. *grin*

    AllHorse: Not sure if I qualify for savvy status or not. *laugh* Sometimes technology just makes me tired. I'll have to look for Ledum (that's a new one). Too bad we don't have a Fred Meyers here.
    The panel wasn't laying; it was the divider between Max and Cinnamon's stalls (until it's untimely demise, that is ;o) I dragged it outside the "horse zone" to get it out of the way for safety reasons. Two boogers killed it dead, didn't they?

  12. Hey Jen,
    Thanks for the kind words - much appreciated!! & I always love seeing Bella's yawns - she is quite the character :0)

    Hope you & yours had a wonderful Valentines Day!

  13. Dear Jen, I just love reading your post. I feel like you are talking to me.
    I have to agree just too much information about everyones every move~Why does everybody want to post every little thing in the 24 hour day!
    That thorn looks like it was fierce.
    You certainly have a full day of things to do. You seem patient and well prepared though.
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed my visit with you.
    I will keep you and your loved ones in my prayers.
    Blessings Jen, Catherine xo

  14. :) Here is link to a map showing comparison of Australia & US - we are pretty big (lots of desert in the middle).

    I live about where Arizona, Texas & ?Oklahoma intersect; the floods were near where Indiana/Ohio/Kentucky are, and are now coming down a major river (the Murray/Darling system) about where Tennessee is. In a few weeks the water will be down to the lakes about 90 km south of me, water management authorities and people along the river are already preparing and some places will be cut off for a few weeks; within a couple of months the water will get to the sea where that gulf in Texas is.

    There was lots of flash flooding along the coast from Ohio down to about South Carolina - this is often the case in these big rainfall years.

    Just to keep things interesting we are having bushfires near Perth, which is on the coast off California on the map.

    Has your drought broken yet? Texas sounds in a bad way.

  15. Clancy: So glad you are in a safe area. Strange sometimes how you can have disasters striking at opposite ends of the spectrum at the same time. We are definitely not dry anymore (*squelch*squelch*squelch*).
    I am hesitant to complain about all the rain, however, I'm thinking we could probably take a few days off (preferably Saturdays ;o) to dry out just a tad. Supposed to get around 2" today I think. We've had lousy weather every single Saturday for the past month and a half (grr).

  16. Bethkay: Got out of order somehow (oops ;o) You are most welcome; they were earned. Bella is most definitely a character (has more personality than some of the people I know *giggle*).

    Catherine: I AM talking to you, silly (hee). Thanks for the lovely compliment, it made my day. I don't understand the posting of every thought either, but I think the younger generations were never taught the "less is more" way of thinking. Yeesh.

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