Rain, Rain, Go AWAY...

Saturday, February 18, 2012

...stop messing up my Saturday! I'm not one to complain (well okay, maybe I am a little) but I'm ready for some of that Camelot weather. The kind where it only rains after sundown and doesn't interfere with anybody's plans for the day. Plans like, oh I don't know... let's say for example playing working with the horses (outside), visitor area completion and chair painting (also outside), tack/feed room construction (also also outside). *sigh* I'm glad we're finally getting rain again - really. I am. But does it have to be so much all at once and every Saturday? ReallyReally? So it's back to rain rot and icky stinky feet (soggy poo just packs right up in those frogs [hooves] and sticks like glue, don'tcha know - Blech). I do have plenty to do inside: Tempting stuff, like taxes (sorry for swearing). Do you do your own taxes? Have you started? Are you finished? DH keeps trying to talk me into doing the DIY with the whole Turbo Tax thing, but I'm afraid (very afraid). Being mathematically challenged - not to mention paranoid - I much prefer the security of looking to someone else for answers should there be any questions asked ('cause if the IRS comes knocking, I'd probably respond with mass hysteria ;o)
For those of you stuck indoors today, I did an archive dive to find the clips I shot of the girls playing in the pasture not long after Sarabear came. That morning was, to me anyway, hysterically funny. Some of you may remember my previous post (here) and the blurry photos of Bella "protecting" me from Sara. *giggle* Poor Bella - I'm sure it must be quite the trial for her to be *cough* saddled<-- Oooh, that was bad :-D with a biped that is dumb as dirt. You might want to check the cast of characters on the right-hand side of the blog to see who is who before you watch. I should note that I was using the zoom (so we're not quite as close as we seem to be).
Here's the rundown: The squeals are from Rina, who was flirting with Cinnamon through the fence; most of the low snorts are Sara (who did not understand "playtime" and thought there was some kind of crisis going on); and the funny sounding snorts were largely Bellas (although I think Sara blew once too) and those were directed at me. Horses will "blow" to alert members of a herd that there is D-A-N-G-E-R. Although I had tucked myself in next to a large tree just in case, Bella did not seem to think I was safe there at all and felt it necessary to intervene. She jumped and played mostly in circles around where I was standing, and tried her darnedest to keep everyone away from her hapless human. After shooting a few clips, I decided to go in the house because Bella was becoming quite stressed. She wasn't buying any of my calm reassurances that everything was okay. After all, what do I know? I'm just a people ;o)

Hope that gave you a smile or two. Thank you so much for reading this far, and have a blessed week everyone! 


  1. Rain stinks on the weekend. We're about to get some any minute here. It really puts a damper on things.

    Love the movie. Sometimes I think it's better to have a "watch-horse" than a watch-dog. She looks pretty effective. Very cute.

  2. They're gorgeous. Love the snorting and posturing, and wow -- you've got some acreage there. Thanks for sharing your beauties. Sorry about the rain. As a horsewoman myself, I feel your pain. Looks like you've got some clay in your ground. That can really be sticky.

    Happy Winter Follies!

  3. GreyHorse: I think the one weekend we didn't have rain, it was 45 degrees with gale force winds. Sheesh.
    We had a guy from the electric company come out to check something one time (let himself in the front yard) and the girls came thundering down the hill to see who was here. I think Taya stopped about six inches shy of plastering the guy (who was just standing there staring - the nitwit ;o) I flew out the door when I heard them sound the alarm and yelled "braaakes!" when I spotted Taya. I got worried she was just going to plow right over him. It was pretty funny. Horses sure are a handy dandy alert system sometimes. *grin*

    Jayne: Thank you! Arabians are always very pretty in motion (even when they're all soggy and in their winter woolies ;o) We have some marvelous orange/dark red clay here and it sticks to pretty much anything and everything. *rolls eyes*

  4. hate it when the weather waits till you want to do stuff outside to take a turn for the worse.
    Wade does our taxes. We both got our w2's in Jan and he did them that weekend.

  5. Gosh, they are gorgeous running around and playing like that! Bella was definitely very concerned about you. That was so sweet, but I can see what you mean about her stressing herself out worrying about you. Horses are so amazing.

  6. Ann: It's a bummer all right. Major points and a medal for bravery to Wade (you brave man, you ;o)

    Val: Aren't they? And to think that was my whole point in going out there to video in the first place (the ooooooh factor *grin*). I would have loved to stay a little longer and get some stills, but I just didn't have the heart to do that to my girl. Amazing indeed (and ever so much better than Breyers :-D

  7. Our rain turned into a light snow all night! Beautiful here in southern Virginia this morning ~ of course it is all melting away now! Love your horses! My parents had a summer camp for kids when I was in high school! One of our activities was riding horses! I really miss those days back in Nebraska!

  8. Ollie: Hi! Thanks for visiting (and commenting ;o) Sometimes I miss the snow (I'm a transplanted Yankee), but then I remember sleet, slush and shovels and I'm happy as a clam to live in the South.
    Anybody besides me ever wonder precisely how it was determined that clams are happy? *scratches head* Nope, not a clue...

  9. It snowed yesterday for a bit and I should complain as we really haven't had too much snow and it really hasn't been like a 'real' Saskatchewan winter at all this year. But... I think I shall still complain... boooo winter ~ go away! LOL!

    Have a super week Jen!
    xo Catherine

  10. Hello and thanks for following my blog, I am now following your blog. You have some beautiful horses what breeds are they? Very good video thanks for sharing.

    We have had a lot of rain here but most of the really heavy rain seems to be gone now, touch wood, I hope you have better luck with the weather soon.

  11. Edward: Hi! Thanks so much for visiting. The girls are all Arabians. To get picky: Lady is a Polish Arabian (Bask line), Rina is a Polish/Egyptian cross, Taya is an Arabian/Paint cross, Bella is a Half Arabian (Crabbet/Padron line), and Sarabear is an Anglo Arab. We kind of unintentionally covered almost all the bases there *grin* but I do love my Arabs ;o)
    We had another pre-dawn downpour yesterday. Wasn't in the forecast, but I've decided it was my fault. I sprayed everyone down the night before for mosquitoes - they are AWFUL right now (of course the stupid rain washed it right back off again *sigh*).

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