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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Umm... You might want to reconsider your prediction there, little buddy. I'm sorry, but highs in the low 80s does not an extended winter make. You have left us all extremely confused with your 6 more weeks forecast you twerp. Mostly because I am wearing T-shirts and watching stuff bloom. Like, say, oh I dunno - this Daffodil, for example? It's a little darker than what I was going for, but I was in the middle of the woods after all. I made my annual trek again not long ago to get my requisite CEUs (20 hours of continuing education units) for interpreting. Shocco Springs is tucked in the foothills up in North Alabama and is just beautiful. Of course you know I just had to stop and take some some pictures to share with you :o) I drove DH crazy with my "oh-oh-oh STOP"s! jumping out of the truck to photograph something else. It was worth all that grumbling I had to listen to though. Wait until you see my happy accident - I saved it for last.
And what about this guy? Helloooo? Aren't you yet another [other] sign of spring? Little booger refused to turn around and look at me. Bet he's miffed too. This photo was extremely disconcerting to take, as he was literally in the treetop. The reason I was able to shoot him straight on is because we were on a winding vertical road that wound its way down a very steep hill alongside said treetop; eek.
The water was so pretty with the morning mist rolling back across the lake. Doesn't this make you want to sit down and soak up some of that tranquility? It was a little too nippy outside for that though. I could stare at the water all day; it's sooooo peaceful and pretty, isn't it? :o)
Funny how the sun changed the color of the grass slightly, and the water quite a bit. Both of these are straight out of the camera on the same setting. This one is a little more to the left of the previous photo, and I took it later in the day. The little brown strip of land on the right stayed the same. Weird, isn't it?
Ready for my happy accident? Maybe I should call it an unexpected bonus instead. I mean I was aiming for Mr. Tree Squirrel, but he was too far away to see clearly and I wasn't expecting quite what I got [Boo-yeah!]:
As always, thank you for reading this far and have a blessed week everyone!


  1. Our weather has been cold... but we are supposed to be in the 60's Monday - hooray! I am ready for spring! I am ready for the snow to be gone. (But, since March is our snowiest month... I don't hold out too much hope!)

  2. Dreaming: Our temps have been all over the place this year (hot-cold-hot-cold-hot-cold). Crazy stuff. Maybe you won't get too much snow this month, eh? ;o)

  3. well we woke up to snow on the ground this morning so I don't see much spring around here. Thanks for sharing yours

  4. Oh yea - today shorts and Tshirt, and shedding horse hair which is finding its way into my mouth already.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  5. We got a big dump of snow the other day. Me thinks winter is here for a bit longer. :(

    How cute is that squirrel! Excellent shot Jen!

    Wishing you a beautiful week!
    xo Catherine

  6. Ann: Whoa! Oh no. More snow? Say it isn't so! Okay, that was a strange and silly little rhyming bender there. Happy Monday girl. *grin* :-D

    Merri: Hi! Thanks so much for visiting. I think there should be some sort of shed out rule. Like maybe no particles past the perimeter perhaps? We had spaghetti and cheesy garlic bread last night for supper, and I noticed my bread had an extra special topping. Turned out to be a piece of Shadows hair. So much for changing clothes. *sigh* :oP

    Catherine: You too? Oh, wow. You are welcome to at least a few degrees of ours (80 is a little much right now ;o)
    Glad you liked the squirrel shot - it's probably kind of silly, but I was pretty excited about it.

  7. We have had the same weird weather "patterns", if you can even call them that. I am happy that we did not get snow, but I wonder how the horses acclimate with shifting temperatures. On Saturday, it was in the 60's and went down to freezing by Sunday night.

  8. Val: Awful, isn't it? I feel terrible for the horses; particularly Champ, who is our resident hairball.

    They all started shedding when we had that long run of warm temps (and then it suddenly took the plunge again). Yeesh.

  9. Glad you're having some warm weather, we're in the 30's today.

    Love all your pictures. I've always lived by some sort of water: bay, ocean, lake and now a pond. Love to be on it or near it. Awesome squirrel picture.

  10. GreyHorse: 30's? Oh BRRRR! Thanks so much for the lovely compliment on the photos - I always get SO excited when I manage a shot that looks like it was taken by a "real" photographer. *grin*

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