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Sunday, March 11, 2012

...and T is for trouble (and let's just make that a capital T, shall we?) I had a nice little visit with my friend Sandy the other day on the way home from my workshop. Somewhere amid all of our catch-up chatter, she mentioned that she was in the process of leasing a booth at an area antique mall. Well you know how much I love poking around piles of stuff: "Oh, how FUN!" *bounce*bounce*bounce* "Can we go see it now now now?". We shot out the door like we were going to a fire - which we were - though I did pause long enough to fling a "Right back" at DH over my shoulder *grin*. How exciting! Do you like those sprawling Antique places? I love them! Of course Sandy asked me if I had anything that I might want to sell in said booth (a question that I found hysterically funny considering the jam-packed storage state of our guest bedroom; although she didn't know that). That's Lucy, by the way. Is she not the cutest little thing? She's Sandy's inside dog and comes complete with her very own "I did it" face and an impressive - albeit terrierfying - wingspan (okay, that was bad sorry ;o) 
So now I'm spray-painting an old book rack for my cards and wondering if I've lost my tiny mind. Of course you can't lose what you don't have, now can you. *laugh* Have you ever tried painting anything made of wire? Whatta pain. Of course it's black and I wanted it white (just to keep it challenging, you see). I decided to use Epoxy Appliance Paint, because it was the best finish and the most durable. Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me to read the directions until after I'd already started. Duhhhh. Re-coat within 30 minutes or wait one week. A week? Seriously? That meant I was still spraying and respraying as it was getting dark trying to hurry and finish (hence the lousy lighting in the photo). It also means that a) I went through nearly two cans of paint trying to cover all that blasted black; and b) I have an actual blister on the tip of my index finger (and are you kidding me? *rolls eyes*) I thought about one of those handle attachments, but nixed the idea because they always clog up quickly and make a mess. 
So. Now we wait a week.... I hate waiting...*sigh*
We had an Elwood sighting at suppertime this week (Taya spotted him first). Wanna know the best part? Harvey was there too AND I managed to get a shot of those two capricious conies in the same frame (love those alliterations ;o) Grant you, they're sitting at opposite ends of the frame but I don't care. They are never right together; I'm thinking that's probably instinctive (preservation of the species, don'tcha know). For those of you new around here; Harvey and Elwood are two little wild wabbits (hee) that live just up the hill behind our house. For the longest time I thought I was losing it, because I didn't realize there were two. How could one bunny get from point A to point B like he did? Beam me up Scotty? I'd dubbed him Harvey (after Jimmy Stewart's invisible pal) as I almost never saw him until I'd all but stepped on him, and then WHOOSH he'd be 50 feet away and then suddenly pop up again somewhere else altogether. Anyway, the lighting is not so hot (getting dark). But now that the time's changed, we can have lots more for our picture taking day. Yay!
Guess this is why I never can sneak up on those two...and move over Lucy - 'cause wow. Kinda lends new meaning the the phrase, "I'm all ears", doesn't it? Hahaha *snort*
Elwood opted to lounge around the demonstration area for a bit:
Harvey hopped up the hill a ways to enjoy some yummy grass:
I tried to catch him with his mouth full, but that stuff sure did disappear in a hurry!
A sudden clunk followed by a thud behind me was the end of the cute bunny photo shoot. Seems Bella was sick and tired of my excited exclamations over a pair of silly rabbits and decided to prove her superiority by rehanging her bucket on the top slat all by herself.
Maybe it's just my imagination, but she appears to be just a tad exasperated with me. Wouldn't you say? Here's a sky shot (one more step to the left and it would have been perfect ;o)
Kinda neat though, eh? Looks like the sun, but it's actually the moon over my neighbor's trees. At least now you can see by the lavender color of the sky why everything was blue in the previous photos. As always, thank you so much for reading this far and have a blessed week everyone!


  1. Those ears on Lucy cracked me up. I bet she hears everything with those :)
    Love those antique malls. I wanna go too

  2. (Trouble, right here in River City?)

    I like the off-center composition with the sun. The trees frame it nicely.

    Rabbits are trouble, though, I agree. They love the lilies in my front yard and destroy them before they can fully bloom.

  3. Ann: Are they not adorable? For some reason the theme song from the original Batman series runs through my head whenever I look at that photo. *giggle*
    I'll be sure and post lots of photos so you can poke around with us (fun!)

    Val: Thank you - I thought it was a pretty sight. I've had more trouble with DH and a weed eater than I've ever had with the bunnies. They seem to stay in the back and roam around further up in the pasture (grass grows great in that poop zone, don'tcha know ;o)

  4. You always crack me up Jen! *smile*

    Those sweet bunnies are a sure sign of warmer weather to come. Your friend's dog really is cute. And good luck spray painting that rack! Oh you do like to challenge yourself don't you girl? LOL!

    Your last photo really is pretty ~ love the colors!

    Wishing you a happy week Jen!
    xo Catherine

  5. Catherine: Always happy to know someone appreciates my *cough* unique brand of humor (most people just look at me funny ;o)
    Glad you liked the photo - coming from you, Madame Photographer, that's a real compliment!

    M.M. Welcome. ;o)

  6. Bet that dog has lots of personality! He's so cute....

  7. Carol: Hey stranger! Happy to "see" you again ;o) Lucy has a super sweet little personality, although she is very, very shy. I had a cookie in my hand when I shot that photo, which is why her attention is riveted on me. *laugh*

  8. I love antique shopping! Especially in middle-of-nowehere, not picked over small towns! My mother found the best silver pitcher with a horse on top in such a town. I also love to find trays. Anything silver actually, and especially if it has someone else's monograms, that is just too cool!

  9. Cute dog. Love to rummage through antique stores and I've found some great stuff. I'm amazed you got pictures of the bunnies, so cute, but I know they're usually fast too. The moon is very pretty in the picture I like things not quite centered sometimes it adds interest.

  10. Cute dog. Love to rummage through antique stores and I've found some great stuff. I'm amazed you got pictures of the bunnies, so cute, but I know they're usually fast too. The moon is very pretty in the picture I like things not quite centered sometimes it adds interest.

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