Toeing (tripping over) the Line

Thursday, May 17, 2012

For those of you who might be thinking Jen made a typo in the title, I'll tell you now it's [yet] another one of my terrible puns - can't help it...I love 'em ;o) So sorry I missed last week's post; and the one before that. Sheesh. You see I put a toe - more than one, actually - over "The Line". You know the one I mean? That line that defines your limits; the one that generally results in some sort of negative reinforcement should you be foolish enough to actually step over it. I usually refer to such things as "self-inflicted stupidity", however, sometimes events just kind of spiral out of control. Does that happen to you too? *sigh*
My mom was knocked so far off kilter by the move and subsequent upheaval, talking to her was like conversing with a late stage Alzheimer's patient (it was really scaring me). She was so completely overwhelmed, she'd start walking in little circles and saying things like, "I don't know what to do, I just don't know what to do." over and over again like a broken record. The only thing I could think of was to get her unpacked and situated as quickly as possible. The past month has been a complete and utter blur, but we got it [mostly] done. The two car garage, which had been completely filled with boxes has been unpacked to the point that both cars now fit easily inside. There are a few "later" boxes left, and those are stacked neatly against one wall. Thankfully, Mom seems to be herself again. Whew!
Of course working full time in a germ infested environment in conjunction with autoimmune issues means that such frenzied activity and late nights on my part are not sustainable for long. Inevitably there comes some sort of major crash. I got sick not once, but twice which slowed me down to a crawl (although I did manage to keep going; well...mostly ;oP Somehow or another, I managed to wind up with six big shelves to paint for Mom's little alcove off the bedroom (and do not ask me how, as the details are rather hazy) and that will be - I hope - the end of the major stuff for awhile. It took me two weeks to finish priming and painting those stupid things, but I delivered them Monday after work. I do not wish to discuss the state of my own house (which was duly sacrificed) and have taken to gazing intensely at the floor while navigating the living and dining areas where I have chunked and piled all the stuff I inherited through the downsizing. Somewhere in there, DD (who never gets sick) got sick, and I have taken today off to carry Sarabear - who is also sick - to the vet. More on that next time.
As promised, however, here are a few more photos from my parent's old house. The family room had fabulous vaulted ceilings and a super cool "balcony" that was one of DD's favorite spots in the house when she was little (and when she was not so little ;o)
The people they bought the house from made stained glass; hence the gorgeous glass accents. Is this kitchen cabinet not fabulous?
My favorite piece, however, is in the master bath. It was difficult to get a good photo, as the lighting was not the best. The glass is backlit, as you can see:
Isn't that simply stunning? I love stained glass, do you? Well, that's all for now and I really am sorry for being absent so long (have a hug? ;o)


  1. Oh your poor mom. Oh your lucky mom!
    My dad exhibits some very strange behavior when he is very tired or perhaps overwhelmed. When we moved him it was too much. He acted like he had had a small stroke. He couldn't say the right word for just about anything. It was like wires had been crossed. He'd intend to say something like, "I'd like to have a hamburger." and it would end up as, "Burning carrots shromp ugly fish." It would make sense to him in the moment, but then you could see him begin to question what he had said.
    I hate that you have been so sick. It's sometimes hard not to overdo when you have a project and a vision. Your mom is so lucky to have you.
    As for the stained glass... I want that! I have visions of a stained glass window in our bath. I have boxes of glass and the equipment to make stained glass in the basement. I did a bit of it a few years ago. One of these days I'll get back to it... and then one day I'll have my window!
    There is a barn near me that has a stained glass window up near the peak of the roof. I love driving by and seeing it, and can't imagine how pretty it must be from inside.
    Take care of yourself!

  2. Wow, your Mom's house is spectacular. I LOVE stained glass. I can easily understand your Mom's confusion - moving does that to everyone - it is so overwhelming sometimes the best thing to do IS walk in circles muttering to oneself!

    Sorry you were ill, my husband and I have been sick as dogs for the past 3 weeks - most dreadful cold EVER!

  3. don't feel bad Jen, I often have things spiral out of control. What a gorgeous house your parents had and that stained glass is awesome. I want to hide away in that balcony too.
    Sorry you had to throw a little sickness into the mix. Hope you're feeling like your old self again

  4. Dreaming: Oh my, thank you. Wasn't it frightening with your dad? I'd ask Mom a question, and she would give me a seriously off the wall answer that had nothing whatsoever to do with what we were talking about. Thankfully, she seems to be coming back to herself now that they are situated.
    I'll bet that barn is fabulous; I think you should definitely go for it in your bath. How wonderful that you have the know how to do it yourself; you can post post photos so the rest of us can oooh and ahhh admiringly and turn green with envy. *giggle* DD is dying to learn how to make stained glass, which would make a nice compliment to the woodworking stuff. Thanks so much for the comment :o)

    Grace: Thank you; I'll miss it too, but I think it was a sound decision for them.
    I am so sorry you've been sick too; isn't a cold just the worst? Ugh - awful things :oP

    Ann: Thanks; always nice to know you're not alone, right? Even if it's being out of control. Ha. I never could handle that narrow balcony myself (not a big fan of heights - yikes).

    Happy to "see" you all again!

  5. Love the stained glass. Glad things are getting back to 'normal'. :) My house and yard are frequently 'sacrificed', you should see my shed. Hmmm, on second thought, best not.

    That not being able to make decisions seems to be a common symptom of exhaustion & being overwhelmed because everything seems equally urgent. I remember years ago, at Uni in my early 20's and was so strung out over the number of things I had to do I couldn't decide between going up the steps to the library and down the steps to the pharmacy - must have run up and down five or six times like a robot stuck on a loop and getting more anxious each time before I realised what was happening and that it didn't matter which I did first, only that I do something first. If friends had seen me I'm sure they'd have thought I was nuts. Glad your mum is back to normal, she is lucky to have you. :)

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